How to Feel Put Together Before, During, & After Working Out

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If you are struggling with how to look put together when you haven’t showered, look no further. This blog post has 10 tips and tricks for how to look good before a shower and even post-workout! #mom #altheisure #healthymoms #howto #active #outfitideas

How to look good before working out has become a real conundrum in my life!

I finally found a mama workout class that incorporates core rehab and strength retraining, BUT it’s a good 5 hours after I get up in the morning!

How am I going to do my usual “getting ready” routine when I need to workout later?

Maybe more specifically, I need to figure out how to look cute before a shower or after a later-in-the-day shower!

Before the workout: How to look good before working out (even when you haven’t showered!)

As busy mamas, we usually don’t have the time to shower and get ready in the morning AND again after we workout.

Worry not mama friend, we’ve got some tips for you!

Tip #1: Five Minute Face

I never used to wear makeup to workout.

But that meant that on workout days I’d be makeup-less most of the day!

I came to realize how significant of a mental/emotional block this was for me.

Using just a few simple products to do a quick 5 Minute Face made a world of difference in my mindset and how I felt – – like today!

Yes, I looked more put together but the biggest difference was in how I felt.

You can look good before your workout, even if you need a shower. Follow some of these tips for how to feel put together pre- or post-workout! #momlife #healthymoms #outfitideas #hairideeas #gymstyle

The 2021 Olympics in Tokyo are in full swing while I write this.

Have you noticed how many female athletes wear some sort of makeup and accessories?

You and I may not be representing our country in a competition when we workout but I thought it was an interesting observation.

Enter the Five Minute Face.

This is your paired down makeup routine that you can do quickly every morning – even workout days!

You may want to just go a little lighter on the foundation or just use a tinted moisturizer so as not to overly clog the pores of your skin.

So, “How do I look good before a shower?” you ask?

First, do your 5 Minute Face!

Bam! Your five minute face is a punch to the face of the Frumpy Monster!

You can look good before your workout, even if you need a shower. Follow some of these tips for how to feel put together pre- or post-workout! #momlife #healthymoms #outfitideas #hairideeas #gymstyle

Give it a try and see how you feel!

But that’s not all.

Tip #2: Go-to Hairstyle

You have to do something with your hair anyways, why not have a go-to hairstyle for workout days?

Workout days are great mornings to do a braided style like Corina’s in the picture below since braids tend to hold better with dirtier/greasier hair.

If you’re like me and haven’t yet learned to braid, a ponytail works beautifully.

I like to run my straightener through the front to smooth out my hair if I’m doing a parted ponytail.

It really only takes about 3 minutes!

A headband is functional in keeping hair out of your face and can snazz up your style and make you feel put together.

So, in summary, if you want to know how to look good before working out…

  1. Do your Five Minute Face and then
  2. Do your go-to workout hairstyle!

These simple routines are a one-two punch in fighting the frump on workout days!

how to look good when you work out later in the day

Tip #3: Great Athleisure Outfit

Okay so your hair and face are ready for the day, now what should you wear?

I’m the girl who used to squeeze into that old pair of shorts from pre-baby college days and a grungy T-shirt for workouts.

Not anymore!

I’ve since learned (through trial and error) that a clean, stylish, put together workout outfit is a must for how to look cute before a shower!

Your fabulous athleisure outfit is the KNOCK OUT PUNCH to the Frumpy Monster on workout days!!!

Getting yourself looking and feeling good before you workout is far more energizing for your day than waiting only until after the workout is done.

A lot of mamas even feel comfortable wearing nice athleisure clothes when they drop kids off at school, run errands, etc.

Now, here at Frump Fighters, we all LOVE a good outfit formula!

