Step 2: Purge Your Tops [Mom Wardrobe Refresh Series]

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Welcome back to the Mom Wardrobe Refresh series! 

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Video: Step 2 – Purge Your Tops

In this video I’m going over Step 2 in my easy wardrobe refresh series for moms.

In this step we’ll learn how to purge your closet fast and easily to get down to the very best of your wardrobe.

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Today’s Step:

What: Purge your tops!

Time: 15-30 minutes

Step Breakdown:

  1. Dump all the tops (t-shirts, blouses, tanks) that are in your drawers and hangers onto your bed.
  2. Pick out the ones you actually like wearing (because they fit right and make you feel good).
  3. Place these favorites back in your closet or drawer.

For everything else left on your bed, place in one of three piles:

  1. Store to try again later (it’s a different size but still a favorite OR you’re undecided) -> this pile goes in a bin or a different closet!
  2. Donate/Consign (not a favorite but in good condition) -> this pile goes in bags and into the car!
  3. Toss (it’s too old and worn out) -> this pile goes in the garbage!

Note: Recycle your unwanted clothes if possible. Google “textile recycling [your city]” or take to your local H&M or Levi’s stores… they will take unwanted clothing items and give you a discount in return!

Congrats! You just decluttered your TOPS and now only the best of the best is left!

This will make it easy to “shop your closet” using the wardrobe plan. (That step is coming soon.)

For now, just enjoy how easy it is to find a top to wear tomorrow morning!

You can come back to this step and declutter the rest of your wardrobe later. Do one section per day or all at once… it’s up to you. Go schedule that block of time now. Make sure to celebrate that night. Go you!

Today’s Encouragement:

Are there very few tops left after your purge? Is that discouraging?

Girl, I know the feeling. It feels like a step back instead of forwards.

But you know what I’ve come to realize? All those unused clothes stuffing your drawers and closet are a facade. They don’t really give you options because you never wore them anyway. (Or if you did, you didn’t feel great in them.)

Without spending a dime, you wardrobe has already IMPROVED. Now when you look in your closet:

  • You will see only your favorites and it will be easier to pick something to wear that makes you feel good.
  • You have a clear picture of what gaps you actually need to fill.

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