How to Not Look Like a Frumpy Mom (spring/summer edition)

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Spring time is finally here! Mamas, lets beat the frump this warm season by following these simple rules. Little by little, we can learn to dress better–and as a result, feel better!

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I’m so excited to share this post. Can you believe it took me upwards of 5 hours to put it together? And it’s not because I’m an airhead! Planning outfits, taking photos, editing, resizing, creating graphics and then finally writing posts takes SO long. Like, for real! I never thought blogging took this long until I dove in.

But I think the work has paid off. Here are the rules that this fashion blogging journey has taught me along the way.

Rule #1 Balance proportions

Do you love wearing skirts in the spring and summer? I certainly do! They help me stay cool but also feel super feminine. But if you don’t pair them with the right top and accessories, you can end up looking frumpy.

When wearing a flowy skirt, pair it with a fitted top. When wearing a fitted skirt, you can pair it with either a fitted top OR a flowy top. I recommend partially tucking or belting a flowy top.

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Rule #2 Swap Running Shoes For Trendy Slip-On Sneakers

This is the most common mistake I see moms make: wearing tennis shoes (running shoes) when they aren’t working out. Often you’ll see a perfectly cute outfit that’s ruined by the addition of ratty old sneakers. There’s a simple and just-as-comfy solution: buy a pair of on-trend slip-on sneakers. They completely lift an outfit! And a good pair can be just as comfortable.

Here are some cute slip-on sneakers available on Amazon Prime.

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Rule #3 Define The Waist On Long Flowy Tops Or Baggy Dresses

Tunic tops are trending right now, and I personally LOVE them! Tunic tops are basically extra long with a “relaxed” fit… the epitome of comfy! However, they can look frumpy if not paired with leggings or ultra skinny jeans (remember Rule #1 about proportions?).

Equally problematic are baggy, shapeless dresses.

An easy fix for this is simply to add a belt at the natural waist. I love wide elastic belts and skinny colored belts!

Here are some awesome belts available on Amazon Prime.

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Rule #4 Trade In The Baggy “Freebie” Shirts For Feminine Tops In Your Correct Size

As much as you might love your home team or that non-profit in town, try to keep those shapeless shirts for working out or house projects. 😉

Their more feminine counterparts are just as comfy and will flatter instead of frumpify your appearance. (Isn’t frumpify an awesome word?!) Look for cute details like ruching, crochet, or lace and fun patterns like aztec, polka dots, or floral.

Just as important as the pattern details is the FIT. Modesty is a big priority for me. But I’ve learned I don’t need to compromise on fit just to be modest. Something can fit you well without being tight.

Make sure shoulder seams land just before your shoulder curves down:  that’s how you know you’ve got the right size. If it is too tight around the bust, it’s because the cut or fabric doesn’t work for your figure. Look for a different style top. DON’T just go up a size on a top that really isn’t cut out for you. (no pun intended.)

I just adore these feminine tees on Amazon. So many cute patterns!

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One more rule… you’ve got this mama! 😉

Rule #5 Add Character To Boring Outfits By Accessorizing With Jewelry, A Vest, Or A Belt.

In the summer it is especially hard to know what to do with those boring tee + shorts outfits. In really hot climates you simply don’t want to add anything else to make you any warmer than you already are! Thankfully, there are some fun accessories you can add without raising your body temperature. (I wrote another post just about this here.)

  • Try tucking in shirts to show off a fun belt (either a full or partial-front-tuck works!).
  • Use a light vest with a crochet knit or sheer fabric to add a weightless layer (denim vests are also great if it’s not too hot out).
  • Jewelry like pendant necklaces, minimalist or statement necklaces, big earrings, bracelets, or headbands also add some variation to summer outfits.

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Now it’s your turn to share… did I miss any common frumpy mistakes made by moms? Which of these rules do you want to start applying right away?

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