Disclosure: I received the dress in this post in exchange for a feature on the blog. All opinions about the dress and company are entirely my own.

You may have noticed that FLORALS are back. They were a trend in the 90’s and today they’re back but with a fresh twist. 

As mamas fighting the frump, this is probably one of those trends that make many of us weary… we don’t want to look like we’re dressing just like our moms did. 

I totally agree. I think the floral trend can look dated if you wear it exactly as it was worn back then. But if you incorporate floral patterns into outfits that are “new” in other ways you can use this style to look gorgeously feminine without looking old fashioned. 

That’s what I want to help demonstrate with this post. 

Spring/Summer 2017 Capsule Item: A floral dress is included in this spring/summer’s wardrobe plan for stay-at-home moms. You can see the full wardrobe plan here.

What floral dresses can do for your style

  • Help you look instantly feminine

  • Bring a burst of color into your life (we need that with how mundane mom life can get!)

  • Offer versatility in your wardrobe; florals can be dressed up or down

The floral dress I’m styling today:  Pink Blush

Just a few months into starting this blog, I came across the women’s clothing store Pink Blush.

I remember the first time I went on their site. My eyes popped wide open and my mouth was probably hanging open too… their merchandise is refreshingly FEMININE. All their pieces are SO BEAUTIFUL. I could hardly believe it.

(My full review of Pink Blush is available here.)

I received this gorgeous navy and floral maxi dress from Pink Blush to use as my “floral dress” piece for my spring/summer capsule wardrobe

What I especially love about this floral maxi dress by Pink Blush:

  • The colors are vibrant and don’t fade in the wash.

  • The fabric is thick and stretchy– so comfortable!

  • It’s both nursing friendly and maternity friendly.

  • It’s 3/4 sleeve… so flattering.

  • It has belt loops– making it easy to accessorize with different belts/sashes.

6 of the many ways to style a floral maxi dress (or any length dress)

One of the goals I have for every post on this blog is to offer multiple ideas.

I don’t just style something one way and then call it “how to style ______.” There is no one right way to style anything!

And if something can only be styled one way, it probably doesn’t deserve real estate in your closet. Moms need VERSATILITY in every piece they own.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways I’ve styled this dress using other pieces from my spring/summer capsule (and a couple items from my larger wardrobe too).  

As you can see, it’s easy to dress it up OR down!

Note: I am 5’6” and brought the hem on this dress up by approximately 2 inches.

  6 ways to wear a long floral maxi dress.  

Shop Items Styled

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Shopping Pink Blush

Pink Blush ALWAYS offers free shipping within the U.S.! This is an amazing perk of shopping from them because this is rarely offered by clothing stores except during special promotions.

They also run excellent discounts regularly. Join their email list to be notified of a special and receive 10% off immediately (scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe). 

While their pieces are a bit more expensive than you’d find at stores like Old Navy or Target, here are some of the reasons buying Pink Blush pieces is a smart use of your money:

  • combining their free shipping and a discount or shopping their clearance section will actually be cheaper than many box stores.

  • it’s rare to find pieces this beautiful elsewhere

  • you get better quality that lasts

  • many of their pieces are maternity and nursing friendly– perfect for if you’re building a better wardrobe in the middle of having babies