(Part 2) Lipstick for Moms: How To Use LipSense For Those Rave-Worthy Results (+ Free Shipping!)

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If you don’t know what LipSense is, go here first (covers what it is, why moms will love it, pictures, prices, and more)!

So you got your first LipSense Color and Gloss and you were so excited to try it but your lips started to flake and feel dry (it happened to me, and my hubby affectionately called them zombie lips). Or maybe the color didn’t stay on all day. Or you couldn’t get it off!

These are all common experiences that don’t need to discourage you because it will improve!

Here’s my guide on what to do about each of these LipSense issues, why they happen, how to get past them, and more. 

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll realize there’s actually more benefit to this lip product than you thought! And you’ll probably throw your chapstick away.

First Time Users: What to Expect

 Color used: Aussie Rose Gloss used: Glossy Gloss Color used: Aussie Rose Gloss used: Glossy Gloss

The first several times you use your LipSense color you’ll probably experience flaking and the color won’t stay on all day. Also, it may tingle or sting a bit going on. This is normal!  

If you commonly used chapsticks or other lipsticks (most of which contain wax), your lips will likely have lots of natural exfoliating to do before they are smooth and moist. 

The reason this happens is because other chapsticks/lipsticks use layers of wax (such as carnuba wax) to simply add a mask to your lips. They don’t moisturize the lip skin itself. So when you stop using them (and you should stop using them for LipSense to work its magic) your lips will need to get rid of layers of dead skin. 

ONCE all that dead skin is gone, THEN your lips will be smooth and moist so that the color won’t flake off. LipSense actually restores the quality of your lip!

Use LipSense gloss exclusively to moisturize during the “exfoliation phase,” despite the temptation to use your regular chapstick. (I made the mistake of using chapstick until recently so I elongated the process.)  

TRUE STORY: I did not know this when I first started and continued using my regular chapstick to moisturize because I thought LipSense was causing the dry lip. Little did I know I was throwing my lips in a loop. Just ONE day of using the LipSense gloss exclusively to moisturize and my lips have improved. The color didn’t sting at all going on the next day! I still have flaking as that will take a few days to naturally get rid of. But it’s obvious I’m now on the right track… no more zombie lips at the end of the day (as hubby so affectionately referred to the flaking color).

How to Apply LipSense

  1. Apply to clean, dry lips. (Use a moist cloth to wipe clean as you’re applying your makeup in the morning)

  2. For a more defined look, first line lips with LipSense LinerSense (optional)

  3. With lips parted, place LipSense applicator on lip beginning at the outside corner and spread in a fluid, sweeping motion to the opposite corner of the lip without lifting the applicator (do not move the applicator back and forth).

  4. Let each layer dry about 5-10 seconds before applying the next layer. Use three layers for long-lasting results.

  5. Finish your look (1 shade, 2 shades, or 3 different shades) with LipSense moisturizing gloss. This gloss will seal your color and keep your lips moist and plump.



FAQ – Everything else you want to know about LipSense

I decided to scour the web to get a feel for others’ experiences with LipSense along with the most commonly asked questions. Here’s what I learned. 

You may want to read this a SECOND time after you get your lip color! It will probably make more sense once you’re using it! 🙂

Q. My lips are peeling after trying LipSense for the first time! How do I avoid the cracked, peeling look? 

A. This is important to talk about! What you’re experiencing is a natural exfoliation process. Most of us have used chapsticks/lipsticks all our lives and these products typically use wax/paraffin to create a layer of moisture on the lip. But this actually doesn’t moisturize the lip itself, just creates layers. When you start using LipSense, those layers of dry skin need to come off (exfoliate). This exfoliation phase can take a few days to up to 6 weeks for some women! Just hang in there and resist the temptation to use regular chapstick. Just keep applying the LipSense lip gloss or get the LipSense lip balm. After you are past the exfoliation phase, your lips will no longer flake or feel dry! They will be naturally soft AND the color will stay on longer. 

In their own words:The longer the time that you use our gloss the longer the time the colour lasts, as the lips get healthier for the colour to bind to.”

