How to Wear a Flowy Blouse Without Looking Frumpy

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30 seconds is all you need to style a blouse and a skirt and look chic and classy! This mama has a short video to help you learn exactly how to do it! #skirtoutfit #chic #momwardrobe #businessoutfit #dressyoutfit

Have you ever tried to wear a flowy blouse? Looser fitting items can be frustrating when you are trying to find the balance between an effortless looking outfit or an outfit that you put no effort into.

Flowy or loose styles of tops and sweaters can be the most chic or the most frumpy. It all depends on how you style them! 

The best rule of thumb is if you are wear a flowy piece of clothing (top or bottom) make sure the opposite piece is fitted. Flowy top + fitted bottom OR fitted top + flowy bottom.

This doesn’t always have to be the case though, you CAN wear a flowy top with a skirt that isn’t super fitted as long as you style it right! Using a few basic steps, I recorded a short video for you on how to wear a flowy blouse. In this example I am using a loose button-up blouse and a straight, drawstring skirt.

Video Tutorial: How to Wear a Flowy Blouse with a Skirt


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Step-by-Step: How to Wear a Flowy Blouse with a Skirt

  1. Pull on your skirt, then a cami, then your blouse.
  2. Tuck your cami in and then…
    1. Button-Up Blouse: Unbutton the ends and tie in a knot. You may need to tuck any length at the back underneath.
    2. Non-Button-Up Blouse: Do a partial or full tuck
  3. Instead of wearing riding boots or a more substantial shoe, choose ankle boots or something similar that shoes off more of your leg. This draws the eye up in a straight line, creating the idea of a lean silhouette. 
  4. Add a fitted jacket: Denim jacket, moto jacket, etc. Roll up the sleeves to de-frump even more! 
  5. Ta-daaaa! You’re done! 

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Do you have any tips for wearing a flowy blouse? Is this a style of outfit you’d wear?

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Here’s a super chic outfit with a blouse and a skirt. I watched this short video and learned one super tip on how to style a flowy top without looking frumpy! #classicstyle #wardrobe #style #skirtoutfit #blouseoutfit