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    Well we are well into August, ladies! As we near fall weather, we’re also experiencing some of the hottest temperatures of the summer. That probably means you’ve been living in shorts and a tee… the easiest and coolest clothes you can find.

    If you’re like me though, you’re getting bored of the same outfit combination over and over again. Perhaps you have several pairs of shorts to pair with several great shirt options, but you’re stilling feeling bored by the repeated outfit formula.

    The thought may have whisked past your mind: I wonder if there are ways to make these outfits more interesting. But was probably quickly dismissed with: Oh but it would just make me more uncomfortable than I already am.

    So the question for this post is: how do you add some variation to the staple summer formula of shorts and tee while keeping things optimally light and cool? 

    My friend Jana and I were chatting about this the other day and I decided to bring some solutions to the table. By the way, she’s got the cutest Etsy shop called The Little Mint House. Head over there next to check it out! My favorite: her crayon wallets for the kids. Just $10 and its comes with a coloring book! Perfect for those long errand days in the car.


    Anyways, back to changing up the shorts + tee formula. Because our comfort is at steak. Stake? Steak tastes better. Let’s go with that.

    Here are 8 ways to make your shorts and tee outfit interesting again without making you sweat to death! 😉

    #1 Bandana


    Shorts & Tee + Bandana

    Bandanas are a popular trend this summer and there are a couple of cute ways you can incorporate them into a shorts and tee outfit.

    Try tying it around your head, then gathering your hair into a high messy bun. Here are a few more ways to wear a bandana in your hair.

    You can also tie it loosely around your neck (on the cooler days). Here’s an example from my lovely blogging friend, Suzanne. Especially great for you cowgirls at heart! 😉

    #2 Vest

    Shorts & Tee + Vest

    This one’s my favorite. Mostly because I have the most EPIC white crochet vest. Which, appears to be out of stock in white! *insert a hundred sad faces* I will provide additional options in the “Shop” section below.

    Vests really change things up. Add a vest and you have an entirely new outfit!

    A crochet vest goes with EVERYTHING without adding any weight. It also easily transitions into many fall outfits.

    Another trending vest that will stick around for a while is the utility or military vest. This one could potentially add some warmth… kind of depends on the kind you have. I just ordered one and can’t wait to style it on Instagram for you all. Utility vests can easily transition through ALL four seasons, so it’s a smart buy and a suggested piece in most capsule wardrobes!

    A third versatile option is the denim vest. This is classic whether in white, light wash or dark wash. It will also transition seamlessly through all four seasons!

    Add any of these vests to your summer shorts and tee to get a whole new look.

    #3 Belt

    Shorts & Tee + Belt

    Do you own a braided or thin belt? These can be added below the bust to many kinds of tops. Very simple tees may look silly with a belt added so you’ll want to try it on shirts with some detail or pattern on them. Just play around with it and you’ll catch on to which tops look better with a belt added.

    This option is especially great for you pregnant ladies! You can pull it off on a simple tank or tee because as I like to say “a baby bump is the cutest accessory.” The belt compliments a bump and instantly dresses a simple tee up a notch. See example here

    #4 Trendy sandals


    Shorts & Tee + Trendy Sandals

    Most likely you’re usually slipping into flip flops on your way out the door. Try changing it up with some interesting sandals like lace up or gladiator sandals. Even T-sandals can dress your outfit up a bit, while being just as comfortable (if not more so) than flip-flops. 

    These cool sandal styles can really turn your simple outfit into a fashion statement!

    #5 Tuck or Tie

    Try both partial and full tucks of your tee into your shorts. When you do, add a belt to the shorts so that it looks cohesive. You can also try tying the front of your boyfriend tees or button-downs if you’re wearing high-wasted shorts. 

    My favorite of these is the partial front tuck because you can leave it loose enough not to feel like your waist size is on display. Just after babies, that’s not an area I’m ready to accentuate! 

    Since I currently have a whale-sized bump in front of me, I can’t personally demonstrate shirt tucks/ties without shocking your eyeballs. So click here and Pinterest will demonstrate them for you.

    #6 Hats


    Shorts & Tee + Hat

    Ok, so you’ll probably only use this one when you’re going out. I’d personally feel silly rocking a fedora while washing dishes. But hey, stranger things have been done by desperate mamas. 

    There are several cute summer hats you can wear to add some interest to your shorts and tee outfit: fedoras, floppy hats, cowboy hats, boaters or cloche. And hats are quite inexpensive. Target has many styles for under $15.

    #7 Hair

    If you really don’t want to add anything to your outfit, just change up the way you do your hair! Try a side fishtail braid, a french twist, a messy bun with a head band, or a french braid + pony tail.

    If you have bangs, try side-sweeping them, twisting them back or braiding them along your forehead.

    Here are a few hair styles I’ve shared on Instagram.


    #8 Jewelry 

    Shorts & Tee + Statement Jewelry

    Try dressing up your simple summer outfits with some statement jewelry. Think dangling earrings, a large wrist clasp or a chunky necklace.  

    You can easily combine this with any of the other ideas for extra ooh la la. 

    That wraps up my eight ideas for dressing up your shorts and tee outfits. Try mixing it up with a few of these ideas at a time!

    1. new hair style + a belt
    2. awesome sandals + a vest
    3. bandana + a partial shirt tuck
    4. a vest + chunky necklace
    5. tuck or tied shirt + a hat
    6. on and on it goes

    It can be really fun to see all the new combinations you come up with to keep your style fun and fresh! … while keeping YOU fresh. 😉

    As you can see from my shorts + tee outfits on Instagram just using a few of these variations can help keep things fresh. I didn’t even use any hats, big jewelry, or strappy sandals in these pictures!


    Affordable Options To Pull Off These 8 Variations

    That rounds up this post mamas! Have fun trying these ideas out for the remainder of the glorious summer!

    Do you find yourself living in shorts and a tee to stay cool during the summer? If you're bored of the same look over and over, try out these 8 ways to change it up without making you any warmer!