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In this series we are focusing on one clothing item at a time from our checklist of wardrobe essentials for moms! And to keep things simple, we’re picking the best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (that way you get fast free shipping, free returns, and things don’t sell out as fast) + showing you 5 ways for how to wear a white top!

Today we’re looking at how to find a versatile white tee, the best options for white shirts on Amazon right now, and what to wear with a classic white shirt.

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White Tee: What to Look For In This Piece

how to find the best white tee shirt on amazon for women

Link to example (may be sold out) (This exact example piece from our Women’s Essentials Style Guide is not from Amazon, but all our recommendations below are!)

The goal is for this piece to mix and match with the rest of your clothes (or as much of it as possible!).

Here are some notes to help you find a style for this piece that is versatile. 

  • Why it’s included in the capsule: A simple white tee is a must for any wardrobe. It’s a classic piece for any woman’s closet that will work with nearly every other piece in your wardrobe! 
  • Recommended Color Scheme: Neutral Color
  • Recommended Pattern: Solid White or Off-White
  • Options for Fit/Style: You want this to be a basic short sleeve tee shirt. You get it in a fitted style (which layers better) or a relaxed style as long as it’s not baggy. A white button-up shirt will work, but our main purpose for this piece is a more casual look.
  • Coordination Notes: n/a
  • Hot climate alternative: White Tank
  • Cold climate alternative: White Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Maternity/Nursing:  Get this in a maternity style tee if you are pregnant. If you are nursing you get a nursing-style tee or just adapt a regular tee by pulling down the neckline (scoop or V-neck) or lifting up the hem. 
  • Alternatives: If you know your color season is warm you may prefer off-white or an oatmeal color which may look better with your skin tone. See below.

Alternatives for Warm Skin Tones

If you don’t look good in stark white, you should look instead for off-white, cream, oatmeal, taupe, beige, or other warm neutrals for this piece. 

Here are a couple of listings that had warm-toned color options: 


Shopping Links: Best White Tees on Amazon

I actually ordered and personally tried the first 9 simple white t-shirts listed here! 

But we have many other suggestions below that also have great ratings on Amazon.

Example Piece from Capsule Checklist


This is the example piece we used in one edition of our Women’s Essentials Style Guide.

White Tees I’ve Purchased and Tried


Fitted Crewneck T-Shirt

Gildan womens Heavy Cotton ...Shop on Amazon

Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (8)

Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (8)

  • + Very inexpensive and you get TWO
  • + Thicker cotton material
  • – Very slim fitting with no stretch (depending on what you’re looking for this may be a positive!)
  • – Fitted over bust and tummy area and difficult to keep a tuck in because of slim fit with no stretch
  • True to size / for larger busts would run small 


Fitted Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Amazon Essentials Women's C...Shop on Amazon

Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (18) Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (19) Best Black Tee Shirts on Amazon (21) Best Black Tee Shirts on Amazon (21)

  • + Luxurious thick, stretchy, jersey-knit fabric
  • + Great value as it comes in 2-pack
  • + Lots of colors available
  • + Slim fit but more flattering than the Gildan ones above because of the stretch
  • + Perfect fit for full tuck into high rise shorts, jeans/pants or skirt
  • +/- Flattering round neck, but sometimes opens a bit on sides by shoulders and reveals bra strap. Overall neckline is too wide/low for me to feel comfortable in all day.
  • True to size


Dolman Sleeveless Top

FARYSAYS Women's Summer Bas...Shop on Amazon

Best white t-shirts on Amazon - Amazon haul (3) Best white t-shirts on Amazon - Amazon haul (2)

  • + A nice length that could look good without tucking
  • + Thick and not see through!
  • + Unique shoulders design, like a muscle tank but with extra fabric to cover arm holes (see my side photo)
  • – Shoulders feel a little wide on my column body shape, but it would be perfect for a Pear body shape. UPDATE: Hubby likes how it looks on me (because the sleeves are interesting) — Decided to keep!
  • True to size


Short Sleeve Dolman Tee

Manduka (MNDK9 Enlight Rela...Shop on Amazon

Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (5) Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (6)

