The Best Gifts for Busy Moms: Under $20 on Amazon

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Good gifts can be hard to find, but we have you covered! Discover the best Mother's Day gift ideas for the women in your life broken down into two categories of under $10 and under $20. No matter what your budget or recipient's style you're sure to find the best gift for her! #mothersday #gifts #moms #holidays #ideas #tips

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If you have a woman to buy for that loves fashion, fighting the frump, and chic, trendy accessories we have the perfect list for you!

Small gifts and stocking stuffers are some of the hardest items to shop for. Small items can carry a high price tag and add up quickly, so we’ve put together a go-to list of the best gifts for busy moms, sisters, best friends, or even your kid’s favorite teacher.Good gifts can be hard to find, but we have you covered! Discover the best Mother's Day gift ideas for the women in your life broken down into two categories of under $10 and under $20. No matter what your budget or recipient's style you're sure to find the best gift for her! #mothersday #gifts #moms #holidays #ideas #tips

In other words, we just made your life a whole lot easier!

Whether you are looking for that perfect last-minute gift to stuff in the top of a stockings during the holiday season or just starting on your Mother’s Day, Birthday, or Christmas list, this post is full of the best gift ideas to spoil the women in your life.

Use this list to shop for…

  • Birthday Gifts
  • Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Thank You Gifts

…OR pass it on to your husband and kids so they can shop for YOU!

Affordable Beauty Gifts for Women

the best beauty gifts for women for stocking stuffers mother's day gifts

  1. Lip Balm – Unless you know the lipstick of your receiver’s choice, stick with lip balms or chapsticks. Everyone can always use a good chapstick!
  2. Single Makeup Brush – New makeup brushes are a treat and you can find lots of high quality individual brushes online for under $10. Like this powder brush, there’s many options that most of us will use regularly!
  3. Bath Bombs & Salts (or shower steamers!) – No woman will say no to pampering themselves after a long day and bath bombs and bath salts are exactly that! Look for light, natural scents that the majority of people will like – bonus if they use essential oils instead of fake fragrances!
  4. Nail Polish – Nail polish a fun gift that can range anywhere from a couple dollars and up. This set is high quality and combined with this manicure station would be an amazing present! If in doubt about colors, a good quality top coat will always be well received.
  5. Manicure Station – This little station will hold multiple nail polish bottles securely to prevent spills while doing your own nails. You can even tilt the bottles and the foam will hold them and each opening has a big slot for bigger bottles and a small one for smaller bottles!
  6. Microfiber Spa Headband – Keep your hair out of your face for your makeup, washing your face, working out, etc. These are soft and adjustable!
  7. Quality Body Lotion – This particular brand is plant-based, has no dyes or silicones and uses all recycled materials for their bottles. They have a few different scents including rose, coconut, and lavendar!
  8. Cooling Gel Eye Mask – An eye mask is great for relieving puffy eyes, dark circles, headaches, migraines, tired eyes, or as a heating eye pad to reduce swelling, dry eyes. This one is double sided, has an adjustable strap, and comes in a bunch of cute colors!
  9. Makeup Removal Cloths – Use these to clean the makeup off your face without the need for makeup removers or chemicals. These are very soft and non-abrasive and you can just wash and re-use as needed!

Hair & Jewelry Gifts for Women

for the fashion forward mom teacher friend try these hair and jewelry gift ideas stocking stuffers

  1. Hair Clips – You can get them in basic colors/metals or fun statement styles! I bought this exact set and split it between my sister-in-laws stockings a couple years ago.
  2. Claw Clips – This great idea is very trendy right now, but you can’t go wrong with a claw clip!
  3. Invisibobbles Hair Bands – These won’t hurt your hair, can be used on any hair type, won’t leave big crinkles like regular hair ties, and bonus, they keep your ponytail perky! Useful gifts are some of my favorite things!
  4. Headband – These are so cute for fall and winter wardrobes and there are a bunch of color options!
  5. Bobby Pins – These may sound boring, but trust me, practical gifts are always appreciated! Bobby pins are like pens. You know there are hundreds around, but when you want one, you can’t find any!
  6. Classic Earring Sets – These will work for nearly anyone’s style preference and they are 14kt gold!
  7. Pendant Necklace – In gold or silver or other neutrals, a basic pendant necklace like this can be worn with many outfits and styles.
  8. Statement Necklace – This may depend on the recipient, but if you know this fits their personality, try a statement necklace in their favorite color or classic black!

