Save money and feel great in these affordable but stylish nursing clothes for breastfeeding!

Don't buy expensive nursing clothes when these every day pieces will get you both style and comfort while making it easy to breastfeed your newborn around the clock. Check out the list of clothing pieces new moms should check off their list and 5 cute outfits to put them together!



If you recently had a baby, CONGRATULATIONS! You are probably experiencing a huge range of emotions, from euphoria (I DID IT!) to utter exhaustion (these little ones are time-consuming!)

I know the early weeks with a newborn can be a blur of sleep-deprivation, spit-up, and adjustment. During my recent postpartum recovery I focused on rest and just enjoying the new little one God had given us.

It was also a blessing to have some go-to pieces of nursing clothes for breastfeeding that were comfortable

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on specially-made nursing clothes, check out this list of “ordinary” pieces that are on-trend, comfortable AND nursing-friendly! I keep using pieces like these months after baby arrived because the nursing continues!

I also provide 5 cute outfit ideas to put those pieces into use and link to very affordable Amazon options.