Quick Hair Style for Moms (When You Don’t Have Time to Shower!) | The Loose Romantic Braid

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The Wet Hair Styles series has been very popular… next only to my stay-at-home-mom wardrobe plans! ? I think they are so helpful for us moms because while hair is such an important part of looking put together each day, time is limited with everything that goes on with kids in the morning. We need something that takes 5 minutes or less!

This tutorial is somewhat the opposite of a wet hairstyle. It’s for when you DON’T have time to shower and need a quick look that will disguise the matted mess. ?

It’s been a while since I released a new hair tutorial for moms– thank you all for your patience! This video was actually recorded several months ago and I just barely whipped it into an edited tutorial. But don’t worry, there are more tutorials coming down the pike in the next couple of months!

No-Shower Hair Style: The Romantic Loose Braid

Hair Length: Medium, Long

Time: 4 Minutes

What You’ll Need:


The key to getting beautiful volume with this hair style is letting the hairspray and dry shampoo accumulate in your hair over 1-3 days.

If you don’t have any product in your hair on the morning you’re trying it, you can go ahead and apply some to create that texture. (Link to my favorite dry shampoo under “What You’ll Need” above.)

If you usually shower at night, you can apply the hairspray before bed and just add the dry shampoo for more texture in the morning.

For homemade dry shampoo, I’ve used this powder recipe with items from my kitchen (for blondes, use straight-up corn starch + arrowroot powder). This DIY spray one looks promising too!

  1. Apply dry shampoo to the hair by your face as well as the roots of your scalp on the top half of your head. Use anywhere else that still looks greasy. If using a spray, allow to dry and then work it in with your fingers until it’s all absorbed.

  2. Starting about halfway up your hair, lift hair in portions and spray a light hairspray all over hair (not too much!). Allow to dry and then use your fingers or brush to comb out. (Be gentle so that you don’t break your hair!)

Your hair is now texturized and ready to create a “fat” braid.


  1. Grab top portion of hair, leaving bangs or other shorter hair out in the front. You can also pull it all back by wearing a headband as shown in the pictures where I’m wearing the blue tank.

  2. Start a french braid slightly off to the side opposite your hair part.

  3. Braid all the way down and secure with a clear hair elastic. You can also take a bit of hair to wrap around the elastic and tuck into the elastic on the back.

  4. Use curling or flat iron to add soft waves or curls to the front hair that you left out.

  5. Tug and pull on braid carefully to loosen and add volume.

  6. Secure with bobby pins and finish with hair spray all over braid.

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