 Color used: Aussie Rose Gloss used: Glossy Gloss Color used: Aussie Rose Gloss used: Glossy Gloss

Q. Can I speed up the exfoliation phase?

A. You can make a sugar scrub out of raw sugar + coconut or olive oil to massage into your lips. This will help get rid of the dead skin faster. Just be gentle!

Q. Why do my lips tingle or sting when I first put this on? 

A. This is due to your lip skin being dry and not sufficiently moisturized. Dry lips can be caused by using wax/paraffin-based lipsticks or chapsticks. After using the LipSense color/gloss exclusively for a few days, you will stop feeling the stinging sensation. This is because your lips are healthy and moist after exfoliating and getting rid of the layers of dry skin.

Q. Can I use my regular lip gloss and lip balm/chapstick with LipSense color? 

A. To experience the “long lasting and luxurious” color that LipSense has to offer, you’ll want to only use LipSense color with their LipSense Lip Gloss. The Lip Gloss serves a couple of purposes: 1) It seals the color in place and 2) it moisturizes differently than most other lip glosses. After using LipSense gloss exclusively as your moisturizer for a few days or weeks, your lips will begin to sustain their own moisture better. In turn, the lip color will also stay on longer!

Q. What’s the fastest way to remove LipSense?

A. The most popular options are:

  • using a facial makeup remover (not the eye makeup kind),
  • the LipSense Oops Remover,
  • or (very popular) the Neutrogena Bar. (affiliate link)

To use the Neutrogena bar, simply wet lips and rub bar onto lips. Then use a disposible makeup pad, paper towel, or cloth to remove.

Q. How long does a tube of LipSense color last?

A. If you are using your color once a day and applying the recommended three coats, your tube will last 4-6 months. However, most women use more than one color and may not wear it every day so it will last much longer! It’s been said that 1 tube of LipSense = 4 tubes of regular lipsticks!

Q. Does it take a long time to apply LipSense?

A. I’d say it only takes about 30 seconds longer than applying other kinds of lipstick. It goes on in 3 layers, with 5-10 seconds between layers. But you’re not just standing there waiting between layers because by the time you’re done applying one layer on the top lip the bottom lip is ready for the next layer. 

And you only have to do it once a day.

Q. Why are three layers of LipSense color recommended? 

A. This is best answered by the company, Senegence, on their website, so I’ll quote: 

“Layering LipSense is a must due to the fact the color breaks down with the pH balance of the skin.

  • 1st layer: touches the skin’s pH and will begin to break down first and fastest.

  • 2nd layer: protected from the bottom, away from the skin’s pH, by the first layer.

  • 3rd layer: protects the second layer from the top down and prevents sheering of second layer of color by keeping away friction, saliva, and the natural environment. The third layer breaks down just like the first layer, but from the top down. The second layer is sandwiched between the first and third and is protected by both for the longest period of use.” (source)

Q. How does it stay on all day?

A. It stays on because it bonds with your lips at a molecular level.

Q. My color starts to come off after some meals. Is there a way to avoid this? 

Very greasy/oily foods may start to take the color off. Simply apply a layer of your gloss to seal the color before eating and your color will stay.

Q. Does LipSense contain gluten, lead, or paraffin?

A. No, LipSense is gluten-, wheat-, lead- , and paraffin-free. (This is such a relief for me because I have to eat gluten free but many lipstick companies don’t guarantee this because of the manufacturing process!)

Q. What color should I start with?

A. It is recommended to start with a natural tone (with just a bit of color) that you can wear daily. This is because you want to wear it daily to get rid of dead skin on your lips from the use of wax-based lip balms and lipsticks in the past (the exfoliation process).

Once you fall in love with your experience using a more neutral color and your lips have gone through the necessary shedding of dead skin, a bolder color will be the next fun experience! 

It is also recommended to start with “Glossy Gloss” as your first Lip Gloss as it is the most moisturizing of the glosses and will help improve your lip health faster.

Not sure what color to start with? Ask for suggestions in the comments!

Once you get your color, you may want to return to this page and read it again! It’s important to understand a few things about how it works so that you use it correctly and really get the results everyone’s raving about.


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