When Looking Put Together Doesn’t Come Easy

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I thought dressing cute was a challenge when I was single. Then I had kids.

My quality of life soared in many ways–my heart was full of love and our home was constantly ringing with laughter over the latest thing our little one did! Having kids is the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

But in the sudden surge of new demands, I found my self-care was in danger of tanking.

Keeping up with all those things that help a woman look polished–pretty hair, pretty nails, pretty outfit–it felt so overwhelming now. 

I mean, for real…

Little humans need our attention from the moment they’re up to the moment they’re back in bed. How do you find the time to think about doing your hair and makeup?

If you’re in the middle of having babies, there’s all the body changes that seem to leave your body in constant transition. Finding something umfrumpy to wear is so frustrating!

And then there’s the fact that we’re home with our kiddos so much of the time. How are you supposed to get motivated to care about how you look when you’re just home? What do they care about whether you have PJ pants or skinny jeans on? They just want love, food, and fun, right? 

These and many more reasons can make the fight against the frump DOWNRIGHT DISCOURAGING. 

Fashion never came easy to me before kids.

And now there was even less time to try to keep up. 

Keeping my family happy just felt like a bigger priority.

It’s just reality. Looking put together doesn’t come easy for moms.

And for some, it literally feels out of the question. Where to start? How do you even get motivated to care?

And yet, you WANT to care. 

You don’t want your looks to tank just because you’re a mom.

You just wish it wasn’t so time-consuming, so elusive, so overwhelming.

And you wish that when Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning rolled around, you’d be just as motivated as that ONE day last week, to care about what you wear. And your hair. Oh yeah, that crazy head of untamed hair.

You are normal.

And let me encourage you.

The motivations are there, they can be activated, but sometimes it just takes a little bit of coaching. 

And once you care about something, you also need systems in place to make it happen because otherwise life gets in the way.

I’m doing a 3-day challenge to share my best tips about getting motivated and making the daily frumpy fight easier.

It IS possible to feel motivated and equipped to fight the frump on a consistent basis. I’ve  come to experience it for myself. And I want to share what I’ve learned.

I’m pouring all my love and energy into this challenge, and I trust you will come away truly blessed! 

It will only take 10-15 minutes each day to watch the video with the day’s lesson + do the exercise.

You can watch the video while nursing, doing dishes, or folding laundry ­čśë

Please jump in!

Will you be joining us?

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