This is my third post about cheap ways to take your mom outfits to the next level! Today I’m bringing you a tip that is not just cheap… it’s free! 

Cuffing pants hems (rolling or folding up pant legs) is a huge trend right now. And spring and summer is the perfect time to enjoy this trend because it serves to keep you cooler as you run around chasing—or being chased by—your kids. I love how it freshens up my outfit instantly and gives it that “summer look.” My hubby has often noticed and told me I look “cute” when I roll my pant hems. 🙂

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All you need is a pair of skinny or straight/tapered pants and a some rolling dexterity. There are a few ways to roll/fold the hem. Below I’m demonstrating a couple of the most common ways: a small roll and a flip up. Totally made those terms up. 😉 But the styles are legit. Promise. 

Two Popular Ways to Fold Up Your Pant Hems

Take it up a notch with booties!

Play around with different folds, widths, and heights on your leg to see what looks best on your proportions. You may notice that one height or style might look good with heels and but not with flats or sandals, etc. Have fun trying out different “looks” just with a bit of rolling action! Here’s a helpful guide for 6 ways to cuff your jeans.

Add a pair of perfect skinny pants to your wardrobe and nearly double your outfit options

Do you roll up your pant hems? Do you have a favorite pair of shoes you combine with rolled hems to complete the look? Please share with us in the comments below.