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The Team at Frump Fighters®

We’re a group of busy women, working remotely during nap times and other (rare) quiet moments!

We’re passionate about helping moms conquer their closets and have fun with fashion after (or in the middle of) having babies.




Founder & Work-Maker

Mama to five boys, Corina founded Frump Fighters® out of her struggle with clothes when she became a mom. She’s a visionary, designing everything from epic blog posts to one-of-a-kind products to make it FUN & EASY for any mom, with any level of fashion sense to feel confident and beautiful in her clothes!



Interactive™ Support & Development

Amy helps us design our style guides and also heads up development and support for our Interactive™ platform. She’s also mama to a little girl and wife to a developer.



Customer Care

Mama to four (including twins)—who Corina is lucky to call niece(s) and nephew(s)—Vanessa is one of our wonderful Customer Service gurus. Email or message with a tech problem or question? Her kind response will soon follow!



Content Manager

Mama to four, Jana is the brains and management guru behind much of the helpful content created by Frump Fighters! This girl’s task plate is never empty and Corina doesn’t know what she’d do without her. 



Head of Customer Care

Hannah heads up Customer Care at Frump Fighters. You’ll often receive her helpful response when you reach out to us on email or social media!



Social Media Content Creator

Abri is a wife and a mama to a little girl and uses her creative talent to generate much of our helpful content for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

About Corina Holden (Founder)

Hey! I’m Corina. This is my tribe! Life with 5 young boys is crazy! One’s still inside me in this picture 🙂


And here’s our family with the fifth one out!

Corina Family Photo<br />

I think of myself as a normal mom trying to resist the invisible forces that want to keep her in frumpy clothing. It’s been an interesting journey, but ever since I realized how fun fashion can be I began absorbing it like a sponge.

Since having my first kid, I have wrung fashion through the mommy wash to make it applicable and doable for me. (I don’t need to know stilettos are in right now. I need to know what else is in style that won’t make me twist an ankle when I’m chasing my toddler around.)

Every mom will have her personal style, and it doesn’t have to encompass the latest on the runway. But if you’re like me, you want to feel confident you don’t look “so yesterday” or totally “blah.”

I’m learning how it’s possible to draw out your style from the current trends in a way that stays faithful to YOU and respects both your budget and lifestyle as a mom.

The stuff I’ve learned really works, and it’s too exciting not to share.

Shopping is no longer wasteful or studded with guilt.

Using my style guides for moms I’m staying within my budget and loving my wardrobe more than ever! (and so is my husband… yup I made a Dad’s Guide too!)


Corina and husband


Where I came from…

Amidst transition out of college years and into the crazy adventure of marriage and motherhood, I found myself appalled with my style savvy… or lack thereof. I had a long way to go.

Don’t believe me?

Now you do! I was in my early 20’s in these photos, dating my now-husband. A long way to go indeed…

But things were looking up…

I’m not sure what woke me out of my frumpy slumber, but as a newlywed I began learning one basic concept that improved things tremendously: how to wear clothes that fit. Brilliant, right?

It was a definite step in the right direction, but even then dressing cute and fashionable and feeling confident about my style just didn’t come easy to me like it did for other gals around me. (I’m still in awe of them!)

To this day, I continue unlearning some of my bad style habits from the last decade. Not the least of them being the tendency to wear corporate attire to church. *sigh* That receptionist job in college really left me fashion-confused.

Where this blog comes in…

Becoming a mom only added to the complexity of dressing fashionably. I had to somehow be aware of fashion trends. And do it with the needs of motherhood in mind. Keeping up seemed daunting. What? Floral prints are long gone? SAY WHAT? They’re back??

That’s why I started a blog. I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m learning so heapin’ much and I want to share it! The number 1 thing I’m learning: It doesn’t have to be daunting.

If you’re feeling stuck in a style rut, frustrated by a boring wardrobe, or sucked of the time, energy or interest(!) it takes to “keep up” with fashion, I’d love for you to join me in defeating the frumpy monster one day at a time! You’ll get an occasional newsletter with inspiration, bonus content and forever access to my growing library of printables.

My readers love these printables because they help you take your existing wardrobe and create a stylish one that works for mom life! Just enter your info below to get access.

We hate spam and will keep your email safe in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Fun Facts About Corina

These are some more things that make me happy…

  • There’s nothing I treasure more than my Savior Jesus Christ, my family, my friends, and enjoying the priceless moments in life.
  • I love strong coffee with loads of cream. My favorite time of the day is early morning with a warm cup in hand and an open Bible on my lap.
  • My degree is in Psychology and Counseling (guess how long it took me to earn it…I’ll tell you in a minute). I can’t get enough of deep conversations and the thrill of encouraging and inspiring others to live their best lives!

And if you really want to know more …

  • I’m part Mexican and speak Spanish pretty fluently! A peek into our family gatherings… You’ll hear my sibs and I calling my mom and dad Mami and Papi, and they’ll sometimes talk to us or each other in Spanish…though we do that minimally for the sake of our spouses 😆.
  • It took me nearly ten years to complete the aforementioned Bachelor’s degree. So earlier when I said I transitioned from college to marriage, it was after finishing the first two years in four years. The next two years took another six years. Wow. And I don’t even like math.
  • If you were a fly on my kitchen wall, you’d probably be trying to cover your ears. (Do flies have ears??) I have FIVE boys and they are NOISY!
  • Few things make me happier than handing out cookies at random times of the day and seeing people enjoy them–even if I can’t even eat them because they’re full of gluten. It’s still a bit of a mystery to me why this gives me such happiness.
  • I like to say I eat Paleo. More accurately, I once ate Paleo and have since aspired to achieve the same level of discipline. Potatoes will forever be my downfall.

Let’s stay connected!

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