Looking for easy, chic trends for your spring and summer wardrobe? Check out this list of 20 simple and affordable ways you can include fun, current styles into your wardrobe. All mom friendly ideas! #fashion #momlife #summer #spring #outfitideas

Here on the Frump Fighters blog (written specifically for moms!), we make it our goal to help you wade through the fashion world and easily find the bright, exciting new things that can help you step up your wardrobe.

While we do try to focus on classic styles that can carry you through many years without looking dated, an easy way to avoid “frumpy” is by incorporating seasonal trends into your closet.

It helps freshen and update your look—eliminating the risk of “falling behind” or looking “dated.” Nobody wants that!

Warm weather is quickly on it’s way and with it another season full of new trends and styles we can explore together! 

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How can I be trendy this spring & summer without buying a whole new wardrobe? I love this blog which shows me the current trends and how easy it is to update a few pieces in my closet to fit the new season! #casual #spring #summer #capsule #momlife #fashion #clothes #trends #style

As you learn what’s “in style” your confidence while shopping and dressing will skyrocket.  

But figuring out what’s in style each season can be time consuming.

We’re here to make it easy for you to feel confident about what you wear, what you buy, and what you don’t buy.

So, ladies, here’s our Spring & Summer 2021 edition of “Fashion Trends That Are Mom Friendly.”

These current trends made the cut, and there are others that we chose NOT to include either because they were expensive or not conducive to mom life!

You can be confident that by adding a trend or two to your wardrobe, you will be able to easily create the perfect dressy spring outfits or the chic, casual summer outfits for moms!


Look For: Coral

Almost any shade of coral is out there, so even if it’s not your best color, you can probably find some type of clothing piece, shoe or accessory to brighten your wardrobe. If you’re hesitant to put a coral shirt or pair of pants on, grab a purse or statement necklace for a pop of color!

Coral is on Pantone’s 2021 spring & summer color trends list. If you want to see a full report, go check it out!

Look For: Earth Tones

All shades of khakis and tans are trending as a perfect spring and summer neutral. It’s always nice to see such a staple on trend!


Look For: Pastels

The epitome of spring, pastels are definitely popular right now. Baby blue, lavender, and blush are just a few you can find. Grabbing a top in one of these colors is an easy to way to freshen up your wardrobe!



Look For: Leopard

Some of you hate this print, some of you are head over heels. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to leopard!

This print is a little trickier to style in spring and summer, but you can bring it in to your outfits via:

  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Pajamas
  • Belts
  • Swimsuits
  • Tanks
  • And more!

Look For: Ditsy Florals

I don’t think floral has ever left our trends updates! It’s always back in one form or other. Right now we’re seeing a lot of small ditsy florals – in almost any type of piece! 


Look For: Tie Dye

Another 90’s comeback trend ?‍♀️

I’d love to know in the comments if you’re excited about this one or rolling your eyes!

Hey… it’s mom friendly because you can’t tell when your shirt gets stained AND it’s a fun craft with the kids! Just trying to be positive over here.


Look For: Leather

You may have noticed more and more of your friends wearing leather leggings, or maybe you have read our post on all the ways and outfits you can style them with, but even if you haven’t, we are here to confirm: Leather is definitely in style. 

There are so many ways to incorporate this look, you don’t have to worry you’ll look like an 80s rockstar (unless you want to of course?).


Look For: Stripes

This is one of my favorite patterns of all time! Easy to pattern mix, add a touch of interest without being overwhelming, and in basic colors they are a classic pattern you can use year after year.

On Trend Right now In: Specific Style Tops, Dresses & Pants

Look For: Athleisure

Whether you are sporty by nature or just love  comfort and ease, you will adore all the athleisure options you’ll see in stores right now. This trend was strong last year and continues in 2021!


Look For: Graphic Tees

Support your favorite cause, TV show or shout your #boymom or #bestwife status by getting a graphic tee. You can dress them up or down, pair with your favorite skinny jeans or even a skirt!

Graphic tees are such an easy way to infuse your basic capsule pieces with personality and style – there’s an option out there for everyone!


Look For: Natural Waist Definition

I’m so loving this trend for moms. Whether by ties, elastic, gathers or belts natural waist definition is in and flattering for everyone! 

For you pregnant mamas, take advantage of tying those sashes over your cute bumps to look extra on-trend this spring and summer!


Look For: Smocked

In my mind, smocked usually means stretchy and forgiving so I am all about this trend!?

