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    This Side Dutch Braid takes less than 5 minutes and can be done right out of the shower! It’s a must for moms.

    This is the fourth tutorial in my Wet Hairstyles series: quick and easy ways to whip your sopping wet hair into shape for those crazy morning crunches. No blow drying or hair styling tools required!

    This style has become one of my absolute favorite go-to’s when I don’t have time to blow dry, straighten or curl my hair (like, almost always, ha!). It looks great even after your hair has dried… a requirement for these wet hairstyles. 

    For this braid, you will need to know how to do a french braid. A “dutch” braid has a “popped out” look because it is basically an inverted french braid. But don’t let that scare you away.

    All it means is the outside pieces go under the middle piece instead of over it. Simple, right? Yes! You’ll master this style within just 2-3 attempts. And it will look nicer each time. 

    Wet Hair Style #4: Side Dutch Braid

    Hair Length: Long

    Time: 5 Minutes

    What You’ll Need:


    1. Begin with clean, wet hair.

    2. Do a deep side part, with the most hair on whichever side you’ll want the braid.

    3. Grab a small section of hair from the top-front and divide into three equal sections.

    4. Begin braiding as you would a french braid, except stay near your face. To create the “popped out” look of a dutch braid, you’ll fold the outside pieces UNDER the middle piece instead of over it.

    5. Until you read about half-way to the ear, only add on hair from the side of your head you are braiding on. Once you’re about half-way to your ear, begin adding on hair from the other side of your head as well.

    6. Continue until there is no more hair to add on, then simple braid normally and secure with an elastic band.

    7. Fatten the braid by carefully pulling and tugging on it.

    8. Use a mirror to check for loose strands and secure with bobby pins + hairspray as needed.

    Watch the video

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    Ok, mama, it’s time for you to give this style a try! Next time you shower, give yourself ten minutes to practice. It will look more polished the more you practice it. Within 2-3 tries you will be a pro! 

    Share with me in the comments… are these wet hair styles helpful? Is there another hairdo you’d like me to try?

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    This hairstyle takes under 5 min and can be done right out of the shower with wet hair! It's a must for moms. Video tutorial with steps! This style has become one of my absolute favorite go-to's when I don't have time to blow dry, straighten or curl my hair. And the hairdo looks great even after your hair has dried!