Building a stylish wardrobe with a reasonable budget can be an easily attainable goal. You don't agree? Check out what this mama blogger has discovered about how you can shop your closet and be fashionable with the clothes you have already! Get ready to view your closet with brand new eyes as you conquer exactly what your personal style is and how to use it to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe! #momlife #closet #wardrobe #style #outfits #budgetfashion

Welcome back to the Mom Wardrobe Refresh series!

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Video: Step 4 – Shop Your Closet 

In this step from the Mom Wardrobe Refresh series, I walk you through shopping your closet for the items you can use to mix and match outfits using clothes you already have.

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Today’s Step:

What: Shop your tops!

Time: 15 minutes

We’ll be going through your tops to “shop” for the essentials on the capsule plan. Since you decluttered this part of your wardrobe already, this is gonna be easy!

Step Breakdown:

  1. Grab a pencil.
  2. Turn to page 7 on your PDF print out.
  3. Keep a thumb on page 7 and flip to the checklist on page 14. (You’ll be going back and forth between the visual and text list of the pieces.)
  4. Start with the first item: do you have a chambray top? If yes, check-mark that item on the text list. If not, leave it blank.
  5. Next… do you have a short sleeve striped tee? If yes, check-mark that item on the text list. If not, leave it blank.
  6. You get the gist… repeat this for each top on the list.
  7. Now for those items that are unchecked, read the description on the visual list for what color category is recommended and such. Based on the color scheme you planned yesterday, what color would you like to get this top in? What style do you want to find? Make any notes in the blank line on your text list.

Girl! You just created a killer clothes shopping list! Time to treat yourself! ?


Today’s Encouragement:

The number 1 anxiety that surfaces for woman at this point is… “I hardly have any of the recommended pieces!”

That’s okay. You don’t have to rush to the store. Just set a monthly budget and then work away at your list as you have the opportunity.

Even with a small set of the recommended pieces you are better off than you were with a closet full of clothes you didn’t like.

You’ve pared down to the best and have a clear plan for how to make things even better.

And THAT’S major progress.

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