7 Easiest Summer Outfits for Moms (+ accompanying hair styles)

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Moms!!! It’s the first day of summer!!! You can’t help but be happy on this day. It promises future memories in the making–days of sunshine, flip-flops, shorts, vacation days and warm breezes.

In my particular neck of the woods (Pacific Northwest) we also look forward to ocean-side picnics and berry picking. We are grow the highest volume of raspberries in the entire United States! 

Here’s a throwback to last summer when our family went blueberry picking. It was a steamy day with sweet new memories. (Can you see the blue stain on my teeth?)

Whatever your summer holds, I want to inspire you with some easy and cute mom outfits for the warm weather! Yesterday with my toddler watching from his playpen (and often giggling at my expressions) I snapped 7 of my go-to outfits this summer. You’ll be seeing them show up a lot on my Instagram feed (#mymatcapsule).

These are meant to adapt to what you have in your own closet, simply by following the basic pattern (shorts + tee, capri + vest, etc.). If your stock of summer clothes needs a boost, hopefully these outfits will give you some ideas for what to look for!

All of the pieces I’m wearing are from my maternity capsule wardrobe, so they are all very intermixable–something you should look for in any clothing you buy! You can see full details (plus a free printable to create your own capsule) here!

#1  Colorful Shorts + Graphic Tee or White Tee + Denim Jacket

Hair: Ponytail

#2  T-shirt Dress

Hair: Messy Bun

This Old Navy T-shirt dress isn’t maternity! If you’re pregnant, simply buy a size up and it will work through all three trimesters!

#3  Maxi Skirt + Tee + Statement Necklace

Hair: Side Fish Tail Braid

#4  White Shorts + Striped tee + Accent colored shoes

Hair: Half-Up Dutch Braid

(see the back of hair here)

#5  Knee-length skirt + Tee or Tank

Hair: Beach Waves

(Leave hair braided over-night and spray with sea salt spray or hair spray in the morning)

#6 Cuffed Jeans + Colorful Tee + Vest 

Hair: Ponytail (repeat)

#7  Leggings + Tunic top

Hair: Side Ponytail

(For extra volume use previously braided hair + hairspray. Allow spray to dry, then style.)

Shop These Re-mixable Summer Pieces

I curated similar pieces that are available for affordable prices. Nothing over $50, most under $25.




Did any of these outfit patterns inspire you? Have something in your own closet that’ll work? Share with us in the comments below!