Do you wish it wasn’t so hard (and expensive) to look “in style”? Is it frustrating to always feel a bit behind the latest trends? Fashion trends come and go each new year, making me feel like I’m in a bit of a rat race to keep up—unless I get smart about how I use the trends. Based on what I’ve learned the last few months, I’m here to assure you that with a bit of lean strategy, you can look trendy for cheap! It just takes the right accessories.

The smartest wardrobes are not the ones full of the latest and greatest. In a world where new fashions come along (and old fashions die off) as quickly as your kid’s growth spurts, that strategy would be a big waste of money. 

A flexible, smart wardrobe should be founded on classics with splashes of the latest fashion thrown in. By splashes, I mean $5-$50 range additions that make all the difference. Splashes should feel painless and fun!

More about planning a smart wardrobe

Here’s how I’m using trending necklaces and a blanket scarf to “wake” my outfits up:


Bold statement necklaces…

…are popular right now!  See what it did to these simple outfits? I got it as a gift but it’s available for less than $10 on Amazon.

Add booties and a clutch and you’re ready for date night!

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Gold geometric necklaces…

…are also hugely popular right now. They are so delicate and gorgeous too!


Blanket scarves…

…are especially popular in the fall and winter. You’ve probably seen lots of plaid patterned blanket scarves. Here is another gorgeous pattern working to sophisticate my simple t-shirt and jeans. And a tutorial for how to drape a blanket scarf.

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Now THAT you can do, Momma!