5 Essentials to Look and Feel Beautiful this Spring/Summer

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Here are 5 easy ways you can refresh yourself in mind and body this spring and summer. Whether it be a healthy skin care regimen or wearing a bright pop of color, read this post for some #selflove inspiration! #tips #momlife #fashion #mom #outfits # ideas #easy #clothes #style #tricks

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A few months ago I had Claire Hastings on the blog to share her tips for staying stylish when you have a baby.

Today she’s sharing 5 suggestions for mamas to thrive in beauty and fashion this spring and summer.

Here are 5 easy ways you can refresh yourself in mind and body this spring and summer. Whether it be a healthy skin care regimen or wearing a bright pop of color, read this post for some #selflove inspiration! #tips #momlife #fashion #mom #outfits # ideas #easy #clothes #style #tricks

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the little details when it comes to fighting the frump.

This post is a great reminder to take care of little things like your skin and health to feel better over all. 

Check it out below!

Claire Hastings is from Brisbane, Australia and a mom (or should l say “mum”!) to a baby girl. 🙂 She is a fashion lover, wanderer, and a writer. She is also very passionate about running, other cultures, and her cat. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter!

Spring has begun and all the flowers are in bloom! Well, at least in the northern hemisphere. In Australia, where I come from, people are just starting to enjoy their autumn pumpkin spice lattes and long coats paired with rain boots. These two seasons have a lot in common, however, from rainy days, to the skincare routine that we need to use.

Luckily, this year seems to be friendly towards moms whose fashion needs to be paired with comfort, so I’m eager to start this year off fresh and enjoy new adventures.

1. Brighter makeup palette

a brighter makeup palette makes you feel fresh and beautiful regardless of what you're wearing!

I have a friend who tells me that they can pry dark red lipstick from her cold, dead hands. She’ll wear it all year round, but even she tends to change up eyeshadow colours in spring.

It’s possible that you have forgotten the joys of wearing pinks and corals after a long, tiring winter, but do remember that spring is the best time to have a little fun.

If you prefer soft femininity then go for nudes, but have a well-defined statement eyebrow.

If you want something a bit more crazy, try a fuchsia lipstick and experiment with new blush colours – from peach to shimmery pink.

A bold lip is encouraged, so here’s your excuse to treat yourself to some new shades. I like liquid matte lipsticks simply because they stay on all day, and I don’t have to worry too much about reapplying them.

If I need to fix my make up every half an hour, then it’s just not worth my time, so I’ll always go for long lasting products.



2. Season appropriate skin care routine

After a long winter that dried out our skin and made our lips crack, spring is a real refreshment.

Most of us don’t have the same needs all year-round, so we need to adjust accordingly.

I like to tone down my moisturizer and start using something water-based that will allow my skin to breathe, and won’t feel too greasy.

It’s a good time to reorganize all your beauty products too, throw away anything past its expiration date and get quality products such as Dermologica. Check out more Dermalogica products on Amazon. It is also smart choice to go with a little higher SPF.

If you aren’t doing it already, then you should really start washing all your makeup brushes regularly, at least once every month.

Dirty brushes will make you break out, and who wants to welcome spring with a face full of annoying pimples?

3. All shades of yellow and athleisure

 from pinterest (click to view more inspiration) from pinterest (click to view more inspiration)

Yellow is such a lovely, bright colour, but it took me a while to find the right shade to match my skin tone. (Note to self: anything neon is probably a bad idea.😂)

I enjoy finding a good dress because it’s honestly such a useful hack: wear a dress – instantly give people the impression that you have put in some effort.

Another good thing is that athleisure is apparently destined to remain popular, so we can all look forward to comfort as well as style.

Both athleisure and yellow have made it on to our annual spring/summer trends report for a few years now.

if you want to see our most recent trend recommendations to go along with those, check out our most recent report!

Style Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 That Moms Can Actually Wear

4. Proper vitamin supply

eat right to feel right and look beautiful!

Spring is just the right time to change your diet and start eating healthy food again.

It will help you get ready for summer, and lighter food can help you counter that weariness that sometimes comes with the changing of the seasons.

If you’re feeling really tired, get some quality supplements that will replenish anything you might be lacking, and maybe try doing some light exercise in the mornings.

Maintaining your health should always come first.

5. Florals and trench coats

Florals are back in style! enjoy wearing any floral pattern this spring and summer!

Another comfy yet fashionable piece that you shouldn’t miss this season is trench coat. So grab a nice, wide belt to accompany it and head out for a relaxing spring stroll.

Designers have also lately become obsessed with head-to-toe floral outfits (shoes included). We all probably know that Devil Wears Prada quote: “Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

But it actually could be, combined with a lot of self-confidence. We all got sick of coldness, pale colors and monochrome combinations.

However, if you are not so sure about all floral outfit, combine this cheerful print with jeans, black or sand palette.

I always enjoyed fashion, and what I love even more is finding ways to make it work for me.

And that’s my general advice for anyone – modify fashion until it suits your needs and level of comfort, and remember to have fun with it.

 source : mom tips for styling a trench coat

source : mom tips for styling a trench coat

Tips for feeling and looking your best as a busy mom this spring and summer. I want to try to do all of these things this summer! @skincare @healthy #momlife #summer #spring

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