Easy Mom Hair (Wet Hair Style): French Twist

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This French Twist tutorial is the third in our Wet Hairstyles series: quick and easy ways to whip your hair into shape right out of the shower for those crazy morning crunches. No blow drying or hair styling tools required!

I love the chic look of this easiest ever French Twist… and it only takes 4 MINUTES or less to whip up! A few bobby pins is all you need. Oh, and some hair spray to finish it off. ūüėČ Now THAT you can do, mama!

I hope you try this one the next time you’re caught in a morning rush with the kids. Let me know how it goes in the comments below or on Facebook!


Wet Hair Style #3: French Twist

Hair Length: Medium, Long

Time: 4 Minutes

What You’ll Need:¬†Hair Elastics, Bobby Pins,¬†Hair spray




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Fast hair styles for right out of the shower! No need to blow dry or use styling tools. Love this blogger's easy tutorials for wet hairdos that look adorable but can be done up super fast! If you're a busy mom, check these out.