  • + Almost crop length, but a bit longer. Can be worn untucked and look good. Would look nice untucked with high-rise shorts, skirt, yoga pants, or pants/jeans
  • + Nice dolman-style sleeves.
  • + Nice round-hem looks good untucked.
  • + Medium thickness
  • – Circle neckline is a fresh alternative to v-neck and crew neck, but it felt like it didn’t lay flat all the time.
  • True to size


V-Neck Peplum Top

SOFIA'S CHOICE Women Peplum...Shop on Amazon

Best White Blouse Tee Shirt or Peplum Top on Amazon (1)Best White Blouse Tee Shirt or Peplum Top on Amazon (2)

  • + Fits shoulders nicely
  • + The peplum part starts just at the right spot to disguise the mommy pooch/jelly belly.
  • + Love the flattering v-neck (not too deep)
  • + Comes in lots of colors! I might snag another color for the fall too.
  • Could also be your “White Blouse” piece from the capsule plan.
  • – I wish it was cotton, but it’s 100% polyester so I’m not sure if it’ll pill over time. It’s not cheap-looking though like some polyester tops.
  • True to size


Madewell V-Neck


Madewell Women's Whisper Co...Shop on Amazon

Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (3)

Best White Tee Shirts on Amazon (4)

  • + A nice length for partial tuck
  • + Nice loose fit
  • + Flattering v-neck that isn’t too deep
  • + A classic white tee that’s very versatile
  • + Good quality (Brand: Madewell)
  • – Thin… need to wear skin-toned bra
  • True to size


Madewell Crew Neck

Madewell Northside Vintage ...Shop on Amazon

Best White or Gray Tee on Amazon - Thick, not see through, crew neck, Madewell Brand Best White or Gray Tee on Amazon - Thick, not see through, crew neck, Madewell Brand - Side profile

Note: The white tee shirt color was not in stock in my size, so I tried this one in their “Heather Gray” color.

  • + It’s true to size and fits the shoulders nicely
  • + Thicker than the other Madewell “Whisper Cotton” tee. One of the thickest I tried. 
  • – I would like it a little longer, but it’s still tuck-able and looks okay un-tucked.


Relaxed V-Neck Tee

Daily Ritual Women's Jersey...Shop on Amazon

Best white t-shirts on Amazon - Amazon haul (6)Best white t-shirts on Amazon - Amazon haul (1)

  • + Medium thick, luxurious jersey fabric (great quality)
  • + Cute v-shape on back (not low cut)
  • + Nice draping for partial tuck
  • – Slightly deeper v-neck than I like to wear for every day (bending over constantly with kids)
  • True to size


Relaxed Crew Neck

Amazon Essentials Women's S...Shop on Amazon

Best white t-shirts on Amazon - Amazon haul (4) Best white t-shirts on Amazon - Amazon haul (5)

  • + Cute sleeves with extra seam + rolled cuffs that are sewn in place
  • + Overall nice fit, great for either doing a front tuck or wearing untucked with skinny jeans/pants or leggings (covers some of bum area)
  • + Comes in lots of cute prints/colors
  • Has more of an overall athletic feel with small metallic logo on bottom left
  • –  Thin and a bit see-through… need to wear skin-toned bra
  • True to size


White Button-Down Shirt

Goodthreads Women's Washed ...Shop on Amazon

Update (9-9-22) – The white just went out of stock in most sizes. You can use a tool like Karma Now to add it to your list for notification when it’s back in stock.

Best white button-down on Amazon (1)Best white button-down on Amazon (3)

Tying the ends gives it a nice defined look.

Best white button-down on Amazon (4)

  • + Medium thick-not super see-through
  • + Nice shape, fits cuter than I expected! (I tend not to love button-downs, but I’m keeping this one)
  • + Loose enough to do an easy tie front OR front tuck. If I do a tie-front I’d wear with high-rise shorts/pants.
  • This is an alternative style to a typical white tee shirt. Could also be your “White Blouse” piece from the capsule plan.
  • – Slightly pricier than the others
  • Runs large, I sized down and am wearing an XS


Additional Picks – Regular Sizes

Amazon Essentials Women's S...Shop on Amazon

These come in packs of 2, but have multiple options of a white tee  + another color!  Available in sizes XS-XXL. I’ve tried another variety of this brand and they are amazing quality, thick and stretchy.


