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Basic, easy and fast tutorials and hacks for getting your face and hair ready for a busy day as mom. ❤

The Ultimate Gift Ideas List for Moms Who Love Beauty, Hair & Makeup

Part of self care is taking time (even 10 minutes!) to do your hair or makeup, take an extra hot shower or even just sit with your feet in the tub. Don’t take this lightly, a few minutes can totally rejuvenate you and make you feel ready to conquer the day!

If that resonates with you, I imagine that other moms you know feel the same way!

So when you are looking for gift ideas for yourself or other moms in your life, take a look at this list below to inspire you to…

Quick & Easy Mom Makeup Steps for Everyday Routine VIDEO (3 minutes, 5 simple products!)

Developing a simple morning makeup routine for every day mom life is essential to getting put together regularly each day. Makeup doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated. Today I’m unveiling how I do my everyday mom makeup in just 3 minutes. This morning makeup video tutorial will show you:

  1. A 2-Step Night Routine Makeup Hack

  2. A 3-Minute Morning Makeup Routine

  3. Some Easy Additions to Spice Up Your Makeup for Special Occasions

When Looking Put Together Doesn’t Come Easy

…in the sudden surge of new demands, I found my self-care was in danger of tanking.

Keeping up with all those things that help a woman look polished–pretty hair, pretty nails, pretty outfit–it felt so overwhelming now. 

Little humans need our attention from the moment they’re up to the moment they’re back in bed. How do you find the time to think about what you’re wearing or about doing your hair and makeup?

Easy Mom Hair (Wet Hair Style): The Tentative Topsy

This is the fifth hairdo I’ve shared in the “Wet Hairstyles” series— hairdos you can whip up right out of the shower. These hairstyles are designed for busy moms in mind. You can get your hair looking amazing in just a few minutes with NO blow drying or styling tools required! Just clean, wet hair! (Actually, the wet part isn’t even required. This is great for second and third day hair too!)

(Part 2) Lipstick for Moms: How To Use LipSense For Those Rave-Worthy Results (+ Free Shipping!)

So you got your first LipSense Color and Gloss and you were so excited to try it but your lips started to flake and feel dry (it happened to me, and my hubby affectionately called them zombie lips). Or maybe the color didn’t stay on all day. Or you couldn’t get it off!

Here’s my guide on what to do about each of these LipSense issues, why they happen, how to get past them, and more. (You’ll probably throw your chapstick away by the end of this post…)