Easy Mom Hair (Wet Hair Style): Headband Messy Bun

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As much as we’d like our hair to bounce with fresh curls every morning, that’s just not mom life. While I’ve found a way to curl my long hair in under 13 minutes, I’m often in much more of a hurry and just out of the shower with sopping WET hair. For those days, I need quick hair styles to get my hair tame in the amount of time it takes for my toddler to find a new corner of the house to explore, and potentially demolish (a.k.a. the five minute gap).

So with THAT reality in mind, here is the first of several “wet hair” styles I’ll be posting for you mamas. That’s right, these are hair styles you can create right out of the shower, no blow drying or wait time required.

Several of these tutorials are really quite simple, but I whipped them up anyway in case you’re not used to putting your hair up in anything but a ponytail and aren’t sure which steps to take. They’re the next easiest thing to not doing anything with your hair after a shower, and they help get the hair out of the way into a cute up-do that hides the fact you didn’t spend 10 minutes blow drying it.

Wet Hair Style: Headband Messy Bun

Hair Length: Long, Medium

Time: 3.5 Minutes

What You’ll Need: Hair Elastics, Headband, Bobby Pins, Hair spray



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Now it’s your turn to share! What is your go-to hair style just out of the shower? Let us know in the comments below!

Need a quick hair style for when you just get out of the shower and don't have time to blow dry? Here's the first style of more to come: a headband messy bun. Click through for steps and a video tutorial.