How to Wear the Color Block Trend (6 Ways to Style a Color Block Dress)

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Disclosure: I received the dress in this post in exchange for a feature on the blog. All opinions about the dress and company are entirely my own.

Hey mama, have you noticed the color block trend? 

Color blocking is basically creating stark contrasts between two or more colors within the same outfit.

We saw this in the 80’s and 90’s a lot. But as with the floral trend, I personally think it looks fresh and relevant today when you use popular colors of today and accessorize with other on-trend pieces.

This is OLD color blocking:

This is NEW color blocking:

If you aren’t sure which colors go together, you might find this post helpful.

Tips for custom color blocking:

  • Pair colors in a way that is natural to YOUR style. I’ve seen red and pink paired before–usually an eye sore. But when the person wears it with confidence and it is true to her personality… it kind of works! Stick with colors you love. If the color combo brings you joy, wear it! If it makes you gag, don’t push it, even if you saw it done on Pinterest 😉

  • Start simple… try color blocking by simply wearing a solid colored dress with a contrasting color belt. Add matching shoes and you’ll be getting compliments left and right!

  • You can also color block with your accessories! Try wearing a bright color dress and carrying a contrasting color purse or earrings.

  • A basic color blocking formula: Color Pants/Capri/Shorts + Contrasting Solid Color Top

Color Blocking With Pre-Set Pieces (Easier)

Another way to have fun with color block trend (the EASIER WAY) is by wearing a piece that already incorporates 2 or more color blocks. Here are some examples:

(Sometimes a pattern like stripes or polka dots is involved.)

Color block tops are instantly dressy.

Color blocking on Maxi Dresses is so cute!


My Personal Color Blocking Example: Simple Knee Length Summer Dress

This nursing and maternity-friendly color block dress is from Pink Blush! (You all already know I adore them 😉 )

This dress is excellent quality, stretchy and holds its color beautifully. I can wear it while nursing, pregnant, and not pregnant (like right now!)

Here are six of my favorite ways to style this dress. Notice it all comes down to accessorizing!

Tips for accessorizing color block pieces:

  • Add a completer piece (like a jacket, cardigan, vest, or blazer) that is either another contrasting color. Or a pattern that matches one of the colors on your color block piece. Examples of patterns: stripes, floral, polka dots, chevron. My denim and crochet vests are neutral, but the striped blazer also worked because it matched the navy in the dress.

  • Add a statement necklace (like the one I’m wearing with the blazer) or other piece of jewelry that is either neutral metal or has some of the color in your color block piece. My necklace has mint which matched the bottom color block on my dress.

  • Add a scarf that carries the colors in at least one of your color blocks. See the chevron print scarf in the last outfit below.

  • Just add statement shoes. My gladiator sandals and lace up flats are examples.

  • Add a third color. I added gray in the knotted t-shirt example.


Colorblock trend is beautiful! Easy mom outfits made from one color block (navy/mint) dress from Pink Blush.


Links to Items Styled

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Pink Blush Offers Many Chic Colorblocking pieces

Pink Blush is a trendy online boutique with clothing for maternity, womens, and plus size womens selection. And they ALWAYS offer free shipping within the U.S.! T

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Check out their inventory of colorblock pieces! I always drool when I’m on their website. So. Much. Pretty.

Click to view these colorblock pieces at Pink Blush

While their pieces are a tad more expensive than you’d find at stores like Old Navy or Target, here are some of the reasons buying PinkBlush pieces is a smart use of your money:

  • combining their free shipping and a discount or shopping their clearance section will actually be cheaper than many box stores.

  • it’s rare to find pieces this beautiful elsewhere

  • you get better quality that lasts

  • many of their pieces are maternity and nursing friendly– perfect for if you’re building a better wardrobe in the middle of having babies

Since you’re here, I’d love to hear your thoughts… do you like the color block trend? Let’s chat in the comments!


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