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When you need to shop for postpartum clothes, ease is the name of the game. To help you with that, we are bringing you a concise list of the best postpartum clothes on Amazon! 

Dressing postpartum can be a challenge, both in the physical sense (what fits and what do I wear?!) and also the mental. Save on Pinterest to Keep Handy!

You just birthed your beautiful baby, but are probably feeling less than beautiful with sleepless nights and constant feedings and we haven’t even got to the part about your body working on its own healing! Create a simple and easy postpartum wardrobe using these suggestions from a seasoned mom of 4. Everything can be found a click away on Amazon and will cover everything from bras and shapewear to nursing-friendly sweatshirts and dresses. #momstyle #postpartum #clothes #style #shopping #deals

Even months later if your body isn’t where you want it to be, it can be hard to get dressed and feel confident and beautiful. Which are feelings you deserve to have! 

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We do our best to include items with good reviews and free returns, but please make sure you check both of those things before you order! 

Postpartum Undergarments

Nursing Bras

We are listing our top picks and favorite nursing bras right here, but we also have a whole post about this, including how to choose your nursing bra size!

The Best Nursing Bras & Gear for Breastfeeding Moms


Cake Nursing Bras

Corina recommends these Cake brand nursing bras!


Sleeping Bras & Bralettes

Comfortable, no wire, easy access – you can’t get more convenient than that!


Nursing Camis

Nursing camis are my go-to while still in the hospital or birthing center with my new baby. They are even more comfy than a nursing bra and the best first layer for any outfit!


Postpartum Shapewear 

Note from Corina: I’ve always had severe diastasis (belly muscle separation) as a result of my pregnancies and that results in a belly pooch that makes me look pregnant months after delivery. ​This following blog posts explains diastasis and tells you about my favorite belly binder!
How to Hide A Postpartum Belly: The Best Shapewear for the Tummy Pooch

Otherwise, if you are looking for some more basic shapewear to help you feel more confident postpartum, below are some really good options.


Postpartum & Nursing-Friendly Pajamas & Loungewear


They are quite a few nursing friendly options for pajamas!

Button-up style (long sleeve + pants or short sleeve + shorts), nightgowns with buttons or nightgowns with a crossover.

Pick whatever you think looks most comfy! 



Postpartum Lounge Pants

The perk to a good pair of lounge pants is that you can likely wear them all pregnancy long and in postpartum as well! 

I got myself a good pair of black joggers to wear postpartum after my third baby and they ended up being one of my favorite loungewear pieces! 




Robes are a MUST for postpartum.

They are wonderful to have in the hospital or birthing center once your baby has arrived and they are also great as an easy coverup at home!


Nursing-Friendly Sweatshirts & Hoodies

If you are having a fall or winter baby you will LOVE having a nursing friendly sweatshirt. 

Here in the PNW a good hoodie is a must! 

Thankfully there are so many cute nursing hoodies out there these days and you can often find many styles. 

Solids, prints, half zip, lift up, zippered sides, etc. So many options!



The Best Postpartum Clothes on Amazon

Tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters — this list contains the best postpartum clothes on Amazon that fit the following two criteria: nursing-friendly AND forgiving on your new body shape! 

Never forget, your body just grew and birthed and baby and it is AWESOME. No matter how frustrating it can be.

Postpartum & Nursing Tops

Nursing Tanks & Tees

Get some basic tanks and/or tees in solids or basic stripes (white with black or navy). These will go with everything from lounge pants to jeans to skirts and are easy to dress up with some accessories.


Loose Button-Downs

The two waffle knit tees from IWOLLENCE below are two of Corina’s favorite tops! They work for regular wear, maternity, nursing and are very forgiving!



Long Loose Style Tunics

Loose tunic tops are great for hiding engorgement and tummy pooch and covering bum when wearing leggings. And you know you’ll want to be wearing leggings often!😉



Postpartum Bottoms

Postpartum Leggings

The epitome of comfort, get yourself some good leggings in a solid neutral color. Compression styles will help with the tummy pooch.



A step up from leggings, but with a little more structure, grab some jeans with a stretchy waistband. They are infinitely more forgiving and will help you feel put together and “normal”.


Stretchy Skirts

If you have a spring or summer baby, you’ll especially love a comfy skirt that will help you stay cool. Pair one of these with a basic tee or tank and you can dress them up or down! 


Maternity Jeans and Shorts

Do NOT be afraid to wear your maternity jeans and/or shorts after your baby is born. They will give you the elasticity you need immediately postpartum and you won’t feel like you can only wear sweatpants.
Remember that beautiful baby your body just birthed. Give yourself some grace, mama! 


Forgiving Completer Pieces for Postpartum


Another great choice for spring and summer, a kimono can be easily paired with even just a basic tee or tank and it shows a fresh, feminine look. 


Relaxed Cardigans

Thankfully, you don’t have to buy specific cardigans for nursing or postpartum, but if you are wanting to get a new one look for a loose, relaxed style cardigan so it’s extra forgiving. If you get one that is longer, you can also easily pair it with leggings! 



Nope, not for rain, for style! A knit poncho or wrap can be a very chic completer piece to add to your fall or winter wardrobe. Some of them are all one piece, some button or fasten at one shoulder. 


Nursing Friendly Dresses

I love the variety of dresses that are made nursing friendly these days. There’s been a big improvement on this in the last 5 or so years! 


A Few Brands Corina Recommends for the Best Postpartum Clothes

LaClef/Hello Miz Brand

Hello Miz La Clef affordable clothing brand for pregnancy maternity and nursing postpartum

Bearsland Brand

Bearsland affordable clothing brand for pregnancy maternity and nursing postpartum

Smallshow Brand

Smallshow affordable clothing brand for pregnancy maternity and nursing postpartum

So how’s that for a complete list of the best postpartum clothes on Amazon? Did we cover all the categories you might be looking for? 

Have you ever had a specific clothing piece that made you feel more confident postpartum? Please tell us in the comments!

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If you are looking for any type of clothing that works for postpartum look no farther than this list. It covers everything from postpartum bras and shapewear to sweatshirts and dresses. #postpartum #momstyle #fashion #newbaby #clothes