Easy Mom Hair (Wet Hair Style): The Tentative Topsy

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This is the fifth hairdo I’ve shared in the “Wet Hairstyles” series— hairdos you can whip up right out of the shower. These hairstyles are designed for busy moms in mind. You can get your hair looking amazing in just a few minutes with NO blow drying or styling tools required! Just clean, wet hair! (Actually, the wet part isn’t even required. This is great for second and third day hair too!)

I had fun naming this style 😉 Funny… I’ve been doing this on my hair for eons, but having a blog kind of makes you name things officially!

Growing up my mom did such a wonderful job keeping her girls looking pretty. One of her go-to hairstyles for us was the “Topsy Tail.” Yup… that cute kid’s style that still looks pretty good on adults… yeah that one!

The traditional topsy tail pulls your whole pony tail through a gap above the elastic. 

This hair style uses the same motion, only you don’t pull the “tail” all the way through. You leave it tucked away. That’s why I call it the “tentative” topsy. 

This look gives the topsy tail a more sophisticated feel… but it is just as easy! 

This is also a great hair style for those days that don’t even have time to shower… because it’s hat friendly! It sits low enough on your head that you can wear a beanie or sun hat over it when you just want to hide your greasy roots!

You can even give this one a try as you’re watching… no mirror is required! 

I bet this will become a go-to for you on busy mornings. And I guarantee you’ll get compliments! If they only new how easy…

Wet Hair Style #5: The Tentative Topsy

Hair Length: Medium, Long

Time: 3 Minutes

What You’ll Need:


  1. Begin with clean, wet hair. (If second-day hair, simply use a bit of dry shampoo on your roots to clean up any facial grease.)

  2. Comb hair and do a side part. Tousle hair a bit to add volume (especially if wet).

  3. Pull on your headband and adjust.

  4. Tie your hair in a low to mid-height pony tail.

  5. Tug the elastic down about an inch and create a gap going through your hair between your head and the elastic.

  6. Pull your pony hair, base first, through the gap. Push down until it peeks out underneath. Don’t pull all the way through. The ends of your hair will still be on top.

  7. Use bobby pins to secure loop in place.

  8. Tug and pull on hair to loosen and add volume.

  9. Finish with hair spray.

Watch The Video


Hairdo for wet hair (no blow drying required!) Easy Mom Hairstyle... called The Tentative Topsy!

I just chopped my hair to just above my shoulder, so I will be doing some short hair tutorials next!

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