WEESO Womens Loose Fitting ...Shop on Amazon

Relaxed style, available in sizes S-3XL.


lime flare Women Summer Rib...Shop on Amazon

Ribbed knit fabric which many people love, available in sizes S-XXL.


Lands' End Womens SS Relaxe...Shop on Amazon

Lands’ End brand is known for their quality and this tee is no exception! Great reviews in many sizes including petites and regular sizing from XS – 2X.


Women's Crewneck Slim Fitte...Shop on Amazon

Crewneck style if you prefer that neckline. Available in sizes XS-XXL.


MIROL Women's Short Sleeve ...Shop on Amazon

This one has more of a boatneck neckline. Available in sizes S-XXL. Update (9-9-22): The white is not currently available, hopefully they’ll bring it back!



Additional Picks – Plus Sizes

Amazon Essentials Women's S...Shop on Amazon

This is a great basic cut and is available in sizes 1X-6X!


Amazon Essentials Women's S...Shop on Amazon

The V-Neck version of the shirt above and this one has some combo packs as well where you get a white tee + color tee. Available in sizes 1X-6X.


Woman Within Women's Plus S...Shop on Amazon

This another option with great ratings. It’s available in sizes Medium plus – 6X plus.


Maternity Sizes

GINKANA Short Sleeve Matern...Shop on Amazon

A great basic cut that will layer well! Available in sizes S-XXL.


Amazon Essentials Women's M...Shop on Amazon

V-neck 2 pack. Other combo options available as well. In sizes XS – XXL. Amazon Essentials has always impressed me with their quality.


Bhome Maternity T Shirt Sho...Shop on Amazon

V Neck option in sizes S-XXL.


5 Outfit Ideas: How to Wear a White Shirt

Here are a few ideas shared by our community on the Frump Fighters Interactive

When you use one of our outfit guides paired with the Interactive platform you can search by any clothing piece (i.e a white shirt) and not only be able to see how other women are styling it, but also all our example outfits! 

Some people will comment “but I can do that on Pinterest” and while that’s TRUE, you still have to go searching for the other pieces of the outfit in order to copy them. Using our web app and capsule you likely already have the clothing pieces you need to create many, many outfits! 

Here are a 5 different ways for how to wear a white shirt – in all the seasons! 

White Tee Outfit Idea #1: With Denim Shorts + Plaid Shirt

white tee with denim shorts and plaid shirt. how to wear white tee outfit

  • White Tee
  • Denim Shorts
  • Plaid Shirt
  • Casual Sneakers

Style Tip: A current trend right now are white sneakers which would also be cute!

White Tee Outfit Idea #2: With Print Skirt & Denim Vest

what to wear with white tee outfits style ideas

shared with permission

  • White Tee
  • Print Pencil Skirt
  • Denim Vest (or jacket!)
  • Hands-free Bag
  • Fashion Sandals

Style Tip: In this outfit, pairing a basic tee with a skirt instantly elevates the look. Adding a denim vest or denim jacket helps keep the outfit low-key so you don’t feel too dressed up.

White Tee Outfit Idea #3: With Skinny Jeans + Color Cardigan

how to wear a white shirt outfit ideas and styling tips

shared with permission

  • White Tee
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Color Cardigan
  • Print Flats
  • Pendant Necklace

Style Tip: If you need more of a professional look for your job, this outfit could be easily adapted by swapping out the pair of jeans for black trousers!

White Tee Outfit Idea #4: With Joggers + Utility Jacket

how to wear a white shirt in the fall and winter

shared with permission

  • White Tee
  • Black Pants or Black Jeans
  • Utility Jacket
  • Lace-Up Sneakers
  • Minimalist Necklace
  • Knit Hat


White Tee Outfit Idea #5: With Skinny Jeans + Open Woven

how to style white tee with kimono skinny jeans casual chic outfit white shirt

  • White Tee
  • Blue Jeans
  • Open Woven (Kimono)
  • Fashion Sandals

Style Tip: The easiest way to wear a bold piece like this kimono is with a classic t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to dress up your basic pieces with something fun – this would make a great date night outfit! Or imagine the jeans swapped for leather pants or the flat sandals swapped for high heels. Don’t be afraid to try something new! 


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