Stylish Gift Ideas for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

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Find the perfect gift for the new mom in your life with this gift guide! Full of fun and trendy must-haves whether they are pregnant or nursing, you are sure to find something amazing for your friend, wife, or sister! #style #mom #giftguide #pregnant #maternity #christmas

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Pregnancy and postpartum make up a very unique part of your life. First you grow a baby inside and then help a baby grow out here. It’s a beautiful miracle!

Even with the body changes, big and small, don’t let that take away from loving your body “as-is” and doing just small things to help you feel put together.

Maybe you are going through this stage yourself or maybe your sister or best friend is. It’s a time to savor and enjoy and a great time to spoil!

We’ve put together a list of amazing gifts for pregnant and nursing moms. Your ultimate gift guide, so-to-speak!

Full of fun and trendy must-haves, this list contains only Amazon items you can have shipped to you or directly to your recipient!

From fashion ideas to practical ideas, we’ve got you covered and ready to conquer the season of “new mama”!

Gift Ideas for Pregnant & Nursing Mamas

Teething Necklace

Teething necklaces come in many colors and styles, but they are the perfect mom-friendly jewelry you’ll find! Most use silicone beads which are safe for babies!

Hair Bands

Too boring? Trust me, sometimes basics are the best present! Hair ties are like bobby pins and pens. You know you have hundreds of them around, but when you need one you can’t find any!

Combine some nice hair ties with the bracelet below and you have a thoughtful gift for any mom!

Hair Tie Bracelet

Are you constantly shoving a hair tie on your wrist so you can pull your hair back on the fly? Then you need this hair tie bracelet! Looks like a classy bracelet, but acts super functional!

The hair tie slips into the groove in the bracelet so it’s ready to use when you need it, but serves as part of a bracelet when you don’t!

Cute Skinny Hairbands & Cute Wide Headbands

Hair bands don’t just keep those fly-aways out of your face, but frame it and add some color and flair. There are lots of styles to choose from and depending on the occasion, you can go the sparkly route for a little dressier look or comfy knit bands for a casual, chic look.

Chic Water Bottle

Any pregnant or nursing mom knows a water bottle is like another appendage or at minimum an everyday accessory. The more water you drink the better! Spoil your friend or sister (or yourself!) with a fun, chic water bottle they can use daily!

Wife Mom Boss Tee & Mom Game Strong Tee

Don’t go another day without grabbing one of these adorable slogan tees. Tees can be easily nursing friendly when you layer with a nursing tank. Throw on some skinny jeans, cardigan and one of your new headbands, and ta-da! Cute and adorable outfit!

Wife Mom BossMom Game Strong

Maternity & Nursing Tanks

Don’t underestimate the necessity of a good quality maternity and/or nursing tank. These will form the base of all of your outfits and you will appreciate them every day! This 3 pack is a perfect collection of colors that you can rotate based on your outfit.

Striped PJ Set

Let’s face it, during pregnancy and postpartum, you’re going to be in comfy clothes a lot. Fight the frump by investing in a cute pair of PJ’s that will keep you comfy in those early mornings that rapidly turn in to afternoons before you even have the baby settled.

You’d be surprised what a cute pair of pajamas can do for you mentally on those hard, long days!

Knit Robe

Similarly to the PJ’s, having a robe or extra layer to throw on in the early mornings will be a lifesaver whether you are expecting or nursing a new baby. A new robe is my go-to gift for new moms. It’s nursing-friendly, bump-friendly and makes you feel just a tad cuter even when you aren’t getting much sleep.

Chic Tote Bag

Diaper bag aside, it’s still helpful to have a tote bag for those extra items you need to take to Grandma’s house or have in the car “just in case”. This striped tote is trendy and adorable.

Nursing Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are the ultimate comfy and cozy item. They can be hard to nurse in though, so investing in a nursing hoodie is absolutely worth it! This would be a wonderful gift for any expecting mama!

Pull-On Jeggings

Magical. That’s the best word to describe pull-on jeggings. The most comfortable jeans you will ever wear and bonus, they hold the tummy in and smooth things out!

Having a few “pretty” items to wear can help lift the mood during a special but often exhausting phase of life.

Add an item or two to your cart if you or a friend is pregnant or nursing. You won’t regret it!

Are you an expecting or new mama? Or looking for the perfect gift for someone else? Let us know what you think of these ideas below!

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Find the perfect gift for the new mom in your life with this gift guide! Full of fun and trendy must-haves whether they are pregnant or nursing, you are sure to find something amazing for your friend, wife, or sister! #style #mom #giftguide #pregnant #maternity #christmas