Ultimate Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe Plan for Moms

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Business casual capsule wardrobe for working women teachers office work

A new version of our popular Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe (designed specifically for working moms!) is now available!

In this blog post we’re giving you a free version of the Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe plan in printable format, and also telling you about our full Style Guide for those that want the full capsule and all the outfits too.

This work capsule wardrobe covers ALL your attire needs for a professional office setting or the classroom (for all of you wonderful teachers!)… from tops to accessories, shoes to completer pieces for all seasons of the year.

These simple, versatile pieces are also stunningly feminine. They have a classic look with just enough trending items to keep your looks fresh.

Grab the FREE printable below!

As a mom, you need professional attire that is also mom-friendly.

You also need a professional wardrobe that mixes and matches into many different outfits using a small number of clothes to keep it efficient and budget-friendly.

This business capsule wardrobe is designed for women that feel a lack of confidence about fashion but that want to feel put together and stylish at work while transitioning easily back to home and everyday life with their kids.

Real moms wear outfits from the business casual capsule wardrobe

Moms in our community wearing some of the outfits from the Business Casual Style Guide.

Additionally, it is an extension of the Women’s Essentials Wardrobe Plan which covers your at-home/casual wardrobe needs.

To help you maximize what’s in your wardrobe, many of the core pieces in the business capsule wardrobe are drawn from the more casual Essentials Plan.

That means you can double up on the uses for MANY of the items already in your closet!

free business casual style guide for women moms teachers

The Freebie: The Women’s Business Casual Capsule Checklist

This free PDF style guide also gives you:

  • An easy-to-print shopping checklist that you can use to shop your closet first. With whatever is left you have a made-for-you shopping list!

  • A shopping link for each item online – we look for affordable and quality!

  • 4 outfit examples (one for each season) of the 132 total unique outfits possible!

Grab this checklist for FREE!⬇

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q. What exactly makes this specifically a MOM’s professional wardrobe?

A. Like all the capsule plans we offer, every item is mom-friendly AND budget-friendly.

That means you can be with your kids at the beginning and end of a work day without twisting an ankle or being stressed about staining your clothes.

Q. Can you show me how to put all these pieces together into outfits? 

A. Yes! You can purchase the full Women’s Business Style Guide for this capsule plan right here!

It includes visuals that show you how to combine all the tops, bottoms, dresses and completer pieces as well as how to accessorize.

A NEW feature is that the full wardrobe guide gives you specific style notes for most outfits, i.e. “partial tuck this blouse” or “this outfit works great for “Casual Fridays”.

See 12 example business casual outfits from the book in this blog post.

Q. Does this work for plus size or petite gals or my eclectic style?

A. Absolutely!

This plan is also highly adaptable, so you’re encouraged to swap in items that work for your specific body type, shape, or style.

The descriptions for each item are loose enough to allow your personal style to shine through, but specific enough to allow any substitutions to work!

Q. Can this be adapted for pregnancy? 

A. Yes, in the visuals checklist pages we include notes about what you would buy as maternity items and which items can simply be adapted wear with a growing belly!

This makes a gorgeous and fuss-free maternity capsule wardrobe for work.

Like the Free Preview? Grab Our Full Women’s Business Style Guide

If you love the free preview above, you’ll love the complete Women’s Business Style Guide. (Available as both eBook and Print Book! It also works inside our Frump Fighters Interactive™ Platform so it’s fully customizable!)

Get a free PDF of my business casual capsule wardrobe! Based on classic pieces with some trendy accents, if you work in the office or at a school you won't want to miss this capsule checklist #capsule #business #teacher #wardrobe

It comes with the full business casual capsule wardrobe AND all the 132 outfit combinations!

Get 33 more recommended capsule wardrobe pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, accessories, completer pieces), 128 more outfit combinations, a bonus shopping guide, and more!

The style guide sticks with you daily, showing you dozens of chic outfits to create from your wardrobe without the need to desperately browse Pinterest for inspiration every morning.

What Comes in the Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe eBook

  • List of clothing pieces needed
    • Each clothing piece, completer piece, shoe and accessory is detailed down
  • Links to exact or similar pieces online
    • Our goal is to give you a great option or two for each clothing piece which we’ve carefully pre-selected – whether you choose to buy it or use it as a guide for your own shopping
  • Pre-filled shopping list printable
    • You can mark which items you need and make a note with specifics!
  • Step-by-step guide to shaping your capsule from your existing wardrobe
    • Even if you feel your closet has a long way to go, we show easy ways to quickly sort, purge, keep, and buy what your wardrobe needs
  • 132 outfits split evenly throughout the year
    • More than 30 outfits for each season means no repeating outfits every MONTH if you don’t want to!
    • Carefully selected seasonal pieces allow you still dress chic even in the colder months when you are adding extra layers
  • Stylist tips below outfit breakdowns (e.g. “Add belt; partially front-tuck”)
    • A little bit of extra guidance for styling certain pieces
  • Suggested color scheme, including neutral colors and accent colors with instructions on how to choose and implement you own color palette.
    • If you like a more minimalist style, you can go with a completely neutral color palette.
    • If you like bright colors, but have a hard time wearing them – This will help you!

Get your full Women’s Business Style Guide here, available as eBook as well as a Print Book!

How To Know if This Wardrobe Plan Is Right for You

  • Does thinking about cute work attire just give you a headache?
  • Are you bored by your work wardrobe and wonder what else you can wear other than slacks and a blouse?
  • Are you a teacher needing more professional outfits?
    (Note: This depends on how dressy your school dress code is. Some teachers prefer the more casual attire of the Women’s Essentials Style Guide which includes several dressy outfits per season.)
  • Do you own a closet full of work wear but hardly any of it gets worn?
  • Are you nervous that if you go shopping you’ll just end up with a bunch of new clothes that you don’t know how to wear together?

We totally get it. But breath easy! Your professional wardrobe doesn’t have to be frustrating, or boring, or expensive.

This guide will get you excited about how easy it is to dress “chic” for the office.

It’ll feel nearly effortless–but 100% rewarding!–to fight the frump both at work and at home.

What Dress Code Does This Cover? How Dressy/Formal Is It?

This style guide covers the most common dress code for work spanning Business Casual to Business Professional.

There are a handful of more casual outfits using dark wash blue jeans (or you could totally swap for black jeans!) for teachers with a casual dress code or “Casual Friday”.

The bulk of the outfits contain pieces like a pencil skirt, dress pants, blazers, cardigans, etc. that will work in any business casual or business professional setting.

We also include business suits in the checklist and a bonus flow chart on how to style suits for Business Formal environments like law offices and high-level executive roles.

We also included a formal dress for special events that formal wear is needed!

Regardless of how dressy you need to be for work, this guide’s got you covered!

Some Reviews…

Cassidy wrote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Just What I Was Looking For. Returning to work after more than 10 years as a SAHM. This guide was just the jump start I needed to build up my professional wardrobe. I appreciate that the items that overlapped with the casual guide were highlighted.”

Julie wrote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Why I LOVE the Women’s Business Style Guide (2nd Ed.) This guide has taken the “decision fatigue” aspect out of getting dressed for this working mom! Absolutely LOVE it!”

Get your full Women’s Business Style Guide here, available as eBook as well as a Print Book!

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