Here's the best denim jackets available on Amazon and how to style them!

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In this series we are focusing on one clothing item at a time from our checklist of wardrobe essentials for moms! Today we’re picking the best denim jackets for women on Amazon (that way you get fast free shipping, free returns, and things don’t sell out as fast) + showing you 5 ways for how to wear a denim jacket!

We’re going to tell you how to find a versatile denim jacket, the best options for denim jackets on Amazon right now, and what to wear with your denim jacket.

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Denim Jacket: What to Look For In This Piece

Denim jacket example

Link to example (may be sold out) 

The goal is for this piece to mix and match with the rest of your clothes (or as much of it as possible!). If you are wanting to jump straight to our ideas for how to wear your denim jacket, just keep scrolling!

Here are some notes to help you find a style for this piece that is versatile. 

  • Why it’s included in the capsule: A denim jacket is probably the most classic casual completer piece. It can be worn in all seasons!
  • Recommended Color Scheme: Neutral Color – any denim wash or white denim is ideal
  • Recommended Pattern: Solid
  • Options for Fit/Style: Fitted. It’s ok if you can’t button it up! It really isn’t meant to be buttoned (in our opinion). If it’s fitted (which doesn’t mean tight) it will give you shape. Too loose or bulky and you look… well… bulky. No one wants to look bulky.
  • Coordination Notes: n/a
  • Maternity/Nursing: You can easily wear your regular size denim jacket since we don’t recommend buttoning them.
  • Hot climate alternative: Skip or use as your jacket in the winter.

Shopping Links: Best Denim Jackets on Amazon

Here are our picks for some of the best denim jackets on Amazon.

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Example Piece from Capsule Checklist

This is the example piece we used in one edition of our Women’s Essentials Style Guide. At the time of writing this post it’s out of stock, but hopefully they bring it back since it’s a solid Amazon brand with great reviews.

Links & More Styles of Denim Jackets

Riders by Lee Indigo Women'...Shop on Amazon

5 different denim washes + multiple other color options. Available in sizes XS-XL.

Amazon Essentials Women's J...Shop on Amazon

4 denim washes available from this Amazon brand which are available in plus sizes! Available in sizes XS-6X!

luvamia Women's Casual Basi...Shop on Amazon

Tons of options available in sizes S-XL.

Cantonwalker Women's Oversi...Shop on Amazon

This jacket is a bit of a longer style available in sizes S-XL.

Signature by Levi Strauss &...Shop on Amazon

A traditional fitting denim jacket in multiple denim washes available in sizes XXS-3X. 

Levi's Womens Original Truc...Shop on Amazon

This classic Levi’s trucker jacket (with just a little bit of stretch) is available in a huge range of sizes up to 4X!

Levi's Women's Ex-Boyfriend...Shop on Amazon

This Levi’s ex-Boyfriend jacket doesn’t have any stretch and is available in sizes XS-XL.

Wrangler Authentics Women's...Shop on Amazon

Another traditional fit, with maybe a little longer torso.  Available in sizes XS-XL.

LONGBIDA Women's Jean Jacke...Shop on Amazon

This is a much trendier style, with a looser body and a frayed hem. This will be harder to style, but if your style is super trendy you may prefer this option. Available in S-XXL. 

Plus Size Denim Jacket Options

Amazon Essentials Women's J...Shop on Amazon

4 denim washes available from this Amazon brand which are available in plus sizes! Available in sizes XS-6X!

Woman Within Plus Size Stre...Shop on Amazon

A huge range of denim wash and color options. Available in sizes 14-38!

Levi's Women's Plus-Size Or...Shop on Amazon

This classic Levi’s trucker jacket is available in a huge range of sizes up to 4X!

5 Outfit Ideas: How to Wear a Denim Jacket (and not look frumpy!)

Here are a few ideas shared by our community on the Frump Fighters Interactive

When you use one of our outfit guides paired with the Interactive platform you can search by any clothing piece (i.e denim jacket or a white shirt) and not only be able to see how other women are styling it, but also all our example outfits! 

Some people will comment “but I can do that on Pinterest” and while that’s TRUE, you still have to go searching for the other pieces of the outfit in order to copy them. Using our web app and capsule you likely already have the clothing pieces you need to create many, many outfits! It’s also way to easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole and never actually get dressed 😝

We’ve been showing 3 outfits for every piece in this series, but denim jackets are just SO versatile that I want to show you 5 denim jacket outfit ideas – in all the seasons!

Denim Jacket Outfit Idea #1: With a Swing Dress & Boots

An outfit idea for how to style your denim jacket with a dress and boots

shared with permission

  • Swing Dress
  • Denim Jacket
  • Scarf
  • Boots

Proof that your denim jacket is maternity friendly without any modifications! It layers perfectly over a flowy style dress (or top) by adding definition. This outfit could be paired with nearly any shoe or scarf!

Looking for a maternity-friendly denim jacket? Use any of the Amazon links above! They all work while pregnant.

Denim Jacket Outfit Idea #2: With a Tunic or Sweater Dress & Leggings

An outfit idea for how to style your denim jacket with a dress and tights

shared with permission

  • Sweater Dress (or tunic)
  • Leggings
  • Denim Jacket
  • Neutral Flats

Even with a wintery piece like a sweater dress you can add a denim jacket and it still looks in season.

Denim Jacket Outfit Idea #3: With Color Pants & Striped Tee

An outfit idea for how to style your denim jacket with color pants and a striped tee

shared with permission

  • Color Pants
  • Striped Tee
  • Denim Jacket
  • Sandals

Add that extra layer in the spring or fall by wearing your denim jacket with a staple piece like a striped top. The colored pants are the perfect pop of fun! 

Denim Jacket Outfit Idea #4: With Shorts & Printed Blouse

An outfit idea for how to style your denim jacket with dressy shorts and a blouse

shared with permission

  • Dressy Shorts
  • Print Blouse
  • Denim Jacket
  • Sandals

This dressy spring or summer outfit is perfect paired with this denim jacket! 


Denim Jacket Outfit Idea #5: With Joggers & White Sneakers

An outfit idea for how to style your denim jacket with joggers and white sneakers

  • Joggers
  • White Tee
  • Denim Jacket
  • White Sneakers

A denim jacket can take your athleisure outfit to the next level by adding some definition and acting like a finishing touch!


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