30 Easy Hairstyles for Moms with Long Hair (besides a ponytail!)

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Create easy hairstyles for your long hair using these quick tutorials! With ideas you can do in 5 minutes or less you’ll be able to create chic looks that are better than your average ponytail! #hairtutorials #hairstyles #longhair #momfashion #tips #tricks

Wish you had quick ideas for cute hairstyles on long hair that isn’t just another ponytail? You all loved our “Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair” post, so here is our simple list of cute and easy hairstyles for LONG hair.

We are bringing you a list of the easiest hairstyles for moms with long hair – all of them video tutorials!

Video tutorials can’t be beat when you are looking for easy hairstyles you can do yourself. You need the visuals and the option to repeat over and over (or maybe that’s just me😝).

Use the table of contents to jump down to one that looks interesting, or browse them all!

But first… a few tips on protecting your long hair.

How to Care for Your Long Hair

Beware of Heat Damage

If you are using any type of hot tool, you need to take care not to damage your hair.

Use a heat protector spray and try to keep the temp on your tool as low as you can for your hair type (but high enough that it still works).

Avoid Tight Hair Ties

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Make sure your hair ties aren’t too tight. You can snap your hair with a hairband that is too snug or put too much pressure on the roots.

Create easy hairstyles for your long hair using these quick tutorials! With ideas you can do in 5 minutes or less you’ll be able to create chic looks that are better than your average ponytail! #hairtutorials #hairstyles #longhair #momfashion #tips #tricks

Choosing a spiral hair tie or a scrunchie can help minimize any damage due to hair ties.

You can also mix up how/where you use hair ties.
If you do a high ponytail one day, the next day do a low pony.

Using other techniques for your hair like braiding or twists can greatly lessen hair breakage too!

Use a Good Brush

You want to smooth your hair and distribute the natural oils, not yank your way through knots and break your hair.

Using a natural bristle brush, like a boars hair brush, will help you minimize friction and keep your hair silky smooth. A wet brush is also a great choice and a fan favorite.

Hydrate Your Hair Regularly

The longer your hair, the more moisture you need distributed to the ends.

Either find a good hair mask for using in the shower or a hair oil you can add when your hair is towel dry or wet.

Train Your Hair to Go Longer Between Washes

The more you wash your hair the more oils your scalp will produce. You may feel like your hair is oily enough to get washed every day, but you are likely creating an environment for your hair that is too dry!

You can train your hair to go longer between washes by washing it every other day for a few weeks instead of every day. Use dry shampoo on the in between days!

This can also help how long it takes you to get ready in the morning. If you wash and style your hair on day 1, often with some dry shampoo and few touch ups you can make this base style work for a few more days!

If you are in a hurry, freshly showered, and don’t have time to dry your hair make sure you check out our post dedicated to styling wet hair!

We have tips on caring your for wet hair (did you know wet hair is much weaker than dry hair?) and styling it in braids, twists, buns, etc.! Something for everyone!

30+ Simple & Easy Hairstyles for Moms Using Wet Hair (Step by Step Videos!)

easy ways to style your hair when you are in a hurry or your hair is wet

Videos & Step-by-Step Tutorials for Long Hair Hairstyles

We’ve included the time stamps in each video in case you want to jump ahead to a specific style!

How To Style Long Hair Faster: Tips and Tricks

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00 Drying
  • 2:29 curling
  • 2:52 volume

10 Easy Hairstyles for LONG Hair

Time Stamps: 

  • 1:08: straightening
  • 2:21: waterfall braid
  • 3:24: sleek low pony
  • 4:02: elegant low bun
  • 4:25: messy high pony
  • 4:59: casual curls
  • 5:56: half up half down curls
  • 6:17: two small french braids
  • 7:29: classic french braids
  • 9:37: crinkled mermaid hair

5 Lazy Day Natural Hairstyles for Long 4c Hair

Time Stamps: 

  • 0:20: #1 Yonce Save Me
  • 1:56: #2 Childhood Go-To
  • 4:00: #3 Big Hur Don’t Care
  • 5:18: #4 Unicorn
  • 7:19: #5 Quick Bun

How To: Easy Styles with Claw Clips

Time Stamps: 

  • 0:41: voluminous perky ponytail
  • 1:56: twisted half up
  • 2:36: the jennifer/the rachel
  • 2:57: chic bun

13 Natural Curly Hairstyles

Time Stamps: 

  • 0:45: #1
  • 1:37: #2
  • 2:26: #3
  • 3:34: #4
  • 5:03: #5
  • 6:11: #6
  • 7:18: #7
  • 9:01: #8
  • 9:33: #9
  • 11:04: #10
  • 13:01: #11
  • 13:31: #12
  • 14:25: #13

These two are from Corina!

