Mom Fashion Bloggers Answer: “What Is Your #1 Tip for Building a Flexible Mom Wardrobe?”

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This is the second question I’ve posed to other fashion mom bloggers… are you ready for some crazy helpful answers? If you missed the first question in the series, you can find it here:

Mom Fashion Bloggers Answer: What is your go-to mom outfit?

Because my goal is to help you create a useful, flexible wardrobe, I thought the next great question to ask would be:

What’s the #1 tip you’d give mamas about building a flexible wardrobe?

Here’s what they had to say:

Valerie from The Style Fileswww.the-style-files.com

Stick with classic, timeless pieces in solid or neutral colors. You can’t go wrong with basics like a good pair of jeans, a cargo jacket, solid colored tees and a basic black dress…and they never go out of style! Plus, if you stick with a consistent color palette, it’s easy to remix your items into a ton of outfits…even across seasons. Then, just add a fun accessory for a whole new look- like lace up sandals or a long necklace for summer or ankle booties or a patterned scarf for fall/winter.

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Ashley from Style Grace and Lacewww.stylegraceandlace

If you find something that you LOVE and fits your style as a Mom, buy multiples! There are certain shirts that I have and wish that I had bought in every color – because they’re cute AND comfy.

Alison from Get Your Pretty Onwww.getyourprettyon.com

A flexible wardrobe has the right basics in place.  You’ll want to stock up on great fitting jeans – dark wash skinnies, black jeans and boyfriend jeans, well made t-shirts, a few printed tops, lightweight long cardigans and lots of accessories, including scarves, to easily change up your looks. For footwear, I recommend comfortable slip on sneakers, ballet flats, ankle boots and riding boots (for fall).  Finish it out with an all purpose leather tote bag to stash all of your stuff.

Shannon from Gamine & Stripes, www.gamineandstripes.com

My best tip for building a flexible wardrobe is to Simplify Simplify Simplify. Narrow down your colors (about 3 not including neutrals) and prints. I’m a big fan of a limited capsule wardrobe (35ish items). The more versatile and mix & match your pieces are, the quicker it is to put together outfits. It massively cuts down closet clutter and makes staying on top of laundry easy peasey—something every mom appreciates!!

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Victoria from The Mummy Chronicles, www.themummychronicles.com

My number one tip is to think about what your days are like. Are you in an office, at home or running around town with little ones? From there pick your favorite colors and which ones look best on you.  From there I suggest finding wardrobe staples that will always be in style. You can incorporate trends in color or accessories if you want to play it safe. Remember a white button down, good pair of dark wash jeans, flats in your favorite color and an a-line dress are always in style.

Lauren from My Plot of Sunshine, www.myplotofsunshine.com

I am a super frugal person so I build my wardrobe by spending a little bit more money on classics that won’t go out of style. For example, a really good pair of jeans, a solid pair of black and nude pumps, and some cardigans are all things that I might spend a little more on to get better quality. And then I spend less on the trendy stuff that I know I’ll only wear for a season. This way you can always feel in style without breaking the bank!

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Jamie from JK Stylewww.jkstyle.com

Look for items that make you feel good! If what’s considered trendy doesn’t fit your personal style or flatter your silhouette, skip it! Find the styles and shapes that suit your style and body and you’ll always feel great and in turn, look great too!

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Melissa from Midwestern Melissa, www.midwesternmelissa.com

Stock your closet with classic pieces and then add a few trendy items and accessories each season.

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Tabitha from Tabitha Lane Blog, www.tabithalane.com

My tip is to invest in a great pair of mid to high rise (this is important because momming includes a lot of bending over) black skinny jeans that fit well. They make a great base for any outfit and the right pair will make you feel like a rockstar.

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Emily from Happily Lindsey, www.happilylindsey.com

My number one tip for mamas for building a flexible wardrobe is to invest in the basics. I used to be the bargain shopper… always buying trendy clothes and shoes that were cute but the quality was lackluster and I’d end up needing to buy more clothes and shoes before I knew it (and probably didn’t save any money in the long run!). Make a list of some wardrobe basics and be willing to spend a little more for them. You want these pieces to last you a long time. Some staples that make your wardrobe flexible would be a great pair of booties, a couple pairs of good denim (I suggest one pair of blue denim and one pair of black denim), a basic sweater (look for one in grey, black, or camel), and some button down shirts or blouses. You don’t need to spend a fortune on these items, but be willing to spend a bit more on them. You can rotate these with other less expensive (and trendier) items throughout the year. Accessories and jewelry can be a fun but flexible way to change up your look and not break the bank. Think hats, blanket scarves, bangles and purses! One exception to the accessories: your watch. You want a good quality watch that will last! I’ve skimped on this in the past and have gone with cheap, trendy watches and they only last a few months before the battery dies and since they were so cheap to begin with, I’m not inclined to replace the battery, so they’re useless at that point!

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Jenny from Princess Turned Mom, www.princessturnedmom.com

To build a flexible wardrobe you need a few good basics. A great pair of jeans with a few solid tanks/tees. Then you can dress it up or down with different accessories like scarfs, kimono’s, utility jackets, jewelry, even different shoes make a big difference. Jeans, tee, converse & utility jacket you can head to the park with the kids. Jeans, tank, kimono, heels & jewelry you can head to date night with the hubby!

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Jess from The Simple Sweetheart, www.thesimplesweetheart.com

The best piece of clothing I have found for building a flexible wardrobe is a cardigan. Now, as a teacher, it is pretty much in my job description to wear a cardigan, but I also really love how versatile they can be. I switch up the tank tops I wear underneath them, and can create several different outfits with one item of clothing!

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Basic Tops

Basic Pants

Basic Completer Pieces (Cardigans, Jackets, Vests)

Now it’s your turn to share… which tip did you find most helpful? Can you put it to practice starting this week?


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Awesome tips from the best! Check out what these mom bloggers had to say. I definitely want to apply some of these tips!Awesome tips from the best! Check out what these mom bloggers had to say. I definitely want to apply some of these tips!