Food & Drink Gift Ideas for Women

food and drink gift ideas for women moms who like chocolate tea or coffee

Did you think I’d forget two of the most important gift ideas for women? Coffee (or any hot drink) and chocolate cover pretty much anyone. Wife, girlfriend, aunt, cousin, mother, mom friend, grandma, an important mother figure in your life, etc.! You get the picture 😉

  1. Specialty Tea – This would be a great gift idea paired with a oversize mug or a tea strainer (#5)
  2. Water Bottle – A water bottle is a must for every woman and this 32oz one has so many fun colors and motivational quips on the measuring marks.
  3. Gourmet Coffee – A fun coffee blend like this bourbon pecan is perfect for the caffeine addict in your life!
  4. Specialty Snacks – To go along with the drinks, extra special food treats are always fun. You could do cookies, crackers, nuts, candy, etc!
  5. Loose Leaf Tea Strainer – Oh my, can you go on a rabbit trail with this one. Amazon has a bazillion options for the most adorable, cute, quirky, old fashioned tea strainers.
  6. Chocolate – You didn’t actually think I was going to leave chocolate out were you? This may have been the only idea you could come up with, and while it may have sounded boring, chocolate is always a good idea. No woman is going to turn down chocolate!
  7. Coffee Spoons – I might be biased, but I have a love affair with my morning espresso and I would love something like these spoons! Perfect for sitting on my coffee bar just to mix up my “fancy” coffee.😆

The Best Accessory Gifts for Busy Moms

affordable accessories for moms teachers gifts christmas mothers day

Pick one or pick them all!

  1. Funny Socks – If your recipient leans more toward casual and loves funny gifts then these coffee socks are perfect! If a glass of wine or a beer is more their style, go check out the other options too!
  2. Knit Hat -Scarves, gloves, and hats are all perfect stocking stuffers for this time of year. Stick to neutrals if you’re not sure of their specific taste or pick their favorite color for a pop of fun!
  3. Boot Socks – Socks with a little flair are perfect for peeking out the tops of boots and can be worn all fall and winter!
  4. Phone Armband – For those who are athletic and sporty an armband to hold their phone is sure to be perfect!
  5. Touchscreen Gloves – Add this to the phone armband for a great gift for on-the-go women!
  6. Infinity Scarf – If you live in a cold climate, a scarf is a must. Go neutral or go bold!
  7. Tote Bag – You can’t go wrong with a basic tote. They can be casual and dressed up, used for every day or those busy days you are out of the house.
  8. Clutch – You don’t use them as often as other purses, but when you have a special occasion, nothing else will do! Any gal would be thrilled to find one on Mother’s Day OR Christmas morning! Add a gift card and you are done!
  9. Baseball Cap – You don’t have to be sporty to use a baseball cap. They are perfect for those days you need to run out the door but forgot dry shampoo. Ask me how I know🤣 I wear them all the time to my kids’ soccer games too! Everyone can use a good ball cap at some point in life. 😉

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Mom Swag Gifts

how to get affordable mom gifts for your mom grandma women in your life on amazon

  1. Mama Hat – Perfect gift or the sporty, casual friend who loves her busy mama life.
  2. Mama Bracelet – Made up of 6 interchangeable strands, this bracelet style also comes in 6 other colors!
  3. Coffee Mug – Coffee cups are always a hit, I promise. They are incredibly important to survival after all.😉
  4. Mama Slippers – Dearfoams are a fantastic slipper brand and the mama bear text is adorable! These slippers have memory foam insoles and a rubber outer sole so they are safe for walking outside if you need too. These would be a very thoughtful gift for new moms!
  5. Mama Keychain – I love the marbled look of this silicone keychain. Slip the loop over your wrist to be hands-free and while the tassel is adorable it also makes it so much easier to find your keys if they are sitting at the bottom of your purse. 🙃
  6. Mama Necklace – I have a similar necklace to this one and I love it! It goes with many different styles and is that elusively perfect “everyday necklace” that doesn’t look to dressy for a tee, but doesn’t look too casual with a dress for church either!
  7. Mama Tote Bag – I love the look of this canvas tote and it comes in black too! This would make a great “basket” for a gift box style gift!
  8. Mama Tee –  These are probably a fairly popular gift idea, but there are many options for text, color or style, if you know your mom loves casual fashion you really can’t go wrong.

