6 Frump-Free Mom Outfits To Beat The Summer Heat

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Hey mamas! For most of us August is the hottest month of the year. What you wear quickly is determined by what will keep you cool. But... that usually ends up being a simple tank + shorts, or that one summer dress on repeat. And it gets boring after a while!

In today's post I'm throwing together some fresh outfit formulas that are just as cool, but will have you fighting the frump with new inspiration through the rest of summer.

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Pay attention to each of the outfit formulas... they clue you into how to create your own version of each kind of outfit. Instead of thinking you need to get all the exact items represented, think about which items in your own closet are similar. Then just add one or two items in categories that you're still missing such as "pattern shorts" or "denim shorts."

Most items used are under $50, and are from GAP, Old Navy, Target or Amazon (with a few additional stores thrown in). Many are on sale and a steal of a deal right now!

Use the links below each image to shop for items that would go a long way in your own wardrobe.

Make note of your favorite look and then let me know which one really caught your eye in the comments!

Stylish, trendy, and easy mom outfit ideas for what to wear in the hottest part of summer. Frump free clothes to look chic, comfortable and stay cool! Modest, affordable and fashionable!


Outfit Formula #1 (Casual/Anytime)

pattern shorts + tank + statement earrings + huarache sandals

A new fashion vocabulary word for you... huarache sandals. Yup, you've seen this style around a lot lately haven't you? It's very popular at the moment, and now YOU know what they're called ;)

What makes this outfit different: Statement earrings and patterned shorts

easy summer outfit for moms, pattern shorts + tank + drop earrings + huarache sandals


Outfit #2 (Casual/Anytime):

striped tank + denim shorts + floral headband + thong sandals

Floral and stripes... a classic, feminine combination that can be leveraged in the summer to create beauty without raising your body temperature!

What makes this outfit different: Floral headband.

easy casual summer outfit for moms: denim shorts + stripe tank + floral headband + thong sandals

Outfit #3 (Casual/Anytime):

maxi dress + flip-flops + red lips

Keep ultra simple with just a maxi dress + bright lips!

Wearing just a maxi dress might look boring, but when you put on some bright lipstick you instantly appear put together and sophisticated. 

I use Lipsense because I can put it on in the morning when I do my basic makeup routine and know it will stay on all day without smudging!

What makes this outfit different: Bright lipstick on a regular day!

easy summer outfit for moms, black maxi dress + red lips + flip flops

I wore this combo just the other day. Felt so put together and yet it was technically just a two piece outfit: maxi dress + sandals.

It was the lipstick that made jewelry and other accessories unnecessary! 

easy summer outfit for moms, black maxi dress + red lips + flip flops

Haven't tried Lipsense yet? Check out my blog post all about it.

Outfit #4 (Casual or Dressy):

patterned knee-length skirt + fitted tank + long necklace + thong sandals

I'm not a crazy prints type of girl, but I think this skirt is ADORABLE. I would totally wear it on a summer date or to a party. I think the vintage style is what makes this ice cream cone pattern look cute instead of corny. But, that's just my opinion!

Not digging the ice cream cones? Just go with any other pattern skirt. ModCloth has several unique ones.

What makes this outfit different: Patterned skirt

easy summer party cute outfit for moms, pattern skirt + tank blouse + pendant necklace + thong sandals

Outfit Formula #5 (Vacation/Chillin'):

swimsuit + flip flops + cute cover up + sun hat

Sure, you're not going out to errands in this one but if you're home or on vacation, relax and cool down with this relaxing summer attire! That's what this season is all about.

P.S. I'll bet if you suddenly wore a cute new cover-up and swim suit around the house your guy would flip out! ;)

What makes this outfit different: Cute cover up + sun hat.

easy summer look for moms, vacation or weekend - beat-the-heat with swimsuit + cute coverup + flip flops + straw hat

Outfit Formula #6 (Dressy):

flowy dress + wedge sandals + fun earrings

Got a swing dress? If not, GET ONE. They are one of THE most versatile pieces in your wardrobe... yes even into the winter.

In the summer they are instant style paired with some fun earrings!

What makes this outfit different: Playful earrings.

flowy dress + wedge sandals + fun earrings