I’m Wearing Only These 5 Pieces For The Next 5 Days (How a 5×5 Remix Challenge Fights The Frump)

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Hey mamas! To simplify my life and demonstrate the power of a re-mixable wardrobe, I’m extracting a mini capsule from my larger wardrobe this week! I’ll be using this 5×5 mini capsule during my family vacation which is like a made-for-me outfit planner. (Aaah, packing made easy.)

5 pieces re-mixed into 5 outfits over 5 days. Do you think I can do it? 

Thanks to Jamie Fuller of Mommy in Flats for suggesting this challenge! She is doing the same challenge and you can find her items + outfits over here!

But why a capsule? Aren’t they limiting?

Mamas, you all know I used to be scared of the idea of capsule wardrobes. I didn’t go for them before because I thought it was too limiting.

If you tend to agree with that sentiment, I have good news for you. I still feel that way… about traditional “hardcore” capsule wardrobes.

BUT, in searching for an easier way for moms to enjoy a non-frumpy, in-style, and re-mixable wardrobe (one that basically spits cute outfits at you on repeat), I’ve adapted the capsule concept to work for busy moms who want a smarter wardrobe on a budget.

In short, I use capsules as a temporary subdivision of my larger wardrobe that accommodates a particular season.

If you’ve followed any of my seasonal wardrobe plans for moms, you are familiar with my approach.

This week I am using the “capsule out of my larger wardrobe” concept to create a tight, 5-main-pieces capsule to use on vacation.

Let me break it down visually so that you really see what’s going on.

 How I use capsule wardrobes to sub-divide my clothes by the needs of the season How I use capsule wardrobes to sub-divide my clothes by the needs of the season

So I have my larger wardrobe (still only full of clothes I really love and actually wear).

Then I extract pieces (and shop to add as needed) to create seasonal capsules specifically planned for re-mixability. By doing that, outfits come together easily.

And when you’re packing for a trip, that simplifies things tremendously!

Let me repeat that:

Why capsule wardrobes?

To create re-mixability so that outfits happen effortlessly!

Effortless chic outfits = frumpy fighting win!

When packing for a trip (or just to simplify your life further for a period of time) you can also extract select pieces that go well together to form a MINI capsule. This is like having an outfit planner at your own disposal.

My husband is relieved of carrying a ginormous suitcase for me. I’m relieved of worrying about what I’ll wear over vacation. It’s planned and it’s simple. We’re all happy.

That’s what I’m demonstrating in this post!

My Mini Travel Capsule: 5×5 Remix Challenge

For my mini traveling capsule I’m using a 5×5 framework. You may be familiar with this concept since Caroline at Unfancy recently did a 10x10 spring remix (10 pieces over 10 days).

Here are the the 5 pieces I’ve picked to remix into 5 outfits over the next 5 days:

Lined up together:






How to do a mini capsule (remix challenge)

As I mentioned before, Jamie of Mommy in Flats is doing the same challenge. We would love for you to follow along!

Guidelines (I’m not calling them strict rules because moms need flexibility!)

  1. Pick a certain number of pieces from your wardrobe that go well together. I’m choosing 5 pieces.

    1. You can decide whether your number limit will include only tops/bottoms/dresses or also shoes and completer pieces. For remixes as small as 5 pieces, I recommend not including shoes/completer pieces. For 10 or larger, you can include shoes/completer pieces.

    2. Accessories are separate and not part of the count.

  2. Wear only those pieces for the same number of days. I picked 5 pieces so I’m wearing them for 5 days.

  3. Take a photo of the pieces you are using.

  4. Take photos of your outfit each day.

  5. Share your pieces on Instagram. Use hashtag #5x5summerchallenge.


  • Check the weather ahead of time and think about what will be happening in the time span you’re using your mini capsule.

  • Include at least one dress because it can potentially be worn several ways (by itself, with accessories, with tee overlay, with completer piece like a vest)

  • Go with mostly neutrals. If you want to have lots of color, just mentally pair each piece to make sure the colors go together. (I plan to add color through a belt and necklace.)

My 5 Outfits

Head here to see my outfits!

Sound Fun? Jump In!

  1. Comment below to let us know you’re picking out your pieces!

  2. Take a few minutes to plan what you’ll include in your mini capsule.

  3. Take a picture of your items.

  4. Wear one outfit a day and post a picture on Instagram with hashtags #frumpfighter #5x5summerchallenge

This is going to fun and refreshing–a way to reinforce the beauty of a smart mom wardrobe.

P.S. We’re moms and little hands get our clothes dirty… you may need to throw a piece or two in the laundry or swap it out for a different piece. THAT’s TOTALLY OK. Make this challenge fun. A way to simplify your life. Not complicate it!