Real Moms Ask: Perfect Coverups for Cool Spring Weather

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This is part of the Real Moms Ask series!

I received a fun question from my sister the other day. She pointed out that springtime often presents in-between weather that requires an additional layer for warmth but something lighter than a sweater or jacket. She asked what cooler coverup options were currently trending. She and I both have plenty of shrugs and boleros that we are re-consigning or donating because they have slowly gone out of style. 🙁


I had so much fun looking up some options for her. Seriously, there are some super cute stuff trending right now. I totally fell for this crochet fringe vest to add to my own maternity capsule wardrobe while it was on sale the other day. (By buying on sale and using a coupon, I got it for $18! I also got $3 back on Ebates. Sorry just had to boast a little there.) Depending on your routine, the ponchos/kimonos might get in the way. No one wants their sleeves brushing up into a poopy diaper or an open flame in the kitchen. If diapers and cooking make up much of your day, the cardigans and vests might be the way to go for you.

A nice perk of trending items is they go a long way to “wake up” the rest of your outfit. So for the price of one of these completer pieces, you can make several of your outfits super fashion forward! (I like to use the term “completer pieces” when referring to jackets, sweaters, vests, blazers because they not only offer warmth but they also add a layer that help complete your outfit.)

Long draping cardigans

Look for cardigans that are long in the front, open, and airy. “Trench coat” style cardigans (long all around) are also popular right now.


You are probably familiar with these! Originally a Latin American form of coverup, ponchos have become very popular lately. Although they are definitely on the trendier end of popular. I threw the plastic poncho in for kicks. 😉

Kimono sweaters

Similar to ponchos but with a bat sleeve.


Lots of vest types are popular right now: denim, utility, fringe, crochet. The first one in the lineup is the one I *stole* for $15. Oh yeah.

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