How to Make a Twist Knot on Your Shirt Without Cutting or Sewing

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Is your shirt too big or long? Here's step-by-step how to make a twist knot on your shirt. It's an easy DIY trick with NO sewing or cutting!

Twist knot shirts are trending right now and I love that it can transform any shirt that is too big into something super stylish.

Here are the easy step-by-step instructions to add a twist knot to the front of your oversized shirts without any cutting or sewing!

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Twist Knot on Your Oversized/Long/Too Big Shirts Without Cutting or Sewing

Step by Step: How to Make a Twist Knot on Your Shirts

Note: Be careful not to damage your tops by over-stretching them. This works best on tops that have plenty of fabric such as tunic length and relaxed or slouchy styles.

  1. Loosely fold the hem of your shirt up and inwards around the sides and back.
  2. Gather a portion of your top on the side just above a belt loop.
  3. Pull the gather portion through the belt loop from center outwards. Pull through until taut.
  4. Loop the leftover fabric around and pull through the belt loop again.
  5. Continue to wrap the leftover fabric around the loop until there is a small amount left.
  6. Create a loop knot with the last bit by pulling it through the top loop created by the wrap around the belt loop.
  7. Pull the fabric on the outer side of the looping down over the bunch of fabric to cover it.

What Kinds of Shirts Does the Twist Front Work On?

Your oversized shirts work great for this. 

Or if you have a shirt that is just too long and it has a bit of stretch to the material you should be able to make it work too!

You do need enough fabric for wrapping around the belt loops so it won’t work with fitted tops. 

How to Use This Definition Trick Without Looking Fat

Adding a twist front brings definition to your tops and can actually help hide a tummy bulge if done right (because it prevents your shirt from clinging to your tummy awkwardly).

If you’re self-conscious of a tummy bulge, try wearing high-rise/high-waist pants or skirts when you do a twist knot. (Remember though, you’ll need something with belt loops.)

You can also try layering with a thick cami or tank fully tucked underneath to add some more definition to especially jello-y skin. Hey I can call it that cause I’ve got it too. 😅

Where Can I Buy a Twist Front T-Shirt or Tank?

Want a shirt that has the twist front built in? They are available at most stores right now because it’s a hot trend! 

Just use the words “twist hem” “twist front” or “twist knot” when looking it up on a store’s website. Check out Old Navy’s* selection!

Here are a few options from Amazon. I own the “Miholl” brand and it’s my FAVORITE top right now.

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*affiliate links are used at no additional cost to you!

Your turn to try it! 

Take a picture of your end result and share it on Instagram with #frumpfighter and tag me @frumpfighters! We like to re-share the love.

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Is your shirt too big or long? Here's step-by-step how to make a twist knot on your shirt. It's an easy DIY trick with NO sewing or cutting!