Amazon Prime Day: How To Benefit from Savings on Women’s Fashion

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You know that we love Amazon.com here at Frump Fighters. Low prices and free, easy returns makes it a wonderful way to find the clothes you need without finding babysitting for the kids or hearing them moan in pain every five minutes as you frantically browse the clearance racks at Target.

EASE and SAVINGS are the name of the game with Amazon.com… especially since they launched Prime Wardrobe which allows you to try up to eight items on at a time for FREE before charging your credit card!

Now, you may have heard that today is Amazon’s “Prime Day” in which they offer deals as good as Black Friday, but in July instead of November!

Are Prime Day Clothing Deals Really Worth It?

Because sales on Amazon items are rare, I’d say most deals are worth it IF you actually needed the item.

I recommend consulting your shopping list before browsing deals. That way you only spend on a “deal” if it’s actually something you need.

Want to know what your wardrobe might be missing? Download our free mom wardrobe plan.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Prime Deals for women’s clothing and shoes that us moms would find useful and have created a list for you on Amazon.

Please note, some of the deals don’t start until later. So if after you select a type and size there is no blue “Prime Deal” button, try again in a few hours.

Steps to Get the Most out of Prime Day

To get the most out of Prime Day (and avoid wasting time and money!) here is what I recommend:

  • If you aren’t already a prime member, give it a try for 30 days for free
  • Download the Amazon app to browse deals and tap “watch deal” on items that you want to buy when they go live.
  • Get a free $5 coupon to use toward any Amazon purchase by installing the Amazon Assistant plugin on your computer’s browser using this link (the promo does not appear to be available anymore, but the Amazon assistant plugin is still very useful!)
  • Check out the Prime Day deals I’ve saved that would apply to the Full Year Wardrobe plan

NOTE: Many people are experiencing trouble navigating Amazon right now… lots of error pages. This is probably due to how Amazon is currently slammed with traffic! Try hitting the “back” button and reattempting the link (works for me after a few tries) or just wait a little while. Some are finding more success on the desktop browser than on the app.

  • If you found a Prime deal but are wondering whether it’s really a good deal, use the Honey plugin to check the history of prices for that item. I’ve LOVED this handy price-checking tool!

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know in the comments if you snag a great deal!

Also, be sure to check out the sneak peek to the next Full Year Wardrobe update coming in a couple of weeks! 

Favorite Prime Day Deals

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