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Video: Step 5 – Try New Outfits

In this video I’m introducing my wardrobe plan solution and giving you the easy step 1.

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?‍♀️ Today’s Step:

What: Try a new outfit

Time: 5 minutes

It’s time to have some fun with outfits!

Step Breakdown:

  1. Turn to the last pages of your PDF print out where I provide some outfit ideas.
  2. See if you can use the outfit formulas in the box beside each idea to put together a new outfit using your own pieces.
  3. Set it aside to put on tomorrow morning.

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? Today’s Encouragement:

Feeling like you don’t want to wear your “nice clothes” when you’re just at home?

Think of it this way… when you worked outside the home, you had a set of clothes that you wore to work right?

Being home with your kids is your job today. Don’t save your clothes for something more important. Your life RIGHT NOW is the most important. Show your kids and friends that you dress for the most important job of your life by wearing your best clothes NOW. What are you saving them for?


? You’ve Graduated!! ?

Way to go finishing each easy step!

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