How to Look Stylish at Home: 10 Wardrobe Items You’ve Forgotten to Update

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If you are looking for ways to look stylish at home don’t forget to update those random wardrobe items like pajamas, robes, camis, and more! Here’s a list of 10+ items you often take for granted, but will help you feel put together when you are home. #momfashion #style #casualstyle #wardrobe #shopping

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How to look stylish at home is a dilemma many of us moms can identify with! 

We can put on our cute outfit, whether it be jeans and a fun top or joggers and a chic sweatshirt, but still drag ourselves down when we pull out our stained apron to cook dinner or our ratty robe to cozy up with at night. 

To help each of us pull together the “random” pieces our wardrobe with a few simple items, we’ve got the ultimate list of 10 items you should update this year! 

Many of these can be done with low cost, some you are even likely to find used or on consignment in good condition.

Others (say, bras and underwear) are really the foundation of any outfit and are worth spending more on if you can. 

So without further ado, here are some tips on how to upgrade your wardrobe quickly and simply and links to some options! 

#1 Wardrobe Item to Update: Aprons

Many of us pull them on over our outfits to do the dishes or make dinner.

They can be an outfit-saver when it comes to any messy chore at home! 

If you haven’t had an apron or yours is old, this is an easy piece to update! 

Go for fun and girly, or basic and neutral – whichever fits your style best! 


#2 Wardrobe Item to Update: Robes

This could be one of those comfort pieces for you – or a piece you are more attached to.

But even if you have nice, updated PJs a ratty robe will completely ruin the effect! 

If you are a robe-lover, updating this piece is a very easy answer for how to look and feel a little more stylish at home.

There are so many good robe choices: dolman sleeve, long sleeve, fleece, lightweight knits. You can’t go wrong! 


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#3 Wardrobe Item to Update: Swimsuits (Family Vacations)

Sometimes putting on a swimsuit is already mentally taxing on us moms, so having a well-fitting swim suit is a must for any family vacations or trips to the pool! 

Sometimes the biggest help is having a good pair of boy short-style bottoms or board shorts. Or a coverup you really like for getting to and from the beach or pool! 

The exact style that makes you feel good will vary per person. You just have to order a few to find the one that’s perfect for you!

Where to find inexpensive swimsuits online? Corina and other Frump Fighters have really enjoyed shopping for both basic and sexy swimsuits at Cupshe. At the time of writing this post, you do pay for return shipping so to make your haul worth it order several! Make sure to read their refund policy too. Corina has looked their swimsuits up on Amazon and they have some there too which made returns more hassle-free!


#4 Wardrobe Item to Update: Swimsuit (Couples Vacation)

Sometimes it’s a treat to have some fun swim options you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear out with your kids—something a tad more sexy! 

Cupshe definitely has some super cute options in this category too, but here are some additional options on Amazon:


If you are looking for ways to look stylish at home don’t forget to update those random wardrobe items like pajamas, robes, camis, and more! Here’s a list of 10+ items you often take for granted, but will help you feel put together when you are home. #momfashion #style #casualstyle #wardrobe #shopping

#5 Wardrobe Item to Update: Camisoles

Camisoles are one of the best layering pieces and also one of the most inexpensive! 

Basic camis in your main neutrals (black, navy, grey, etc.) are so helpful to have on hand to layer under tops or sweaters.

And don’t forget one in your skin tone—they’re great for not showing through white tops!


#6 Wardrobe Item to Update: Underwear

No matter what style, size, price, or quality you like there are MANY options out there.

I bet most of us hardly ever think to update our underwear drawer! 

I recently did an overhaul of mine and bought the best underwear I’ve ever worn from Soma! Soma’s Vanishing Edge line is amazing for be invisible under light and fitted pants! Sign up for their emails and wait for a sale—they’re worth it!

Or you can just grab a pack from Costco or Walmart it’s worth having underwear that isn’t stretched out or wearing down to holes! 

#7 Wardrobe Item to Update: Bras

I know, I know this one is probably the hardest one to replace. Bra sizing can change from brand to brand, sometimes you might nurse, sometimes you might not, weight gains affect it, etc. UGH! 

But again, even just one or two decent bras is WORTH IT. You’ll notice a difference on how your tops fit if you have a bra that fits! 

Check out our post that is the ultimate guide on bras. We cover fitting, sizing, measuring, styles, stores, etc.! We have another post specifically for nursing bras for moms as well! 




#8 Wardrobe Item to Update: Pajamas

A couple of years ago I got two sets of matching pjs. Long sleeve tops and pants. GAME CHANGER. 

It sounds crazy, but I felt so much better about how I looked even just when relaxing. 

A lot of places carry mix and match sets which make it so easy! 


#9 Wardrobe Item to Update: Bralettes

These might not be for everyone, but if you have a smaller chest or love tops that have dropped shoulders or an open back you should have a bralette or two! 

You can lace ones that show through the tops I just mentioned or get comfy knit ones for wearing under tees or tanks or even to bed! 

These are typically very inexpensive and worth updating! 


#10 Wardrobe Item to Update: Activewear

A few years ago we might not have thought this category should be in a post for how to look stylish at home, but I think we know that has changed now! 

Whether it was just how the trends were going or due to the world events the past couple of years, activewear has become super popular! 

Just don’t make the mistake of never updating your worn out yoga pants and sweatshirts. 😉

There are literally gobs of options out there for everyone, no matter your activity style! Even if that is just “be comfy at home” style.


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That wraps up our top 10 items that are easy to forget to update! 

Don’t get too overwhelmed thinking you need to update all of these items, just pick one or two to focus on this next season! 

Our goal is to help fashion feel more manageable – not overwhelming!

 We’d love to hear your thoughts! Are any of these items ones you want to update this year?

Are there other items in you wardrobe that are easy for us to forget about updating?

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