30+ Simple & Easy Hairstyles for Moms Using Wet Hair (Step by Step Videos!)

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If you are on the hunt for quick and easy hairstyles that you can create with wet hair, look no further!

We have gathered more than 30 step-by-step videos of everyday hairstyles that will show you what to do with your wet hair, whether you are fresh out of the shower, pool or fresh from the beach (lucky you).

There are many times in your life when you might end up with wet hair and no time to dry, straighten or curl it before you need to be ready.

All of these hair tutorials we found will work for different hair types and lengths and all are simple and quick to style. AKA: perfect for your mom-life “quick, hurry!” routine.

Before we jump into the tutorials I’d like to tell you a little bit about caring for your wet hair. I promise it’s information worth knowing (and I’ll keep it brief)!

Follow these easy, step by step tutorials and transform your wet hair into a beautiful style perfect for school, work, or mom life. These hairstyles are quick and simple for anyone to do! #mom #hairstyle #tutorials #wethair #tips #ideas #easyhair

How to Care for your Wet Hair

Wet hair is much weaker than dry hair. I don’t want to bore you with the scientific details, so try to trust me on this one. (However, if knowing how the proteins in your hair work is a necessity for you, shoot me a comment below. ;))

It doesn’t take much to stretch, damage or break your hair when it’s full of water. Hair doesn’t just bounce back to its shape so whipping a brush through your wet hair is one very quick way to damage both the hair strand and it’s follicle.

So here’s a few things you can do to keep your hair healthy when it’s wet!

  1. Do not rough up your wet hair with a towel and then put it in a turban on top of your head! I’m preaching to the choir right now because I do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I shower. But no more! Not only am I roughing up the hair causing friction, but I am weakening my strands by stretching and twisting it on top. If you want to get your wet hair out of the way on your head immediately after a shower, use a small, soft microfiber towel. Regular bath towels are too large and too rough. Instead use your smaller microfiber towel to carefully squeeze downwards on your hair, as if you are patting it dry. Then you can carefully pile on top of your head and twist the towel (not the hair!) to keep it there.
  2. Use a leave in conditioner or detangler before brushing or combing. These products can give your hair some great vitamins and minerals, but also make it easier and safer to get it straightened out. A little goes a long way so don’t use too much and keep it towards the ends of your hair so you don’t weigh down the roots and cause any premature greasy-ness.
  3. Only use a wide tooth comb or a wet brush to brush your wet hair! Even better, just use your fingers! Starting at the tips of your hair and working up to the root so that any tangles are gently worked out instead of ripped from top to bottom.
  4. If you have the time let your hair air dry at least 30% of the way before styling. This doesn’t always work, but if you can leave your hair down and do all your other post-shower dressing and makeup first that will help!

Taking steps to keep your hair healthy when it’s wet means that it will look even better as it dries!

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Videos & Step-by-Step Tutorials for Wet Hair

Our first 6 tutorials are from our very own Corina! Be sure to click through to the blog post for written directions and notes!

Wet Hair Style: Headband Messy Bun

Written Directions: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-headband-messy-bun


Wet Hair Style: Wrap Around Braided Bun

Written Directions: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-wrap-around-braided-bun


Wet Hair Style: Simple French Twist

Written Directions: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-french-twist


Wet Hair Style: Side Dutch Braid

Written Directions: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-side-dutch-braid


Wet Hair Style: The Tentative Topsy

Written Directions: https://nowthaticando.com/home/easy-mom-hair-the-tentative-topsy


Wet Hair Style: Twist & Tuck

Written Directions: https://nowthaticando.com/home/wet-hair-style-the-twist-and-tuck


Wet Hair Style: 4 Buns

Blog: https://www.hairromance.com/


Wet Hair Style: Double Dutch Braid

Blog: https://www.hairromance.com/


Wet Hair Style: Easy Beach Bun Twist

Blog: https://www.hairromance.com/


Wet Hair Style: Twisted Side Braid

Blog: https://www.aboutsomethingpretty.com/



Wet Hair Styles: Boxer Girl Braids, Pull-Back Bun, Braided Side Bun, Fairytale Braids, Cinnabuns, The Crunch

Blog: jaaackjack.blogspot.com/Time Stamps:

  • Boxer Girl Braids: 0:40
  • Pull-Back Bun: 1:51
  • Braided Side Bun: 2:29
  • Fairytale Braids: 3:24
  • Cinnabuns: 4:42
  • The Crunch: 5:43

Wet Hair Styles: Twisted bun, Elsa twist, top knot, Braided Bun

Time Stamps:

  • Twisted Bun: 0:20
  • Elsa Twist: 1:51
  • Top Knot: 4:01
  • Braided Bun: 5:57

Wet Hair Styles: Figure 8 Bun, Faux Fishtail Bubble, The French Knots

Blog: https://www.kayleymelissa.com/Time Stamps:

  • Figure 8 Bun: 1:15
  • Faux Fishtail Bubble: 2:21
  • The French Knots: 3:52

Wet Hair Styles: Braided Knots, Braided bun, Mini Twists, Triple Braided Bun, Braided Top Knot

Blog: https://www.kayleymelissa.com/Time Stamps:

  • Braided Knots: 1:31
  • Braided Bun: 2:27
  • Mini Twists: 3:18
  • Triple Braided Bun: 4:10
  • Braided Top Knot: 6:05

Wet Hair Style: Double Braided Updo

Blog: https://www.kayleymelissa.com/



Wet Hair Style: Crown Braid

Blog: https://www.kayleymelissa.com/


Wet Hair Styles: Milkmade braid, Twisted Updo, Dutch Braid Updo

Time Stamps:

  • Milkmaid Braid: 0:45
  • Twisted Updo: 1:36
  • Dutch Braid Updo: 2:31

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And there you have it! Tons of inspiration for hairstyles using your wet and damp hair! Did you have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

If you want to delve into even more hair inspiration we now have an entire post dedicated to easy hair trends for moms, including cuts, colors, hairstyles, and accessories!

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If you need a quick & easy hairstyle for wet hair look no further! Here are 30+ tutorials anyone can accomplish in a matter of minutes. With step-by-step instructions and videos you can style your freshly showered hair in no time. #hairstyles #wethair #easyhair #tips #tutorials