Basic Fall Capsule Wardrobe (72+ Outfits) for the Stay-at-Home Mom - FREE download

Are you a mom wondering what pieces to have in her closet for fall? This simple capsule wardrobe will equip you with the very basics and give you a flexible wardrobe and something cute to wear everyday! Free checklist printable also included. Click through to see the pieces.

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The leaves are beginning to fall and the evenings are getting dark faster... autumn is on its way! That means some cozy days and lots of cozy clothes are in store. In celebration, I've put together a basic capsule wardrobe specifically designed for us stay-at-home moms. It contains everything you need to create at least 72 outfits that are both stylish and comfortable for everyday mom life. 

This is not simply a capsule wardrobe. If you're not into the whole tiny wardrobe thing, this can simply serve as a capsule of inspiration... a template for some basic pieces you should consider having in your fall wardrobe to be both comfortable and stylish all season long. If you want 72+ outfit flexibility, these pieces will insure that you get it.

Here are a few more things to mention about this capsule:

  • Winter friendly too. Most of these pieces will work in your winter wardrobe too. In fact, a winter capsule wardrobe would simply add a few warmer items.

  • Casual pieces. The pieces in this capsule are for your everyday. It doesn't include a nice dress for parties, or heels for a job interview. Just what you would need to look chic while staying comfy in the daily grind with kids. I do recommend owning a formal dress or two, a couple of nice blouses, and shiny pumps or cute wedges for nicer events like parties or—if you dress up for it—church.

  • Shopping links. Instead of providing shopping links to the exact items pictured in the capsule wardrobe layouts below, I'll provide similar ones in a carousal below it (as usual). I don't want to be tied to the exact items pictured because eventually they will go out of stock. The best deals come and go. So instead I'm providing a separate gallery of items in the capsule but available at the best prices I could find. If something you love is out of stock and I haven't updated it, please email me and I will send you a similar alternative! My blog is here to help you. So don't hesitate. ;)

  • Color palettes. I chose neutrals to make up the majority of the capsule, and then incorporated two accent colors to simulate how you would modify the pieces to match your color palette. (You can use more than two accent colors from your palette, but keeping accent colors to the minimum in a capsule insures the highest flexibility with outfit combinations. Especially if the two colors you go with work with each other.) If you don't already have a color palette, here is why it's crucial toward achieving wardrobe sanity! Bonus Tip: Take a peek at Pantone's fall fashion colors for this year to see if any of your color palette shades match up with what's going to be popular this fall! What is Pantone? Well I'm still figuring that out (remember where I came from?) but I can at least assure you it is not a brand of pantyliners.

Without further adieu, here is the capsule with examples in two variations of color palettes. It's the same capsule with a few pieces swapped out for different colors. To make it your own, simply swap the two accent colors out for two in your palette! (I recommend adding no more than two accent colors, and keeping the rest neutral, to maximize the outfit combination possibilities.)

Fall Capsule Wardrobe (2 color palette variations)

Creates 72+ Outfits

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The Fall Capsule Wardrobe for moms

Printable Checklist &

7 Outfit Ideas

Checklist for a simple fall capsule wardrobe specifically designed for stay-at-home moms. Click through to see images of the clothing pieces.

Want to use this capsule wardrobe as shopping reference? Print out the PDF and 1) fill in your accent colors, 2) check off the items you already own, and 3) add the remaining items to your shopping list printable. 

Download both the checklist and general shopping list printable by signing up above. You'll also receive a week of outfit ideas using the pieces in the capsule plan.

Additional Wardrobe Plans Now Available:


Affordable Pieces for the Fall capsule

I always find items for $25 and under whenever possible.

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Shoes & Accessories

Corina Holden's Fall Capsule Wardrobe Plan for Stay at Home Moms
Are you a stay-at-home mom needing ideas for a flexibly stylish but comfortable fall wardrobe? Check out this simple ensemble that creates 72+ outfits to keep you looking fabulous all fall! Click through for graphics and printables.
Are you a stay-at-home mom needing ideas for a flexibly stylish but comfortable fall wardrobe? Check out this simple ensemble that creates 72+ outfits to keep you looking fabulous all fall! Click through for graphics and printables.

Now it's your turn to share! What do you love most about fall? Let me know in the comments below!