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If the question “How can I be fashionable in winter?” has ever crossed your mind you have come to the perfect place for winter fashion inspiration!

Dressing for cold weather can be tricky. You need to be truly warm, but not look like you just stepped off the plane from Antarctica. No woolly mammoth styles, if you please. Cute and casual winter outfits is the goal!

In Corina’s recent post, she covered all the details on how to layer properly as well as some of her favorite winter outfit ideas.

We’re expanding that even more today by bringing to you some chic & casual cold weather outfits from other fashion bloggers and moms!

Winter styles look different depending on the climate in which you live, but we have brought you a variety of outfit ideas from fashion experts we love!

These ideas encompass everything from casual at-home winter outfits to extra-warm winter outfits for going out and about.

My go-to casual outfit usually starts off with a base layer of basics. I love a great fitting pair of jeans, classic sweater, and a pair of comfortable low heeled (or flat) boots/booties. From there, I add a trendy jacket and a fun accessory. I try to only add 1-2 trendy pieces to any outfit to keep my look simple, but fun.

Bio: Deanndra Nunnery, www.deanndranunnery.comI am a mom of 2 boys who enjoys fashion and beauty. My blogs motto is “every mom deserves to feel pretty” and I love sharing tips and tricks to help other moms embody that.

Outfit #3: Skinny Jeans + Striped Long Sleeve Tee + Color Vest + Booties+ Plaid Scarf + Statement Earrings

Jessica Salisbury, https://www.wearitforless.com

I’m a busy mom of two kids, so my everyday outfit is a t-shirt and jeans. When I’m heading out the door, I add a vest, scarf, and fun earrings to dress up my outfit a little bit. It’s super easy and it changes my outfit with just a minimal amount of effort!

Bio: Jessica Salisbury, https://www.wearitforless.comI am Jessica from Wear It For Less – a deals blog and outfit sharer. 🙂

Outfit #4: Mid-Rise Ankle Jean + Crew Neck Sweater + Tassel Necklace + Color or Neutral Flats
Valerie Petersen, www.the-style-files.com

Post baby #2 almost 7 months ago, I’ve been doing a bit of a closet refresh, really focusing on my personal style and keeping only select items that fit well, are in the colors I wear most, and work for my lifestyle. I love the idea of a more minimal wardrobe full of things you love – and less money spent on clothing too.

I opted to keep it simple and minimal, with my crew neck sweater in one of my go-to neutral colors, paired with stretch mid rise ankle denim. Then to finish off the outfit, I added a long tassel necklace and a coordinating shoe that pulls color from the necklace– something you’ll see in a lot of my outfits. It’s something that works for me and has become part of my “uniform.” This outfit really sums up my style- comfortable, simple and classic AKA my jam!

Bio: Valerie Petersen, www.the-style-files.comThe Style Files blog by Valerie: full-time mama and wife, part-time corporate gal. Based in the Chicago burbs. Loves coffee, running, barre class and chocolate. Aspiring minimalist. I’m in the midst of finding my style– from fashion to healthy living to motherhood and beyond!

Outfit #5: Jeans/Leggings + Tunic + Boyfriend Cardigan + Blanket Scarf + Riding Boots

Erin, lovepeacebeauty.com

My go-to casual mom outfit is all about comfort with a touch of style. I reach for classic pieces that mix and match with ease. I pulled together two winter outfits using the same basic pieces from my wardrobe. For the first look, I wore jeans, a tunic top, a cardigan, my favorite boots, then added a pop of color with a scarf. I easily switched up the outfit by wearing my favorite leggings, the same tunic, the same cardigan, boots, and accessorized with a scarf. Both looks are simple and comfy yet put together…a win-win!

Bio: Erin, lovepeacebeauty.comErin is a mother of two boys and the content creator at Love Peace Beauty. Love Peace Beauty is a modern mom’s guide to motherhood with topics ranging from parenting, early education, to family recipes

Outfit #6: Sweatshirt + Skinny Jeans + Jacket + Fur Lined Boots + Plush Scarf

Jamie, www.mommyinflats.com

Winter fashion is all about layers. Start with simple basics and add more to keep warm. Some may be able to get away with a light jacket, while those in colder climates may shiver in warm down, scarves, and fur boots.

Concentrate on neutral, high quality outerwear that you will enjoy wearing year after year. Thick denim and solid sweaters are wardrobe staples as well.

Here I chose my favorite colors (grey and black) and added punches of color with blush and warm beige. The most important aspect of fashion (no matter the season) is comfort and wearability so always shop with those two things in mind.

Bio: Jamie, www.mommyinflats.com – I’m Jamie, the youngest of five, mother to four, and wife to one (although some aspects of the idea of a sister wife are appealing…I wonder if they do laundry?). I can be found, running around my house after a crazy four year old, snuggling a sleepy toddler, or feeding two (always) hungry growing girls. In the midst of all that, I have developed a new love for simplicity: whether it comes to decorating the house or dressing myself and the kids. I used to love lots of loud hues but now, I make do with a pop of color and just hope no one wipes their nose on my shirt.

Outfit #7: Long Sleeve Striped Tee + Skinny Jeans + Slip-On Shoes

Sarah, www.foxysdomesticside.com

I’m all about comfort and putting together a quick and easy casual outfit that makes it look like I put in a lot of time and effort, when in reality it took 3 seconds. Living in Southern California makes my winter go to outfit a little different than others around the world.

My favorite go to casual outfit right now is a simple light weight sweater and my favorite pair of jeans with comfortable shoes. I switch out the accessories depending on the weather. Raining calls for riding boots and a jacket and sunshine calls for some sort of casual slip on shoe. Then I’ll add some fun earrings or a simple long necklace depending on my mood. Easy formula to make it look like you’re the mom who has it all put together! Bio: Sarah, www.foxysdomesticside.com – Sarah is an engineer trying to discover her domestic side. On her blog you’ll find all things fashion, make up, DIY’s, and cooking.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Corina’s post on how to layer in the winter be sure to go check it out! She has even more chic winter outfits that you can draw inspiration from!

How To Dress Warm & Cute In Winter (Essentials List, Layering Tips, & Outfit Ideas)

Were you drawn to any of these no-fuss winter outfit ideas?

We are so grateful to all of these awesome fashionable mamas for sharing their cold weather tips and tricks with us and hope you found it helpful too!

Jump on down to the comments below and let us know which outfit formula you are going to try first!