Avoid looking out dated by following this easy step-by-step guide on how to wear comeback trends. You don’t have to look like you’re two decades behind when you want to wear overalls or scrunchies! I love this mama’s tips for wearing trends, it’s so helpful! #trends #style #wardrobe #clothes #tips #fashion

Here at Frump Fighters we encourage you to keep your wardrobe full of mostly classic styles and pieces, but keep it up-to-date by adding current trends.

Right now that could easily mean 90s fashion trends!

Sometimes trends are completely brand new concepts or ideas, but most of the time they are comebacks from an earlier decade.

This can make them especially hard to wear, because if you wore a trend when you were middle school or high school why would you want to wear it now?!

Of course, you could choose to totally skip the trend. That’s definitely an option. 

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Note from Corina: “Just so you know, I feel 🤷‍♀️ about MOST of the current comeback trends. I am just ignoring them. 

BUT this post is here to help you style any comeback trends that YOU ARE excited about, without looking dated.”

Avoid looking out dated by following this easy step-by-step guide on how to wear comeback trends. You don’t have to look like you’re two decades behind when you want to wear overalls or scrunchies! I love this mama’s tips for wearing trends, it’s so helpful! #trends #style #wardrobe #clothes #tips #fashion

After a season or two of seeing a trend become more and more popular you might start to give in. Or you may at least start to wonder.

“How could I wear this old fashion trend without looking like I just stepped out of my childhood?” 

We recently had a conversation with other Frump Fighters about scrunchies. It became a hot topic of conversation, but was so fun to read all the different opinions and thoughts from other mamas on this 90s trend. 

It appeared that one of the hardest parts of old fashion trends is how to wear them when they come back as “new” trends without looking like you came directly from the 90s… or like you never moved on.

Due to that conversation, I’m going to use scrunchies as my example on how to wear old fashion trends without looking dated.

I’ve got you covered step-by-step!

How to Wear a 90s Fashion Trend Step-by-Step 

Step 1:  Study the Old Version & the New Version of the Trend

Most of the time, old fashion trends come back with a slightly new twist. It’s important to figure out what the differences are so you know what to avoid.

Find out what the new trend is by searching it on Pinterest. In this case I searched “scrunchie hairstyles”. 

How to Wear a Comeback Trend by searching Pinterest for scrunchie hairstyles

Then, go to Google, search “90s scrunchie hairstyles”, and click on the images tab to view photos of how the trend was originally styled. 

how to search google for examples of old fashion trends that are coming back

Step 2: Note the Differences Between the Actual Trending Items

In this case, 90s scrunchies were often large and/or bright in color.  

Current scrunchies are often neutral in color or have a subtle print and are smaller. They also include bows or ties on them a lot of the time.

Unless you are dressing up for a 90s themed party, your goal is to look like you are wearing current trend not the 20-years-ago version, so keep the differences in mind as you shop!

Step 3: Note the Differences in How the Trend is Being Styled

90’s scrunchie hairstyles were often piled high (literally the top of your head) and included big bangs. 


Current scrunchie hairstyles are often lower ponytails, braids, or half up/half down.

If they are styled high on your head, it’s usually closer to the back of your crown and they often are in a bun or have a bow or tie.

Big bangs are also a no-go, but hopefully you already know that. 😉 

Step 4: How to Style Your Comeback (90s) Trends

Once you’ve found the biggest differences, you know what to avoid. (Hint: no overly large, neon scrunchies piled on the top of your head with big bangs 😉) 

That may be all the information you need to conquer this old trend, but most of us need (or would appreciate) a little extra direction. 

Go back to Pinterest and review the types of outfits you can wear this trend with. If your trend is a clothing piece you may have already figured some of this out, but it’s an especially important step with accessories. 

  • Are the outfits being worn casual?
  • Are the outfits dressy? 
  • Are other high trend items being worn with it? 
  • Are most of the outfits classic looks? 
  • Is this trend the focal point or just an added detail? 

If you don’t feel like the item is typically worn with outfits you would wear or style yourself, this is probably a good sign the trend isn’t for you. 

There are lots of trends out there and finding one that fits your personal style and wardrobe is worth looking (or waiting) for. 

Do you need a clothing essentials list to help you figure out what basics you need before you add trends?
Download my Women’s Essentials Style Guide here!

General Tips on Wearing Comeback Trends Without Looking Dated

Trends Tip 1: Trends Aren’t Investment Pieces

Trends are just that. Trends. They are not classic pieces that will stand the test of time. So don’t invest too much in them!

You want to be able to get rid of them in a few years without throwing a bunch of money down the drain. 

Target, Old Navy, and Amazon are all affordable places you can shop for trends! 


Trends Tip 2: Avoid Using Trendy Pieces in Photo Shoots

Trends will look out of date sooner! If you are having family pictures taken or are in a big event where pictures will be a main part, try to avoid anything SUPER trendy.

This will just make your photos look dated much faster and down the road you’ll be wondering why you didn’t stick with a more basic, classy look. 

If you need more tips on what to wear for family photos, go check out our blog post (+ free printable!) that will break down everything you need to know about how to dress you and your family for these treasured moments!

Trends Tip 3: Age Can Matter When It Comes to Wearing Trends

If you are 25 or under wearing trends will probably not only come easier for you, but look more effortless as well. 

If you’re old enough that you the 90s fashion trend the first time you may have a harder time wearing the trend the second time around.

Make sure your outfit is up-to-date when incorporating the “comeback” trend to avoid the perception that you stayed stuck in the previous era. 

Trends Tip 4: Pair Your 90s Fashion Trends with Other Pieces That AREN’T Comeback Trends

The more “comeback” trends you style in one outfit the more likely it is for your outfit to look dated.

You should still keep your outfit more trendy, but avoid other comeback trends so you don’t feel or look like you’ve been blasted from the 90s to the now without any changes. 

How to Keep Up on Current Trends 

Twice a year we compile a full list of current trends for the upcoming seasons. This is to help YOU know where to start.

We include both new trends and also ongoing trends to keep things even easier! 


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You can scroll through these lists and decide which trends fit your style and if you’d like to try a new one!

It’s a fun, inexpensive way to mix up your wardrobe and fight the frump!

Now THAT you can do, Mama! 

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Avoid looking out dated by following this easy step-by-step guide on how to wear comeback trends. You don’t have to look like you’re two decades behind when you want to wear overalls or scrunchies! I love this mama’s tips for wearing trends, it’s so helpful! #trends #style #wardrobe #clothes #tips #fashion