Real Moms Ask: Toddler Swim Class When It’s Cold Outside

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This is part of the Real Moms Ask series!

Our scenario today comes from Mandee who is mommy to a busy toddler and blogs at Little Princess Adventures.


Mandee is looking for momma fashion solutions to her toddler’s swim class day. She gets in the water with her daughter and finds it hard to get put together again in the dressing room with a toddler in hand. She’s looking for an easy way to look presentable (and stay warm) while running errands after class.

Great question Mandee! I had fun thinking this one over and I hope there are some helpful tips below!

What to wear

  • Maxi dress over swim suit (use cami under maxi if swim suit shows through. For halter top swimsuits, a maxi like this one works great.)
  • Boots
  • Warm Coat or Jacket
  • Waterproof makeup/mascara or skip makeup until after class

What to pack

in addition to what you usually bring along (e.g. diapers, wipes)

To carry less, leave your purse stashed under a seat in the car and use the diaper bag to carry everything including your wallet, keys, and phone.

For baby

  • Warm clothes
  • A couple of fun small toys (or any object) that would keep baby occupied for at least 5 minutes (it could be as simple as a kitchen utensil or crayons; something they don’t usually get to play with captures their attention like a charm!)
  • Baby tether or harness (optional)
  • Blanket or baby towel
  • If nursing, you can pump before leaving and take a bottle with you or simply nurse them in the dressing room

For you

  • Flip-flops for poolside
  • Towel
  • Makeup
  • Brush, elastic, a few bobby pins, and headband or a favorite hat
  • Leggings
  • Scarf


  • When swim class is over, dry yourself off as well as you can. You’re going to keep your swim suit on, so soak up as much of the water as you can.
  • In the dressing room, change baby out of wet swim suit and into clean diaper and warm clothes.
  • Find a clean spot in the dressing room (such as a locker area with carpet). Place them on the floor on their blanket or towel and give them the special toy/object you packed. If they are very active, you can use the baby tether or harness to easily keep them near you.
  • While baby plays, quickly dry off your swimsuit a second time with the towel, scrubbing to soak up the moisture and then slip on the leggings, cami, and maxi dress right over the swim suit. The cami and leggings will both provide warmth and an extra layer to absorb any remaining water in your swim suit.
  • If your hair got wet, brush it out and try a simple up-do like a messy bun (elastic and bobby pins), a braid, or simply tuck it under a cute hat. Use bobby pins or a headband to tuck back bangs that you would usually blow dry.
  • Finally, slip on socks and boots and your coat or jacket. Add a scarf for additional warmth.
  • Once back in the car, with baby strapped in, apply a bit of fresh makeup to your face if you feel the need.

Voila! You and baby are ready for errands!

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If you don’t own a maxi dress yet, you should definitely add one to your wardrobe! They will transition into the warmer months with you and still serve as a wonderful cover-up after swim class. They are maternity friendly too. If you’re still on the fence, check out this post for 12 ways to style up a maxi dress.

Here are some of my favorite maxi dresses available right now:

Now THAT you can do, Momma! 


Do you have a mommy fashion scenario you’d like featured on the blog? Tweet me or write me on Facebook!