Mom's Complete Guide to Styling Burgundy Pants (with free printable!)

A mom's guide on what to wear with burgundy pants. Ways to style, colors to wear with, shoes to go with, and patterns to combine with burgundy pants (3)

A pair of burgundy pants will make it much easier to find outfits to wear in the fall and winter. They are comfy and yet add an edge of class, no matter how you pair them! I love that because I want to look put together as a mom with minimum effort and maximum comfort. Are you with me there?

Here's my comprehensive guide on styling burgundy pants as a mom: the outfits, colors, patterns, and shoes to wear with your pair of merlot goodness.

Kyle took this photo for me last minute when we visited his grandpa's for early Christmas dinner. What an #instagramhusband! :D

Kyle took this photo for me last minute when we visited his grandpa's for early Christmas dinner. What an #instagramhusband! :D

Here's what I'll cover below:

  1. Colors to Pair with Burgundy Pants

  2. Patterns to Pair with Burgundy Pants

  3. Shoes to Pair with Burgundy Pants

  4. Outfit Ideas for Burgundy Pants

  5. How to create a re-mixable wardrobe for easy outfit pairing

  6. Free printable guide

Colors to pair with Burgundy pants

A surprisingly large amount of colors complement burgundy/wine/merlot pants. Just search for "burgundy pants" on Pinterest an you'd be amazed at the variety!

Note that some of the stronger colors (like mustard) work best as accents such as in a cami that's peeking out below your shirt or in a scarf. My favorite way to pair my pants with cognac brown is by wearing my cognac riding boots on errands. 

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Patterns to pair with Burgundy pants

Any pattern in the color palette above will go well with plain burgundy pants. However, there are some patterns that complement them especially well. 

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Shoes to pair with Burgundy pants

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Makeup to wear with Burgundy pants

Phhssst. Like we have the time to change our makeup routine based on what we wear. ;)

But if you are getting ready for a special occasion and wearing your burgundy pants, check out this lovely color palette of neutral browns/taupes/gold. I use it ALL THE TIME. It literally takes me 10 seconds to apply some (maybe 20 seconds if I do 2 or 3 tones) and really takes my makeup to the next level.


Download the free printable guide

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Outfits to create with Burgundy pants

Shoes, Tops, Completer Pieces that Complete Burgundy Pant Outfits

These are just a few ideas... I have many more combinations I wear with my pants! And you will too!

20 Ways I've Styled Burgundy Pants

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The outfit formulas tell you what to wear in addition to your burgundy or wine pants.

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The outfits On One Infographic:

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Are you a #mom and don't know what to wear with your wine #burgundy #pants? Here are 21 outfit ideas including infographics on colors, patterns, and shoes to style maroon/burgundy pants. Written with moms in mind! The blog post has lots of examples and gives this printable cheat sheet download for free! #style #outfits #winter #fall

How to build a wardrobe that combines well together

Winter outfit ideas for stay at home moms.

The re-mixability of my mom outfits did not happen by accident. I used to be someone who bought clothes almost every month and yet got bored of her outfits. It was like I had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! 

Since starting this blog I've learned the keys to creating a highly remixable mom wardrobe on a budget. In essence it comes down to a plan. 

In my Winter Outfit Guide for Stay-at-Home moms I've done all the planning for you. And yes, it includes a pair of burgundy pants! 

I highly recommend this resource if you just want someone to tell you what you need in your wardrobe and how to put the pieces together. The basics of a wardrobe plan are mapped out for you, with plenty of opportunity to change it up to your liking. 


free printable

I put all this information into one place for you!

Download this guide on styling burgundy pants to reference for endless inspiration!

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Now it's your turn to share, let me know if this was helpful and if you feel motivated to get yourself a pair of burgundy pants!