So HERE, for FREE is a simple, never-seen-before, Corina-approved workout day outfit formula to use:


  1. Neutral workout bottoms: A pair of properly-fitting neutral leggings is the most basic piece of workout gear you can own. In a dark color, they are very slimming. As long as they are thick enough and fit properly, they tend to be highly comfortable (and thus, very mom-friendly!) before, during, and after a workout. If you find some that aren’t too sporty, you can even pair them with a non-workout top and completer piece if need be!
  2. Athletic top: A great athletic top is also a must and there are so many styles out there! If you’re pairing these with those great neutral leggings described above, you will probably want to find an athletic top that’s longer in the back to cover the bum area. If you’re a sweater like me, you’ll probably want to get an athletic top that is moisture-wicking. Bonus points if your athletic top is one of “your” seasonal colors!
  3. Athletic Shoes:  Obviously, you want good quality pair of tennis shoes for working out, ones that give you good support and cushion. But, if you have the option, get them in a neutral or darker color that matches a lot of what you wear. Black or grey is ideal, but if you want something extra fun, get a pair in one of your seasonal colors!
how to look cute when you want to work out later in the day by wearing neutral athletic leggings and a fun color top

These leggings are a little “extra” because they have a bit of a camo print to them, even though they are totally neutral! They work great with a solid color workout top. I especially love this one with a knot on one side, because I can easily be errand-ready even with this casual style! – Jana

During the workout: How to look good while you workout

So you know what’s so great about doing your Go-To Hairstyle, Five Minute Face, and putting on your Go-To Athleisure outfit?

Not only have you beaten the frumpy monster before your workout, you’ve set yourself up to look and feel great DURING your workout too!

If you’re like me, you usually don’t just glisten during your workout.

You sweat.

And that’s okay! That’s what our bodies are made to do!

A couple tips:

  1. Blotting your face during the workout can help your makeup last after you’re all done.
  2. Wearing your hair up can help it get less sweaty

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After the workout: How to look put together when you haven’t showered

Okay so let’s say you did your face, your hair, your outfit is on point and you’ve worked off some calories. GO, MAMA, GO!

The only problem is, you’re all sweaty with no time for a full shower but you still have a good chunk of your day ahead of you.

Now you’re thinking “How can I look good without showering?” (Or maybe you’re not? The thought of not showering post-workout might make you cringe.)

But some days, taking a full shower after our later-in-the-day workout just isn’t feasible.

There are lots of other “next best” options to try!

How to freshen up without a shower

  • Cool down first. Doing some breath work after your workout is really beneficial! It should help bring your core temperature back down so the sweating slows and stops.
  • Drive home from the gym with the windows down to cool you off and get that sweat evaporating. It’s harder to freshen up quickly if you’re still sweating. If you’re doing an at-home workout, plan to do one household task post-workout as a cool down and run a fan.
  • Rinse off in the shower but don’t wash off your makeup and don’t wash your hair.
  • Use dry shampoo! If you’re really sweaty, a quick blow-dry of your roots can help tremendously.
  • Wipe down with a wet washcloth or body wipes can help you feel fresh.
  • Try baby powder! A little sprinkle can help soak up sweat, especially under the bra line, at the base of the neck, the underarms, and even “down there.”
  • Change your clothes from the skin out. So obvious, right? But having those other clothes set out and ready to go will save a lot of time!
  • Blot your face with a face towel or tissue as needed then refresh your makeup. Let’s say you did a 5 Minute Face earlier that morning. For me, that doesn’t include brows or lipstick. But maybe post-workout, I blot, redo some bronzer or blush and then ad a little brow pencil and some lip gloss to feel more fresh and finished.
  • Do a cute messy bun or other style that you know your hair can pull off when slightly damp. This might be a good day to finish that style with a patterned scrunchy or some other accessory.

If you end up needing to wash your hair, but are still in a hurry for styling, be sure to check out our ideas and suggestions for hairstyles you can do when your hair is wet! It’ll save you a ton of time if you know a few quick styles you can do without having to blow dry your hair! 

I hope this has given you some inspiration and tips for looking and feeling great – even when you workout later in the day!

What to Wear After Your Workout & Shower

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Do you typically work out later in the day or first thing in the morning? What’s been the main struggle with that? Were any of our tips helpful for you? 

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If you are struggling with how to look put together when you haven’t showered, look no further. This blog post has 10 tips and tricks for how to look good before a shower and even post-workout! #mom #altheisure #healthymoms #howto #active #outfitideas