Easy Mom Hair: Curling Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Blog Post: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-curling-flat-iron 

Train your hair to go longer between washes so you only have to do this curling once every few days!

Quick Hair Style for Moms: The Loose Romantic Braid

Blog Post:  https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-the-loose-romantic-braid

Claw clips are very trendy right now!

If you want to delve into even more hair inspiration we now have an entire post dedicated to easy hair trends for moms, including cuts, colors, hairstyles, and accessories!

trending hairstyles for busy moms

Four 60-Second Hairstyles

Time Stamps:

  • 0:47: low bun
  • 1:39: rope braid
  • 2:46: messy bun
  • 4:01: half up

The 2-Minute Rope Braid

 60-Second French Twist

5 Natural Hairstyles (For Medium To Long Natural Hair) (Type 4 Hair)

Time Stamps: 

  • 0:33: Hair Prep
  • 1:08: Low Puff with Fringe
  • 2:55: Half Up Half Down with Fringe
  • 3:52: Half Up Bun Half Down
  • 5:43: High Bun
  • 7:45: Two Sided Flat Twist

Easy Updo for Long Hair

10 Easy Back to School Hairstyles – Medium to Long Length Hair

Time Stamps:

  • 2:53: half up twist
  • 4:08: twist ponytail
  • 5:10: low bun
  • 5:56: half up topsy tails
  • 7:20: voluminous pony tail
  • 8:27: messy bun
  • 9:27: side braid
  • 11:12: messy half up
  • 11:57: claw clip
  • 12:47: twisted ponytail

If you have long hair and are looking for easy hairstyles you can do yourself look no further than this list of more than 30 quick video tutorials for sprucing up your long hair without causing damage or wasting your time in the bathroom. #momlife #hairstyles #longhair #videotutorials #howto

6 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Time Stamps:

  • 0:41: french twist half up
  • 2:02: loose braid
  • 2:51: sleek low bun
  • 3:45: loose bun
  • 4:39: intricate bun
  • 5:59: elevated ponytail

Pull-Through Faux Braid Step-by-Step

4 Ways To Do a Low Messy Bun

Time Stamps: 

  • 0:08: Messy Bun #1
  • 1:00: Messy Bun #2
  • 2:00: Messy Bun #3
  • 2:31: Messy Bun #4

3 Ways To Do a Low Messy Bun, Part 2!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:25: Messy Bun #1 
  • 1:56: Messy Bun #2
  • 3:34: Messy Bun #3 

Six 60 Second Styles for Long Hair

Time Stamps:

  • 3:57: transformed ponytail
  • 4:51: half up braided
  • 5:53: double bun
  • 7:06: high bun
  • 8:27: simple pony 
  • 9:41: claw half up

10 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Time Stamps: 

  • 0:18: Sleek ponytail
  • 1:02: half up half down
  • 1:34: braided low pony
  • 2:57: faux twin braids
  • 4:15: topsy ponytail
  • 4:48: topsy faux braid
  • 5:42: side swept ponytail
  • 6:36: voluminous high pony
  • 7:43: low bun
  • 8:30: twisted half up

The Figure 8/Infinity Bun

And there you have it! Tons of inspiration for easy hairstyles for moms with long hair.

Do you have a favorite? Or any that seem the easiest to try?

Tell us in the comments below!

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Create easy hairstyles for your long hair using these quick tutorials! With ideas you can do in 5 minutes or less you’ll be able to create chic looks that are better than your average ponytail! #hairtutorials #hairstyles #longhair #momfashion #tips #tricks