How to Dress for Your Postpartum Body (Minimizing the Tummy Pooch)

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Today we’re hosting Kayla who is going to share some awesome suggestions with us on how to dress our postpartum bodies!

This is, by far, one of the most popular topics discussed on our Frump Fighters group. It is so relevant to our mom life! How do you dress that post baby bulge? What do you wear to help minimize the lumps and bumps that weren’t there before? Whether you are a new mom or a veteran mom, the “Fourth Trimester” can be an awkward time full of changes that are hard to keep up with.

Please welcome Kayla as she sheds some light, encouragement, and postpartum fashion ideas on this post-baby period of life we find our bodies in!

Kayla Nelson is a work-at-home, homeschooling mama of 4 boys; she and her husband will be celebrating 9 years this coming September. Kayla works at home as a print and branding designer, specializing in working with small, solopreneur businesses. She is actively involved in the high school youth group, and participates on the women’s ministry team at their church. She has a passion to see moms walking in fellowship, truth, and freedom. You can visit Kayla on her Instagram @athomemom_style. She blogs at http://www.accidentalnomadlife.com/.

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What to Wear Postpartum to Minimize the Tummy Bulge

So you’ve recently had a baby! Yay! Congratulations, sweet mama! Every new life is one to celebrate, even if it was a life that lasted only a blink – regardless of where you’re at on your postpartum journey, dressing a newly vacated belly is always tough.

After my second baby was born, I struggled so much trying to cover up my postpartum tummy bulge. This blog post really encouraged me to love my body and gave me tips on what to wear to feel more confident about myself. From a fellow mama of 4 kids, I appreciated her humor and wisdom on dressing for the fourth trimester! #tips #fashion #mom #ideas #style #tricks #momlife #outfits #easy #clothes #shopping #postpartum 11

After having my fourth baby, the social anxiety that I had gripped me so tightly because all I could imagine were the words people were saying under their breath about me: “look how big she still is,” “she still looks pregnant – did she even HAVE her baby,” “wow, she gained a lot of weight…” And so on.


The thoughts that danced around in my head about what people were thinking were so strong that the first Sunday after he was born, we were getting ready for church (I believe it was 3 days after leaving the hospital) and on our way there, the social anxiety flared up and I could feel the burning, embarrassed tears threatening to undo the simple eye-liner and mascara that I had done that morning.

We pulled into the parking lot of church and I blurted out to my husband, “I can’t! I can’t do it! Can we please go home?!”

So we did.

Postpartum is Beautiful

The story may be familiar to you in that you have experienced something similar, or maybe not. I hope you haven’t. What I have learned in the year since then, is that it doesn’t matter.

You might have belly bulge, you might not. Each body is different, but one thing is the same, we are all changed on the other side of pregnancy – body or not.

The first thing that I want to share with you is that your belly bulge doesn’t matter. And you need to accept that. Our culture puts a lot on how we look, and perfection, but in reality, there is no perfect body. If you need help releasing those thoughts and ideas, take Corina’s free course – that’s what I did, and what helped to set me free of the lies that I was believing and that were keeping me stuck.

4 Postpartum-Friendly Clothing Pieces

So, because it’s tough to have belly bulge, because we are women, and because you came here for some postpartum fashion ideas, I will get on to that!

Just so you know my belly-resume here, I’ve had 4 babies, kept my weight-gain marginal during pregnancy, but tend to balloon with the “I’m nursing, give me all the snacks and sugar” munchies. I’m at 190 pounds, and my measurements are all about the same (meaning I’m kind of a square. HA!) so the belly-bulge hiding has become a specialty.

1. High Waists

First thing’s first, HIGH WAISTS. Can I get an amen from all the mamas for high-waisted pants coming back in?! It took me about a year to jump on the trend, I just really didn’t believe that a high waisted pant could help. To be perfectly honest, I have felt my body come back to life when I wear a pair of well-fitting, high-waisted pants. It triggers my muscles to engage, it helps me to hold myself in when I would normally (unthinkingly) just blob the belly out front. It also smooths out funny rolls and pooches. Basically, a MUST HAVE for postpartum fashion.

2. Flowy Shirts

Second thing, flowy shirts. This one can either help you or hurt you – you need to have the right mind-set for it. Flowy shirts are in right now, which is such a blessing. They are easy to nurse in, and easily hide unwanted left-overs. The key to wearing one correctly though is finding one that is made to fit your body well. For me personally, the “oversized” shirts don’t work. They make me look oversized, instead of being oversized-cute on me. I prefer a baby-doll type top, a flowy button-up (also ideal for nursing), or a shirt that is made to not fit snugly.


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3. Shapewear

A third option is to utilize shape-wear. I laughed once after I had my second boy, I was at a Hearts At Home Conference here in Minnesota. The comedian was making a joke about wearing shapewear “when you get old and everything sags and these young moms just don’t understand…” As I was sitting with sweat dripping down my back because of how warm the shape-wear I had on was making me! It’s not just for sagging women anymore. In fact, I keep seeing an ad for it on Instagram with (I can only imagine to be) some young moms, and other women mid to late twenties.

Get the right kind, get one that fits you well, get one that will be functional for you. There are all kinds and types. The pros to shapewear are similar to high-waisted pants: they can engage your core, they can smooth out wrinkles 😉 and one other thing they can do is act like a tucked-in shirt so you don’t show much skin if you are nursing, or your shirt comes up.

4. Dresses

A final idea for you is dresses. On the end of my 4th pregnancy I found they were the only thing to keep me from losing my mind during the June heat. They also are amazing postpartum. If you are nursing, either find a button-up dress, one that is easily pulled down, or one with a wrap effect. Just keep in mind the flowy-ness, the fit, and get one that fits your body well. Fit is a huge factor in looking your best.

If you want to see a full list (including direct links!) to some of our favorite postpartum clothes look no further than one of our other posts —> The Best Postpartum Clothes on Amazon!​

Love Your Postpartum Body

And the last thing that I’m going to leave you with is this thought: It’s ok to not look perfect. What’s not ok is to keep dismissing the fact that God created your body and He loves it as it is. You are accepted as you are regardless of what our culture says.

Don’t put undue pressure on yourself to look perfect. Take care of yourself, of your baby, and your family, and be confident that you are loved, you look amazing, and you can ROCK that pair of mom jeans that you love so much!!!

Are you a new mom or veteran mom fighting the postpartum frump? Tell us in the comments if these postpartum fashion ideas & tips helped you!

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After my second baby was born, I struggled so much trying to cover up my postpartum tummy bulge. This blog post really encouraged me to love my body and gave me tips on what to wear to feel more confident about myself. From a fellow mama of 4 kids, I appreciated her humor and wisdom on dressing for the fourth trimester! #tips #fashion #mom #ideas #style #tricks #momlife #outfits #easy #clothes #shopping #postpartum 11