Spring & Summer Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: The Essentials for Stay-at-Home Moms

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Use this free downloadable spring capsule wardrobe checklist by applying the list to your own closet. It's the perfect blend of classic and trendy pieces for moms!

Let’s make this spring and summer our most stylish, un-frumpy seasons yet!

As with all our wardrobe plans, we’ve spent many hours crafting just the right pieces for moms who stay home but don’t want to give in to the frump.

The result is a capsule with a balance of classic pieces/capsule wardrobe basics blended with on-trend pieces to create a wardrobe you can wear every day with confidence.

No more standing at your closet trying to keep your eyes open long enough to put a matching outfit together. With this wardrobe plan, you’ll be able to pick pieces in your sleep and still look amazing! 🙂



Details about this capsule

  • Color Palette. Based on popular demand, this spring summer capsule wardrobe is using the following colors: rose/mint/mustard (as accent colors) and navy/gray/white (as neutral colors). However, the plan can be implemented in any cohesive color scheme. For example if you love coral, you could do a coral/aqua palette with charcoal/gray as neutrals.

  • Every-day pieces with potential. The pieces in this capsule were chosen with “double-duty” in mind. I want you to be able to find many of the pieces already in your existing wardrobe. And I wanted pieces that could be easily dressed up or down for any occasion in your life (because even moms need to get extra dressed up sometimes!)

  • Trendy but not too trendy. I put together classics and some on-trend pieces in such a way that you can feel confident in your daily mom outfits. You’ll look on-point without drawing too much fashion attention.

  • A capsule that breaks the rules. As I’ve mentioned in my previous capsules, my capsule plans don’t require that you pare down your wardrobe to just these pieces. While I encourage you to refine your existing wardrobe down to the best pieces, you should keep your larger wardrobe in tact. This capsule will simply be a subdivision of your larger wardrobe that makes it easy to mix and re-mix outfits. And hey, if you ever get bored of the 41 pieces in this plan, you will always have that larger wardrobe from which to add some variation. I tell ya, it’s the best of two systems.

And now! Onto this beautiful mom capsule!!


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6 Free Outfit Ideas

This wardrobe plan doesn’t just come with a checklist of pieces or a list of what to buy. 

We are also including 6 unique outfit ideas for spring & summer!

The first 4 outfit ideas are casual – each one using different bottoms, tops, shoes, and completer pieces. Hopefully this will jump start your creative juices! 

The other 2 outfit ideas are dressy. Dinner out with friends, date night with your spouse, church, baby shower, etc. The options are endless!

A Shopping Checklist of the Pieces

This is the favorite page in the entire printable PDF for our spring & summer capsule wardrobe. The checklist! 

This page lists each piece in the capsule with a checkbox next to it so you can mark which pieces you have! 

Shop your closet first to mark those pieces off, and then you’ll have a ready-for-you shopping list to look for the other pieces! 

We have even added an asterisk to the pieces we consider essentials. Focus on those pieces first – they mix and match the best! 

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