So many great tops and dresses with smocked bodices or waist lines are out there this spring and summer, you should be able to easily find something that works for you and your wardrobe!


Look For: Wide Leg Pant Silhouettes

Let’s talk jeans & pants for a quick moment. While skinny is still the main and most popular pants style out there, we are definitely seeing SO MUCH MORE bootcut, flare, and wide leg silhouettes.

If you want to incorporate wider legs (such as linen pants) make sure that you are balancing it with a more fitted top or at least with a partial tuck.

Raw hems, distressing, high waists, and button-fronts are definitely jean characteristics that are still popular so you can invest in these trending details without worry!


Look For: Utility

It’s not like these have been out of style by any means, we’ve been seeing utility jackets and vests trending for years now. But one of the perks to a trend that sticks around is that it is worth investing in! 

Camp shirts are definitely a more “trendy” item in this category, great for layering and often found in great neutral colors. You will also find joggers, overalls, and more – something is bound to fit in most people’s wardrobes!

Look For: Overalls, Jumpsuits & Rompers

This style can be both mom-friendly and inconvenient at the same time.

It’s easy and comfy… WIN.

It’s not easy to use the restroom with… LOSE.

It can be nursing friendly though if you go with overalls or with a button-down style.

What are your thoughts on this trend?

Look For: T-Shirt & Casual Style Dresses

This laidback style is comfy and very casual. Knee-length & midi-length, short sleeve & sleeveless, there’s lots of fun options! 

Pair it with some cute sandals and maybe a pair of fun earrings to elevate it a bit! 

Look For: High-Waisted Bottoms

We’ve seen high-waisted bottoms for a few years now and they continue to be a strong trend. Paper bag style waists with their wide ties are popular in crops, shorts, and pant lengths. 

Look For: Prairie Style

So admittedly, this trend has had a lot of us scratching our heads and wondering “HUH?!”. But nevertheless, as your fashion-forward mom friends, we have to include this as a trending style, because… well… it IS. 

Think small florals, high necklines, collars, buttons, ruffles, etc. You get the idea. This one might be harder to incorporate into your current wardrobe, but if you want something different and fun, this could fit the bill! 

On Trend Right Now In: Shoes & Accessories

Look For: Jaw Clips, Scrunchies, Spiral Ties, Messy Bun Ball Caps, Wide Knotted Hair Bands, Barrette Clips

I’m covering hair accessory trends thoroughly because:

  1. It’s a super inexpensive way to look trendy
  2. It’s a very mom-friendly way to look trendy (hello messy buns and ponytails!)

I’m personally loving most of these trends, except I stick with the bow or scarf scrunchies because the regular scrunchies… too soon. I was a 90’s kid.

I’m all for the wrap style headbands too! Just use bobby pins at the base and teasing of your hair after the headband to help keep it from sliding back.

And let me give a shout out to spiral ties… they create a ponytail with “pop” because the hair rises up through the spirals. I love them!

If you want to dive into hair trends further we now have an entire post dedicated to easy hair trends for moms, including cuts, colors, hairstyles, and accessories!


Look For: Slip-On / Slide Sandals

Ease is the name of the game with this trend. There are many different styles to choose from, whether you like wide straps, skinny straps, sparkles, bows, just about whatever your heart desires!

One particular brand we are seeing a lot of is Birkenstocks. This is definitely a trendy look/brand and we have a dedicated post for how to look cute and trendy while wearing Birkenstocks!

A fun shoe is a great way to create casual summer outfits for moms that are simple, but chic!



Look For: White Sneakers

Like so many of these trends, a lot of them can go hand in hand. This kind of follows the athleisure trend in a way, but white sneakers can go with SO much more than a great pair of leggings. Crop pants, shorts, casual dresses and skirts, so many options! 

This is a great way to wear comfy, supportive shoes that are completely on trend! 


That rounds up our mom-friendly trend forecast for Spring and Summer 2021.

Like I mentioned before, take note of the ones you love and look for those details/styles when you’re shopping.

You can be confident that when you incorporate some of these looks into your spring/summer wardrobe, you will be looking relevant, stylish, and super cute!

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Here are more than 20 easy ways for you to update your classic capsule wardrobe. These spring and summer trends are mom-friendly and affordable - perfect for everyday life! Pick 1 or 5 of these 2021 trends to stay fashion forward! #spring #summer #outfits #fashion #capsule #wardrobe