Self Care Routine Planner for Moms (Free Printable Schedule Template PDF!)

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Free Printable Schedule Template PDF - Self Care Routine Planner for Moms

If you’re a busy mom of littles but want to start prioritizing your self-care, this Self Care Routine Planner printable will help you achieve just that!

It is possible to do more than just grab a shower before the day is over.

With some planning and practice, I’ve created a morning and evening self care routine that gets done in as fast as 10 minutes! (That includes hair, makeup, and outfit!)

Free Printable Schedule Template PDF - Self Care Routine Planner for Moms 2-Page Printable: How To Create Your routine guide + digital Planning Chart

Do you want to make your self-care more of a priority again?

So many moms experience the desire to pull themselves together and want to start to spend a little more time on themselves again.

Here are some excerpts from my readers:

“Since [baby] was born self-care has fallen to the bottom of my priority list…”

“When it comes to me, I’m exhausted and as long as its clean, I’m wearing it. I miss days of looking pretty and together, so here I am!”

“I NEVER see other adults, so i have very little motivation to take care of my appearance. I’m hoping to gain some tips and motivation to start taking better care of myself.”

“Half the battle is getting everyone ready, including myself. If I’m already presentable, I feel like I can take on the rest.”

“I want to learn how to make my appearance a priority, so my husband doesn’t have to come home to a wife that looks like a bum!”

“I feel better able to tackle the day when feel good about how I look.”

If you have felt guilty about letting your appearance slide since having babies, but then also felt guilty when you take time on yourself… you are normal!

In my free 3-day course Motivate & Activate I tackle this subject head on! If you haven’t jumped on it yet, make sure you do. You’ll come away with a balanced perspective and fresh motivation for why self-care is important to you!

The long list

Do you know how many things go into taking care of our body/appearance? A LOT.

The top 3 for “looking put together” are probably…

  1. Getting a shower

  2. Getting Dressed

  3. Hair


there are at least SIXTEEN more self-care activities that women need to consider!

That can become overwhelming and frustrating FAST.

Here’s the good news…

You don’t have to do it all.

Fighting the frump is about looking put together while navigating busy mom life, it’s not about looking glamorous! 

This blog will not teach you the road map to becoming the next Ms. Universe! 😉

My goal is to help us make small, personal steps to start giving our self-care the proper priority.

Moms need to pick the self-care priorities that pack a punch for them personally.

Since every woman’s body is different, some self-care activities might be more important on a daily basis than others.

But you don’t have to do all 16-plus on a daily–or even weekly–basis.

For example, when short on time I concentrate on 1. getting dressed and 2. makeup. Those two things make the biggest difference on my overall appearance. (I can leave my hair naturally wavy but I need makeup to wake up my face.)

For you, doing your hair + getting dressed may be your biggest priorities.

Basic Every-day Self-Care

In general doing these things will make the biggest difference for moms. So when short on time, only bother with these:

  1. Get clean (shower, wash up, or just splash water on your face + apply fresh deodorant)

  2. Do something with your hair

  3. Get dressed

  4. Add your own item here, or swap out one of the above (everyone’s different! Do you also need some masacara? Complete makeup coverage? Is shaving a must?)

Making The Rest Of Your Body’s Self-Care a Priority

While cleaning up and getting dressed is the very minimum of getting put together, there are at least 16 other aspects of self-care you should consider working into your life.

The key is making it doable.

That’s where this printable comes in.

A Routine Happens Automatically. It Doesn’t Take Extra Effort.

Creating a custom morning and evening self-care routine that is fast and doable is KEY to looking put together consistently.

If you feel like you’ve barely even had time to grab a shower lately, you are either:

  • in a particularly busy season (like postpartum or other recovery or illness)

  • you could use a bit of intentional planning

If it’s the first, give yourself grace. Seasons don’t last forever, they will transition. For now, focus on just the basics. Fill out the printable in the most minimalist way possible.

If it’s the second, be encouraged! You can train yourself to get a routine in place and to get FAST at getting ready. Fill out the printable based on your goal and then work towards that.

Sketch Out a Routine for You: Download the Free Self Care Routine Planner for Moms

This printable includes a simple guide for creating your routine by picking and choosing from a list of 16 self-care activities most women need to consider.

You will use the planning chart to sketch a morning and night routine, complete with the amount of time you want to train yourself to complete it in.


Free Printable Schedule Template PDF - Self Care Routine Planner for Moms

Did you download your copy? It’s completely free.

I’m here to help! Comment below or shoot me an email!

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