Step 3: Plan Your Wardrobe Colors! [Mom Wardrobe Refresh Series]

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One key to having an easy capsule wardrobe is a color scheme! But doesn't that sound like just one more overwhleming task? Finding your personal color palette for your clothing can be easy and totally satisfying! Broken down in a few easy steps, this blog post walks you through this quick process to help you create the ultimate closet color scheme, personalized to YOU! #colorseason #color #organiation #capsule #wardrobe #outifts

Welcome back to the Mom Wardrobe Refresh series!

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Video: Step 3 – Plan Your Wardrobe Color Palette! 

In this step of the video series I show you how to plan a color scheme so that your clothes mix and match.

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Today’s Step:

What: Plan your wardrobe color scheme.

Time: 15 minutes

The purpose of planning a color scheme for your wardrobe is to allow remixability among your clothes. When you stick to a pre-planned color scheme, you insure that everything you buy will “match” with the other clothes in your closet AND it will narrow down all the bazillion choices out there.

Flip to page 5 of the PDF print out. Do you see the color scheme I provide? This is just what I used for the example wardrobe in the plan, but today you get to plan YOUR own color scheme!

Right now you’re brainstorming a color scheme to start with, but it’s super flexible! You can change it as much as you like as you work on your wardrobe.

Step Breakdown:

  1. Grab blank sheet of paper (ideally a blank page in your print out) and a pen.
  2. Go to your closet and drawers and start writing down the colors you see.
  3. Are there any colors you don’t like very much? Cross those off your list.
  4. Are there some colors you love but don’t have in your closet? Add those to your list.
  5. Now make a heart next to your favorites from the list.
  6. Flip to page 13 of the PDF print out.
  7. Choose 3-6 neutral colors from your list and write them into the lines of your blank Color Scheme. (Neutrals are colors like black, brown, white, grays, navy, ivory, beige, etc.)
  8. Choose 2-6 “main” colors from you list. These would be anything that is not neutral and that you want to have show up a lot in your wardrobe… the pinks, blues, purples, greens… ALL THOSE FUN COLORS! (You can also skip main colors if you just want a neutral wardrobe.)
  9. Optional: Choose another 1-3 “accent” colors. These would be anything that is not neutral that you want to have show up in small amounts in your wardrobe. For example, red could be an accent that you wear in just your flats or a fun necklace.

Girl! You just designed your personal wardrobe color scheme! High fives all around! 

    Today’s Encouragement:

    Many moms get frustrated by this step because they can’t decide on the “final” colors they want. Remember: this isn’t final. This is just a starting point.

    Perfection is the enemy of progress. Just use this exercise to start thinking about colors. Know that you can print as many copies of the blank color scheme page as you want to change things to your heart’s content.

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