This post was written collaboratively with two other mommy fashion bloggers: Melissa from Midwestern Melissa and Shannon from Gamine and Stripes. Today they are also sharing how they style a summer hat. I think you’ll be triple inspired by checking their styles out! Head on over to see what they have for you today!

Would you believe me if I said I’ve never worn a fedora before in my life? Well, at least not longer than 10 seconds at a gift shop. 

When Melissa asked if I wanted to collaborate on a mommy fashion post about summer hats, I gulped (audibly) and then thought to myself “come on girl, give yourself the challenge.” Next thought: “the only summer hat I’ve ever owned is a baseball cap!” While that would be a style challenge in and of itself, I figured a straw hat of some sort would really make this interesting. So off to my sisters I went begging to borrow their cutest sombreros. Out popped the fedora I’m styling below. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off… but to my surprise…

It was a blast! So I have one challenge for you today, momma. If you’ve never tried wearing a summer hat before, borrow or buy a summer hat and WEAR it in the next month. (Baseball caps and visors–Heaven help us!–don’t count; that’s a challenge for another day.) I guarantee you will be both terrified and delighted by the experience! Just imagine all the fun responses you’ll get from friends and family. Most likely strangers too!

Below I’ll provide you with 4 outfit ideas so you can hit the ground running with your new summer hat.

To clarify: 

Popular fall/winter hats would be tukes, beanies, and berets.

Popular spring/summer hats are often straw: fedoras, boaters, cloche. 

Wow Corina, how do you know so much about hats? I don’t. I cheated. Check out this pin for pictures and labels! 😉

I’ve heard from my world-traveling siblings and friends that you’ll see hats all over Europe in both cold and warm weather. But in reality, spring/summer hats are not hugely popular in the U.S. That’s why wearing one will make an extra fun and stylish statement around here. 

First off: getting bangs out of the eyes. 

As much as I love hair covering my eyes, I really need to be able to find my toddler easily. So the bangs gotta go. Enter: bobby pin.

What about hairstyles? What goes best with a fedora? I recommend two hairstyles: hair down and curled or tied in a low messy bun.

Now on to the fun stuff. The outfits!

4 Mom Outfits to Rock the Fedora

#1 Simple Tee + Cuffed Jeans + Denim Jacket

Hair: Low Side-Bun



This is probably the most “gangster” look of all four outfits. Having the hair tied up removes some of the softness of long hair but offers an extra level of sophistication! Of course, add sunglasses and you’re basically strolling down Hollywood BLVD! The cool thing is you started with a simple mom outfit (tee and jeans) and all you did was add accessories. It’s all in the accessories, ladies. 😉


#2 Vibrant Day Dress

Hair: Soft waves



I liked how the pops of color on this dress complemented the hat. I added black pom-pom sandals to match the black ribbon on the fedora and tie the outfit together.

# 3 Simple Tee (matching hat ribbon) + Contrasting Shorts

Hair: Soft waves



Most hats come in neutral colors. Simply find the two contrasting colors on your hat and wear the same colors in your clothes. This outfit is ultra simple with no patterns and no color outside of what is in the hat.

#4 Maxi Dress + Vest

Hair: Soft waves



I went with a solid accent color (orange) to complement the neutrals in the fedora. The length of the dress helps add a feminine feel to soften the masculine tones of a fedora.

Since this hat belongs to my sister, it will sadly be leaving my closet soon. But I won’t let that stop me from styling one. (Do you know how much I hesitated to write that statement publicly?) So here’s my challenge to MYSELF as well as you: buy a summer hat and find at least three outfits you can wear it with. Wear it (out) until you feel comfortable in it!

Terrified? Clasp my own trembling hands, sister. There’s no reason mommas can’t rock the straw hat. We’re in this together. 😉

Here are a few affordable fedoras online:

Yes, I will be ordering one for myself this month! Join me?


Come on mommas! Let’s have some fun with hats this summer! Are you going to join me on this challenge? Please let me know in the comments! 

Don’t forget to check out Melissa and Shannon’s summer hat looks!

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