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    Today we are welcoming Dayna to the blog to share some helpful jewelry suggestions with us!

    I often buy on a whim when it comes to small jewelry pieces. Kohls’ clearance rack is my downfall and while I sometimes find things I will wear over and over again, many times I come home with a piece I wear once after I find it doesn’t match enough of what I wear or isn’t my style.

    Dayna is here to tell us about her top 5 favorite jewelry pieces. They can be a staple for anybody, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work in an office, or watch your grandkids in your spare time!

    Nothing here is over-the-top for you who love simplicity and yet you can turn these into statement pieces easily, depending on your style!

    All of these will adapt to any wardrobe style or function, from your son’s soccer game to your husband’s work party.

    Jewelry staples can help you take your clothing pieces and turn them into OUTFITS!

    Classic and timeless is the name of the game!

    Take it away, Dayna!

    Dayna Martinez is a Puerto Rican (living in Boston) mom of 2 boys, ages 3 years old and 7 months. She and her husband just celebrated 6 years of marriage this past March. Dayna is also a full time engineering professor at a university in Boston and runs a small business from home selling affordable, fun, and trendy jewlery and helping other ladies feel beautiful by accessorizing. You can find her VIP group in Facebook (www.facebook.com/groups/sparklesandmoreVIP). 

    Essentials for Every Mom’s Jewelry Box

    Accessorizing can make or break an outfit and with so many jewelry options and trends out there is easy to spend a lot of money in pieces that in the end you just never get to wear. But there are some pieces that are timeless and remain in style forever.

    Here is a list of pieces that, in my opinion, every woman should have in their jewelry box.

    1.       Cocktail ring

    Cocktail rings are a great way to add some color and volume to any outfit. They don’t have to be exaggeratedly big or sparkly, the key is to select a ring that stands out because of its color, shape, or size. So, when choosing a cocktail ring, just have fun with it and use it as an opportunity to show your creative side.


      Ring shown: Paparazzi - Pearl Princess in Blue

    Ring shown: Paparazzi – Pearl Princess in Blue


    2.       Short necklace with pendant

    A short necklace with a pendant is a great addition to your jewelry collection that you could use every day. Choose silver or gold so that you can use it with both solid colors or prints.

    Make it special by choosing a pendant that describes your personality or holds a special meaning to your life. Some people choose their initial or the initial of a special loved one like their child or spouse.

    Other ideas include choosing something that describes your faith or an engraved quote that is special to you.


      Necklace shown: Paparazzi - Pleasantly Primrose in Silver

    Necklace shown: Paparazzi – Pleasantly Primrose in Silver


    3.       Stud earrings

    Sometimes less is more and a pair of stud earrings never go out of style. You could wear them to work and look very professional, but you could also wear them for a fabulous night out with the girls or a date night.

    This is the most versatile pair of earrings you can own.


      Earrings shown: Paparazzi - Just in Timeless in Gold

    Earrings shown: Paparazzi – Just in Timeless in Gold


    4.       Cuff bracelet

    A cuff bracelet is another piece that never goes out of style. Wearing a cuff bracelet can elevate a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt but it can also compliment a more glamorous look.

    These are perfect to complete an outfit that doesn’t require (or doesn’t need!) a necklace. You can also stack them with bangles if you are feeling bold.

    There are many different styles and colors, so have fun choosing a cuff bracelet that works for you.


      Bracelet shown: Paparazzi – Fashion Scene in Rose Gold

    Bracelet shown: Paparazzi – Fashion Scene in Rose Gold


    5.       Long necklace

    A long necklace is another versatile piece you can use for many different occasions. You could wear the same long necklace to work or to a party, with a v neck shirt or a turtleneck, with jeans or a dress. You could wrap your long necklace around a few times and make it look completely different, or even layer it with other necklaces.

    The possibilities are endless which makes it a great piece to have in your jewelry collection.


      Necklace shown: Paparazzi – Stylishly Steampunk in Gold

    Necklace shown: Paparazzi – Stylishly Steampunk in Gold


    Additional Jewelry Staples

    This isn’t by any means the only 5 pieces I have in my jewelry box, but it’s the 5 pieces I tend to use the most.

    If I were to make this a list of the 10 pieces of jewelry every woman should have in her jewelry box, I would add the following:

    6.       Statement necklace

    7.       Long earrings

    8.       Hoop earrings

    9.       Pearls

    10.     Watch

    I hope this is helpful when trying to choose what jewelry pieces to get or which to keep if you are using a capsule wardrobe and trying to minimize.

    Jewelry is fun! Use it to compliment your outfits but also as an opportunity to show your style and personality.

    Can you believe all the jewelry pieces shown here are only $5? If you are interested in learning more, please go to www.paparazziaccessories.com/78906.

    A huge thank you to Dayna for sharing her wisdom with us! It’s a treat to hear from other mamas who are also passionate about fighting the frump.

    We love our accessories and also save our ideas and tips for you on our Pinterest boards! If you need a little more inspiration, come pin with us!


    Are you a minimalistic or statement girl when it comes to jewelry? Let us know your favorite can’t-live-without-pieces below!

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