Gifts for the Techy Woman

Affordable Techy gifts for teachers moms women on Amazon

If you need gift ideas for a woman in your life who isn’t super girly, these tech gifts are perfect! All of these are inexpensive but useful items that will benefit anyone with a cell phone or tablet – especially busy working moms!

  1. Bluetooth Speaker with Holder – This is totally going on my own Christmas list this year. This phone holder is set above a bluetooth speaker and will hold every size phone or tablet. It has buttons on top for volume, play, stop, etc. as well as a microphone (video calls the easy way!) and a charging port. This sounds amazing! Comes in three colors too.
  2. Keychain Charging Cord – This unassuming keychain has a bottle opener, carabiner, and a hidden cord that has a USB at one end and a lightning cable for your iPhone on the other!
  3. Car Phone Holder – This holds your phone vertically so you can see any incoming calls or your maps app while in the car.
  4. Mama Pop Socket for Phone – The Pop Socket is a trendy attachment for the back of your phone to make holding it (selfies, anyone?!) much easier!
  5. Bluetooth Headphones – I have had this pair in the past and they work well! I like having the cord so I don’t have to worry about losing the little earbud.😅
  6. Tile Mate Phone Finder  – The Tile can attach to your keys, phone or any other important item and with a click of the app you can find them wherever they
  7. Phone Camera Lense – This camera lens attaches to your phone to create a wide angle lens. How cool is that?!
  8. Portable Charger – Portable chargers are perfect to keep in a purse or diaper bag or car. They are great for road trips too!
  9. OXO Laptop Cleaner – This cute little cleaning tool has a microfiber cloth on one end and a soft brush on the other. Easily clean your keyboard, mouse or screen!

“Tool” Gifts for Moms

the best tools for any mom or teacher for their office kitchen yard

Tools for the garden, the kitchen, or the office – these are all great gifts for her! It’s a treat to have CUTE tools that you use nearly every day.

  1. Garden Tools Set – Weeds aren’t always pretty, so your tools might as well be!
  2. Post It Notes – The brighter, the better! These will make any creative or organized person beam with joy!
  3. Stainless Measuring Spoons – These measuring spoons are long and narrow and fit inside any spice container easily!
  4. Adult Coloring Book – These became all the rage a while back
  5. Colored Pencils – If your recipient might like an adult coloring book, add these high quality colored pencils too!
  6. Erasable Markers – These erasable markers have beautiful color, are an actual marker (but thin enough to write well!) and erase like magic. Corina uses these in her planner and is mildly obsessed. 😉
  7. Colored Pens – If you want more of a true pen (not a marker like #6) these write so smoothly!
  8. Kitchen Tools Set – Utensils like wooden spoons need to be replaced more often than other types, so why not something useful with some colorful flair?
  9. Chic Note Cards – Apps and emails might be all the rage but I know many women (myself included) that still love writing things down.
  10. Magnetic List Pads – I use magnetic list pads daily and receiving a pretty one makes each day a little more fun and bright!

Choosing the Best Gifts for Busy Moms

And there you have it! How will you ever choose with so many awesome options?

Whether you are stuck finding something for your mom, sister, bestie or kid’s teacher or just need new, fresh ideas, hopefully a few of these items will be a huge hit and you will win coveted “best gift of the year” award! 😉

Happy shopping!

Where any of these ideas new to you?

What items do you are the best gifts for busy moms?

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Good gifts can be hard to find, but we have you covered! Discover the best Mother's Day gift ideas for the women in your life broken down into two categories of under $10 and under $20. No matter what your budget or recipient's style you're sure to find the best gift for her! #mothersday #gifts #moms #holidays #ideas #tips